The boom of sheltered accommodation for elderly

Wednesday, 6th of April of 2016

A retirement autonomy and care



Rafael, 72; and his wife Carmen, 67, two of the friends artami in Barcelona, ​​take a few years enjoying a well - deserved retirement after decades practicing in the senior managerial and university education respectively.



When they saw arrive early retirement and the infirmities of age, but feeling vital and willing to do anything, alternatives for the future were raised. Rafael has always reminiscent of his father, with his age, very deteriorated and he had to leave home to live with the family of his older brother, Alfredo. But Rafael and Carmen are not recognized in that picture and feel they still have a lot to enjoy. However, they also know that the years will come by and new needs.



At the same time, they do not want to go live with their children and lose privacy and autonomy. So, four years ago, they turned to the sheltered apartments for the elderly and enjoy their retirement today with maximum privacy and the best services.






Unknowingly, Rafael and Carmen are part of an increasingly large group of older people who are making the sector alive tutored floors unprecedented growth.


You can be part of the unique experience that is turning retirement into a new maturity, full of opportunities and experiences and with time on their hands, to enjoy as you want without losing any privacy or independence.



Over 65 are increasingly




The data from the INE (National Statistics Institute) 2014 are very clear. In Spain, there is growing older. Today, 18.2% of the Spanish population is over 65 years. More than seven million seniors and, of these, 25% are over 80 years.



The prospect of the future indicates that these numbers continue to grow. In 2029, an estimated 24.9% of the population will be over 65 years; and in 2064, 38.7%. In 2050, over 65 in Spain and will be 13 million people , and of those, more than four million are octogenarians. 30% of the total population.




Increasingly, but also getting better




Increased longevity means not only an extension of the years of life. Also notes other things. We must consider that, thirty years ago, the over 65s accounted for less than half of that 18.2% mentioned above.



What happened to the percentage has grown so much? Mainly, plus there are few new births (a reality to keep in mind), people are aging better. We arrive with more "easily" at older ages.


It is expected that more and live longer and that reality is reflected in the statistics. Why does this happen? For longevity, XX and XXI centuries, not only understood as a value of quantity but also quality. We live longer because we are healthier, have fewer aches and ailments that we are treated and compensated much better than before.



Actually, better than ever. Never before as now, winning years has been more rewarding.




Older and better aging = larger more dynamic




Before winning years he could relegate to a somewhat duller life. But the concept of health and mentality of the biggest is "younger" than it has ever been , and many people who spend 65 or 70 years are not recognized in the classic pattern of older person. Many are still dynamic, active, healthy and full of concerns and plans to meet. Not resigned to the position of older person who is in the background, a stereotype that saw their own parents and uncles, but which today are not identified. And they are not recognized in that pattern because the body and mind do not ask them rest, but activity.





Obviously, with certain ailments (perhaps less view, perhaps they are hard of hearing or perhaps disturbed joints) own the passage of time, but not enough to relegate in an armchair in front of the TV. Those times have passed and retirement is a new opportunity to enjoy several decades of active life.



Older people today are not like those of the past, just as society and the possibilities are not the same. People over 65 years now feels able to spare (and full of desire) to enjoy retirement: older travelers, enjoy, do workshops, studying, continue to learn, have richer social lives, exercise and understand, They use and take advantage of new technologies and are aware of the world around them.



Retirement is the end of an era and the beginning of another full of opportunities



A new generation of older has new needs



A new health and outlook on life are reflected in a new and more activity. And this activity unprecedented few decades ago, is reflected in new needs. If you are able to enjoy life, you will not stay home. For these older, they still have a lot to offer and live, the usual options for housing and care so far they have staged the last decades of life remain small and are presented as a corset.



Instead, there is an alternative that allows us to combine the best of both aspects: independence, activity and care: apartments for seniors.


Sheltered housing for the elderly are the best choice, when you reach a certain age and, although it is in its full power, you know that the best idea is to think ahead and go taking responsibility for the coming years.



The sheltered apartments: a residential offer booming



With this scenario, in which there is growing older healthy and active, you can not be surprised that the characteristics of the supervised apartments are becoming the best option for a golden retirement.



Although there since the eighties, it is in the last decade when high - class sheltered apartments are emerging with greater force and making its way into the statistics of residential alternatives.



As solutions that are supervised flats can no longer be presented as the best option for those over 65 who do not want to become a nuisance to their families or are willing to lose privacy, autonomy and independence of those who have enjoyed throughout his adult life.




An autonomy which can still enjoy, as are active and dynamic. The supervised apartments allow you to enjoy all the independence of your own home, but bring the value of focused solutions to meet the needs of the aging. And also away the fear of loneliness that can affect many seniors who want to stay in your home forever.

With sheltered accommodation, there is always a direct contact with neighbors, elderly and other people working in the building to provide the best service.

So while an older couple can live with full autonomy in their group home, have at their disposal a range of services that simply make their lives easier: nursing in the building, which controls and monitors the state of health tenants and applied medical visits and medical cures or treatments; service restaurant, for lunch and dinner, but have their own kitchen at home, offering quality menus, healthy, varied and exquisitely prepared; security and concierge services to control access to the site, deliver mail and manage the property; laundry; service for breakdowns at home and appliance repair ...

The floors are tutored future options

Conventional solutions for seniors are ceasing to be the only possible alternatives and to changes in society and the people themselves today and a new model is imposed.

A model that will work for modern elderly, the twenty - first century, have a home that responds perfectly to its vital interests.

Over 65 dynamic and willing to live their retirement with the best service and maximum independence are discovering that model and bet on him years. Growing supply of sheltered housing because there is a sector of the population that needs and demands. And that, perhaps their profile.

If you approach your retirement or your girlfriend or already enjoying it, it's time to consider a change.

Do you feel vital, dynamic and eager to enjoy his retirement and refuses to lose its autonomy? Do you fear loneliness or your home is too big and at the same time, rejects the idea of losing privacy living with their children? If you have identified with this profile, please sheltered housing that are what you need to live your retirement. It is the option that looks to the future and more and more people enjoy.


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