Which they are sheltered housing for elderly

Wednesday, 19th of August of 2015

Meet years should be synonymous with freedom and independence and that feeling, once achieved, and must never be lost. As we turned years, not age, but we enter into a third youth. We continue to be rebellious and independent, we feel free worship, even if people, especially our children, who believe that we need to look after us. But what we want is to truly enjoy life, and an effective way is living in sheltered housing. Great to spend long periods in a hotel alternative that offers the same services as such and include a host of exclusive services.



Maximum comfort and care


Sheltered housing are houses that inspire feeling of home, but with the peculiarity that the people who live there enjoy a permanent service professionals serving your needs, whatever these, your life much easier. Thus, in these homes we can have our service cooks, psychologists, health and nutrition menus made ​​to our measure, to keep fit trainers, masseurs, doctors and other health professionals if we came to need them.


sheltered housing


It is, in fact, to create a home where people can enjoy the best years of our lives. And besides, getting the best care. Like staying in a luxury hotel, but with the warmth and comfort of a permanent home.



All kinds of services and professionals at your service


These sheltered housing have a multidisciplinary team of doctors and social workers who ensure the health and welfare of the elderly. Besides doctors, the service also offers carers and cleaners, among others.

The number of people living in these homes is variable. Always ensuring, on the one hand, independence and privacy. Furthermore, the welfare of tenants, which would close the staff willing to perform all the services you need. During his stay in these homes, we feel free and independent but protected, just what we need to live fully.

supervised apartments

The most comfortable life to live that third youth


Today, people who overcome 55 years entered a third youth. The aim is to make the most enjoying years of joviality that still remain at these ages. If before retirement was conceived as a stage where you had to sit and wait what others want to do, we now know that life is to seize it and, once retired, no longer have to bear more obligations. It's time to focus on what you like best, and do it in the comfort of feeling protected for people who strive to make the sheltered housing in a safe and pleasant home.

HVAC and fancy diets

Of course, these are homes with air conditioning. And it is possible to have personalized diet service tailored to the needs of each person. It really is like living in a hotel, but much better. It has spaces for recreation, spacious lounges, large closets, etc.


If needed, you can request a hair salon and podiatry. Also laundry, restaurant, bar, playgrounds and terraces for sunbathing. It is time to abandon the obligations and go with the pleasure of rest.

Sheltered vivendas

The gift of a lifetime of work

Sheltered housing a gift for those who decide to try the experience of living in company with the most personalized service. And besides, these luxury apartments feature smart technology, which allows you to activate services and devices more easily.



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