Serviced apartments

The serviced apartments are private dwellings, ie independent registration drives, in a community of owners, designed specifically for use by the elderly, without implying that they can not be owned or rented to people of any age.

These apartments are located mostly in the buildings known as THE ARCADIAS.

These properties include two distinct and complementary:

The first party and the most important are the common areas where they provide all kinds of services and agencies that host them.

The second part corresponds to the private homes that bind to common areas on a set of security devices.

The rental or purchase of one of the apartments involves the use and enjoyment of the common areas and services.

There are five basic services:

24 hour

Security. - Evening service monitoring and control daytime service access to the building, collect the mail, addressed to his destiny visits from family and friends and take note of their preferences for daily menus

Nursing 24 hours

Health. - The service is provided by registered nurses (ATS) 24 hours a day, all year. Nurses are trained and hired at the beginning and usually are always, in his turn, the same, so you know the inhabitants of the building and its coordinates medical. Nurses serve in dependency "nursing" but come to the home of those who are ill or temporarily indisposed. They take the pressure, give injections, medication and the possible spread of possible coordinate visits.

Maintenance-Restaurant 365 days a year

Each apartment has its own kitchen. But the building has a restaurant for private use for those who inhabit the property or their guests. The chef program usually 4-5 daily menus for the midday meal or dinner. These menus usually prepared in the kitchen (nothing frozen precooked or anything) that is served in the dining room where each apartment has its reserved table. Lunches and dinners are strictly at cost (6.50 € and 5 € lunch dinner).

Maintenance and repairs

Among the staff who work in buildings is a maintenance man who has a shop in the same building. All repairs are minor problems immediate solution, no waiting, no movement and no fees. The only cost is that of spare or replacement and no margin to add to that cost.


The more than 1.000 m2 of common areas of all buildings are always, at any time of day, in a perfect state of cleanliness and hygiene. There is an optional proprietary Apartment cleaning and laundry services, ironing and folding clothes.

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