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Wednesday, 10th of January of 2018


The sheltered floors are distinguished from other housing alternatives for the elderly, precisely, in that they have not been designed with a passive attitude on the part of their users. We want them to be very well looked after, but we also believe that these apartments for the elderly represent new opportunities to enjoy social life.



Therefore, in this text we will explain the reasons why we think that an older person will enjoy much more of his supervised apartment if he maintains open and constant social relations.



Next, we review the advantages that living in apartments and enjoy the presence of friends can bring our elders.





When to opt for a protected apartment?


In the first place, we must point out that a sheltered apartment is an alternative for housing that is usually proposed when people reach certain ages in which they require certain care associated with aging. As their relatives we can not (due to issues, above all, work-life balance) be always aware of the attention they need, we can assume that these apartments will be the ideal places for them to enjoy timely assistance.




supervised apartment




These floors have adjoining services related to the medical, nutritional and security attentions they need, so you will not have to worry about their physical health. But, beyond these means, there is another factor that has to serve to optimize the benefits of sheltered floors for the elderly. It is about the establishment of a relationship framework, which will undoubtedly increase the welfare of the occupants of these apartments.



In the following lines, we tell you why having a rich social life is going to be key in the life project of the residents in these apartments.





The problems of loneliness increase with age



Many elderly people are at risk of falling into situations of loneliness. As you can imagine, these are contexts that are not desirable, so, as people interested in their well-being, we have to anticipate them and solve them. One of these solutions, as we have said before, is to integrate the elderly in the environment of the sheltered apartments, where people who always will be aware of what they do live together.



But it is not just that these people have all their physical, nutritional, hygienic and cleaning and medical needs covered. There is a psychic need, that of being accompanied, in which we also have to repair. And it is clear that this is more difficult to cover when people are older. Among other things, due to the inexorable passage of time, they have seen many loved ones disappear from their lives.



friendship supervised apartments




It is usual to start to run out of references that are close to these ages, but for this reason, it is necessary to be attentive to how these unpleasant changes are faced. Above all, if the losses that have occurred are very close, as in the cases of widowhood. Undoubtedly, these new family contexts can seriously affect the mental health of the elderly, since they involve considerable upheavals in their lives.



Those who have gone through this stop doing many things that had previously marked their day to day and not all live it in the same way or exceed it. Therefore, it is necessary that those who have experienced this trance be able to seek new stimuli and illusions. And some of the most important will be those associated with relationships with other people. In this sense, we must maintain and recover friendships; but, if necessary, you can also choose to know new ones.



Therefore, being sufficiently and conveniently accompanied is going to be one of the keys to enjoy in good conditions the apartments for the elderly.




An environment in which the elderly feel at home


It is not just, as we have mentioned before, that the elderly have access in their buildings to all the services they require to lead a dignified life and with the best hygiene conditions. It is also very important that our elders do not notice drastic changes regarding the model of life in which they had always been happy.




supervised floors




Therefore, it is essential that elderly people do not break with their traditional environment, which is what gave them security. In this aspect, we remind you that the sheltered floors are located in areas characterized by their dynamism. We do not want our elders to live in isolated places, where it is difficult for us to visit them and it is also difficult for them to return those visits. But it's not just about the distance between our homes. It is very important that there are no great distances, which could discourage them, between their homes and the places that have the most interest for them.



We refer not only to services, such as supermarkets and pharmacies; but also, in this case, to the meeting places that they used to frequent and new ones. Therefore, the apartments for the elderly stand out for being well located, which means that they are not far from the city centers and have good communications.



This allows older people to easily reach their meetings with friends and family and to march every day around their buildings. In areas where there will be plenty of landscaped areas and places to chat and walk among friends.




Active aging as the most attractive plan for our seniors



The choice of a protected floor in an environment characterized by the dynamism of its population must be complemented by a positive attitude on the part of the elderly person. It is obvious, on the other hand, that in this ideal environment greater opportunities will have to be realized. This word does not sound strange, given that at these ages there is still time to fulfill many dreams.



So having a broad and dynamic relationship framework will serve to face the stage of maturity with the greatest illusions. It is evident that at these ages the physicist begins to fail, but it is a natural process and one that must not be faced with resignation. On the contrary, maintaining a fluid activity rhythm contributes to feeling good about oneself. In this sense, despite the ailments of age, it is not so difficult to maintain a state of form more than presentable.




supervised floors

And to follow this rhythm of life so healthy will also help to have close companions that make us more bearable, for example, sports activities that are considered appropriate. Its intensity will already be a decision to be agreed between the friends. On the other hand, dating these people also greatly improves self-esteem and, among other benefits, contributes to maintain a hygiene in perfect condition of the magazine.

Keep in mind that maintaining this circle of friends is key for our elders, since the interpretation of relationships with friends is different than what they do about family members. In the latter they observe the existence of bonds that are conserved by "obligation", while they consider that friends have a greater component of choice. This makes them associate relationships with their friends with more positive or exciting feelings than in the cases of relatives. And it is that in a visit of the friends or appointment with them they will observe a greater spontaneity than in these same acts with the relatives. This, no doubt, also makes them feel loved, although in a different way to how they experience these feelings with their relatives.

supervised floors

To remain united to other people (remember that man is a social being and has the need to relate to others to be fulfilled) and to lead a healthy life rhythm are, therefore, the bases of active aging. And it is not an unattainable goal, but the natural adaptation of older people to the conditions of age that they are going through. No more no less.

Said thus seems very simple, but we are in stages in which the physical and mental state of the person may worsen, so it is worthwhile to be attentive to these symptoms. Sometimes our elders do not have the capacity to ask us for the help they need, so we are the ones who have to pay more attention to their circumstances. Above all, if they have had to go through complicated or traumatic trances, such as the death of their partner or an accident that does not allow them to lead the life they enjoyed before.

So, as a final advice regarding the contribution we can make so that our seniors can enjoy an active aging, opting for the sheltered apartments is going to be an alternative to take into account.

E n these floors their basic needs are covered full and on time and also may feel self - employed to perform the same activities developed in areas where they remembered being happy and will continue to be.


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