¿Luxury hotels or serviced apartments?

Wednesday, 7th of October of 2015

Age is always lurking and over the years obliged to make self-criticism. It is very difficult to reach adulthood without the skills of youth have disappeared or have been wholly or partially depleted. In most cases, we have the same reflexes, the same skills or the same mental agility that time. Senility is making its way. OK, that's life. Among families with high purchasing power (especially in those with elderly or very elderly parents) often raises the question: how to mom or dad better quality of life? What place can be better? Luxury hotels, serviced apartments or paramayores sheltered houses are part of a strategy to dignify the lives of our seniors in their inevitable stretch after a lifetime of effort and sacrifice list.




Great amenities that throw all these formulas certainly make them authentic and entertaining possibilities to enjoy life fully and concerned only with the most precious thing in life. The elderly themselves be happy to enjoy comfortably and in full use of their freedom from family and friends. But where we tip the scales? Luxury hotels? ¿Serviced apartments? What are they and how to get the best results from your purchase or lease? Lee, then, and do not miss the new universe of possibilities that has been created around the longevity in our cities, which, fortunately, is growing every year.





Imagine a five star. Luxury and all covered services: cleaning, 24 hours, full board, gym, pool, workshops ... The idea is good, if a holiday or a few days is surveillance. However, there are families, men and women with high purchasing power, who opt for permanent rent in the facilities of a luxury hotel to achieve a life of comfort and social status. Reason does not lack. What could be better than a five star hotel to live soundly and reputation intact? However, as the years pass, the greatest virtues much appreciate some over others, typical of younger ages meet the concierge, your neighbors, your neighborhood dependent ... After a life tied to a zone If you have to change it is better than the emotional impact as small as possible. In this sense, the luxury hotel, despite its many benefits, there seems to be an option as positive as could be expected for the new host. The coming and going of travelers and less familiar management (more typical of a business subject to rules of the game whose king is the image) can hastiar during any stay, if it lasts too in time. Everyone, after all, want to feel at home.






Faced with luxury hotels, to meet the growing demand of older seeking permanent care (but still enjoy healthy enough to make an independent living), born serviced apartments, which are private homes in a community of owners created specifically to serve seniors. Although his vocation is that of improving our retired last year, serviced apartments can also be purchased (rental or sale) by anyone that needs good infrastructure and amenities (especially families with a dependent member). This possibility is a formula that proliferate ultimately to the emerging demand for improving the quality of life of older people and families in general.





In this sense, there are already specialized in real estate show and publicize this kind of apartments, which is increasingly in demand. Generally, they are well placed and have the best price. These agencies are designed to offer added value to a very select audience. Its principal asset, being in a different rental and sales of ordinary housing circuit is thoroughly know the needs of their potential customers, often demanding and with high or very high purchasing power. Sheltered housing for the elderly today are attractive for long-lived quality of life people find alternative. Behind them, in these facilities, there is a certified and highly qualified team, responsible for ensuring their welfare. Undoubtedly one of the best options when tranquility and good care are being sought. Especially for families (children and grandchildren) of people who inhabit them.




Services and "amenities"



The serviced apartments alleviated, in this regard, the constant need of additional attention. Especially: a caretaker available and accessible, security and surveillance 24 hours a day (do not forget that in these apartments, guests often enjoy a good purchasing power), health care to ensure the health and quality of life and turns cleaning facilities always enjoy about are just some "amenities" for a life full of quality, but not unique.




Most serviced apartments also offer other extras like laundry, folding and ironing, that reduce the workload and increase guest comfort. Perhaps today, the host, do not feel like cooking. Therefore, you can always go to the restaurant facilities and enjoy homemade food. The chef usually commissioned to design four or five menus daily for guests, attendants and visitors.





Another aspect highly valued by guests of these apartments is their repair and maintenance. Any failure, however small, has a quick solution. Technicians have on site a specialist workshop to provide a rapid response to emerging arrangements. The best: no fees or movements that always increase the price of the final bill. Only the price of a piece (if any), without adding any margin. One of the biggest concerns of family members still enjoy their elders is to open the door and cross some unwanted person. With this service, plumbers, electrician and repair in general will be guaranteed by the facilities themselves. This makes opening the door to a stranger may not be as distressing for families.




Of course, health care is imperative. Companies that exploit these serviced apartments not forget that "old age, smallpox". The passage of time brings inevitable aches and health is most important. Without it, there would be no quality of life and begin a decline sharply. Protecting the health of our seniors is an obligation of all is that, all, someday, we should reach that age. A nursing service 24 hours (with room care) is essential in facilities that offer serviced apartments. Nurses (ATS) who know the conditions of the guests and their medical records will be responsible for taking the daily values ​​of pressure, giving injections, pills provide appropriate and ultimately coordinating medical visits. If a disease or relapse prevents guests go to the infirmary, the service itself will come to your home for complete peace of mind.

So important that health facilities serviced apartments usually consider that entertainment and social relations are essential to keep the memory at bay. A lounge with sofas and seating quality is usually included in the package of services to enable guests to cultivate a relationship with your neighbors. And that is precisely the goal: getting older feel they are as in their own community, surrounded by their neighbors and establishing symmetrical relationships, "face to face" and not contaminated internment realities.

Young and active

Old age does not necessarily have to be synonymous with boring life. Many major happens, when they reach adulthood, and retirees, far from living the last stage fully, begin to experience a slight decline: shrink prematurely and not yearn to enjoy their retirement work with the energy of a grandfather or grandmother of the century. Therefore, it is important to discover a new formula for quality of life that gives them, if anything, even more independence and freedom of action. And away from such everyday tasks such as washing and ironing, in serviced apartments realize a new reality, according to your needs and wishes. Now "young" and assets to continue giving the company the best of themselves and contribute their experience and wisdom so valuable, whom they want (and not necessarily linked to the labor field) are shown. Family and friends celebrate with them this year knowing that they are cared for and in good hands. Do not you asegurarías a pension in this way?

Seize the great opportunities is only in the hands of lovers of life in their true meaning. And you do not you dare to know them?



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