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Thursday, 7th of January of 2016


There comes a time in everyone's life where what we want are less hassles and worries. After years and years of effort and dedication to advance the economy and our own family, it's time to relax and enjoy what has been done. The day we got up out of bed, we look back, we take stock and realize that we have gained some of tranquility, comfort and amenities. When, as Erikson said, our only task is to contemplate life together and coherently.



Then, we go looking for that place to rest after a whole life story in which we have never stopped working, consistently and successfully. But there are some people who, while they think about it, listen to an inner voice that tells them his ear that we must not go. "He may be higher and would certainly deserve a bit of serenity, but I still feel young and I will not stop doing the things that amuse me."



supervised apartments



Older, but active



It's that stop along the way in which we decide that we will continue worrying about some obligations and seek an alternative that guarantees our enjoyment, our peace and our security. That person does not want to see limited its capacity for action and decision, want to enjoy leisure and culture are at your fingertips, without having to answer to anyone for it. He wants to go to the opera, to see an exhibition or chat with friends to talk about the divine and the human. You want to take control of your life, but you also have the peace of mind that, if you need a service (healthcare, security, home repairs, restaurant, cleaning ...) it is perfectly the hand.



He wants a dynamic retreat, a prosperous and active future. He wants a new lifestyle that most closely resembles the previous. It is, it is aware that is heading inevitably toward a state of physical and psychological deterioration commonly known as old age, but thinks it still has a few years ahead of activity, independence and self-determination. What you want is a smooth and comfortable transition into old age.




It is paving the way to go for when you need to rely on support, whether physical or technical, to perform the basic activities of daily living. He is resigned to the passage of time only because it is inevitable, but not to give up what has been harvested and today. It has always been a very demanding person, especially with herself in her career, and would not accept such an early surrender. While it can stand on its own, it will, but also wants to ensure the comfort you deserve this person. As the adult is wise, he knows when to accept the change and when to object, when to fight and when to sit quietly.



Sheltered homes



The quality of life in old age has to do with economic security and social inclusion, which is ensured through infrastructure support and social networks and by promoting the participation of older people in community life, as active members of it.




Sheltered apartments for the elderly



Live or reside in sheltered apartments for the elderly or senior flats with services is the best choice, no room for discussion, for this type of person, who faces his ultimate life project. This alternative is a source of personal wealth and quality of life because it prevents social isolation and rootlessness of the medium itself and promotes the integration of people in the community. It is the key link between attention and care creating a new place to live as much as possible resembles own home.



They are a set of separate accommodation, but grouped by common areas that are intended for the provision of shared services. They are integrated into the heart of the city, with all the benefits that entails for the proximity and easy access to:



- Community resources as may be hospitals (or other primary health care centers) and multipurpose centers.


- Cultural facilities such as museums, libraries, exhibition halls and auditoriums centers where you can meet the spiritual needs of people, such as churches or parishes.


- Places where to go to enjoy leisure activities, such as restaurants, cinemas, theaters, bingo halls, sports facilities, cafes and dance halls.


- Stores and shops of all kinds.


- Bank branches and other offices of financial institutions.


- Water and other resources or community services.



sheltered housing





Life and stay in such apartments in these communities for seniors with high or very high purchasing power, are undoubtedly much more comfortable, which increases their quality in a very clear way. Facilitates contact with the family, if any, can continue to maintain. Independence and habits acquired by these people throughout their life course are guaranteed continuity and sustainability and a sense of neighborhood still as present as ever in their lives.



People feel protected at all times, as there is a private security service 24 hours that ensures their safety and controls access to the building, in addition to collecting the correspondence of each and help visitors find their destination. But, in turn, keep their privacy intact and do not have to tell anyone where they are going or where they come from, or what time do something or not do. This is fundamental to the conception of themselves remain as positive. That of being independent, active and mentally young people.



People are maintained because they have at their disposal, day and night without interruption, a nursing service provided by ATS titled and experienced. They are professionals who know by heart the users, then, usually, each in turn serves the tenants of these apartments. There are a limited nursing care for physical space, even if the person is ill or temporarily indisposed, they come to the house in question. Take blood pressure, administer injections, distribute medication (if required) or coordinate any medical visits are the functions that are mainly responsible for this service. These people know, then, that are in good hands, without having to go to the health center as often, which could mean that depart more pleasurable activities for which, when receiving care at home, have more free time.

supervised apartments

Each floor is equipped with a complete own kitchen where people can develop their menus, based solely and exclusively on your tastes, preferences and needs. Also, the building has an exclusive restaurant for private use of residents and guests of the property, designed for the days that do not feel like cooking or going to any other restaurant. Varied menus and home made ​​(nor anything precooked frozen) are prepared and served at cost.

Any small fault is serviced, without cumbersome delays, or unnecessary movements or have to pay fees, as the worker who takes care of maintenance and repairs has a small shop in the same building. There is only one cost: the spare parts or (bulb that changes or replaces the faucet was broken) is required.

All common spaces are always, at any time of day in a pristine state of cleanliness. There is also an optional cleaning service in each particular apartment and laundry, ironing and folding clothes. Power go out like a brush, without having to do laundry, it is something that is priceless.

In addition, these people have the ability to create and strengthen links with other people in your same situation. Neighbors share concerns and, together, they can go out and enjoy everything the city offers in leisure, culture and hospitality, among many other activities

Enjoy our steps

It is an opportunity to enjoy a few years in which the only premise is the same: the enjoyment. While the body holds, there plenty of activities for fun. No workloads, carefree, with all the wisdom of learning and not afraid of anything. It's time to enjoy tranquility and to be happy with all the letters in capitals without conditions. Non-negotiable. Plenty of reasons that no one dares to deny that they have earned. Living in sheltered apartments for the elderly is the best guarantee to enjoy life to the last breath and at its finest.


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Enjoy tranquility
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