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Tuesday, 6th of March of 2018


Age enables us to make new choices that motivate us and develop our cognitive abilities. Thus, when many objectives of our life have ended, it will be time to invest time in ideas of our interest that were pending at the time. This affects our general well-being, since it prepares us to adapt to the different situations, challenges and difficulties of our day-to-day life. It can also be a key element to reduce the symptoms of depression and prevent emotional disorders that are associated with the elderly.

seguir aprendiendo en tu piso tutelado


In this line, learning activities help to acquire new knowledge through experience and study, providing personal interaction and increasing our social relationships. All this will allow us to feel stimulated and active what benefits us physically and emotionally. The sheltered floors offer us the perfect environment for it; a comfortable and pleasant environment to immerse ourselves in new educational proposals. Therefore, through the following article we want to give you some suggestions to encourage you to continue learning and growing.



University programs for the elderly


Resume studies or initiate them from the mature age allows brain rejuvenation and collaborates in the prevention of disorders that appear in this age, as in the case of dementia or depression due to loneliness or other causes, dementia. In addition, it helps to stop premature aging and new social roles are activated.

The one way that allows you to evolve regardless of age is to think that it is never too late to start enjoying life in a different way. Each change in the life cycle invites us to try new experiences and create different expectations without the stress that it provoked in other stages of life. Thus, university programs for the elderly are aimed at facilitating well-being through the acquisition of new knowledge that favors culture and reflection. The actions that can be carried out provide real benefits such as, for example, awakening emotions, discovering related people, feeling of belonging, experiencing new ways of being and being. In short, you access parts of yourself that were unknown.





Most people say that the fundamental pillar for joining the university was the motivation to obtain knowledge; Second, the desire to excel, and finally, curiosity was the engine that ignited the idea. The primary impulse is feedback, that is, contact with diversity and contemplating the possibility of feeling vital to put knowledge into practice in your daily life is the greatest impulse. Because, really, it's not just about occupying time, it's about being productive for our interests.

Among the many offered by the universities are the thematic literary workshops on history, quality of life, journalism, film analysis, new technologies and various conferences on current affairs.

Language courses

Training in new languages ​​helps you develop other skills in life and test your talents. Both those who want to learn a language for the first time and those who want to complete or improve it will obtain greater reasoning and communication with others. You will open your mind to receive encounters with other cultures.

Advanced technology courses



This is a tool that brings us closer to other people who belong to different generations. The interaction provided by new technologies expands our skills and communications with the rest of the world. The Internet is a tool that allows you to connect with different knowledge that causes a mental opening in you.



Expand your physical and mental energy

Currently, there are different disciplines to start practicing any sport that involves body activity. From the quietest but effective, such as yoga, tai chi or pilates to those of greater physical effort, such as paddle or water.


These techniques teach us how to manage our mind and body to promote our quality of life through the control of our emotions and self-knowledge. In the sheltered floors this possibility is offered along with others, attending to the needs and preferences of each person.

Launch to try new dances

The stimulation of the senses is important to socialize. It raises self-esteem and activates all parts of our body, as well as our feelings and emotions. The therapy that exercises on us helps us to increase the will to carry out any challenge that we propose. In addition, we see an improvement in the self-image, which is why we accept ourselves better.

Experiment with the plastic arts


Creativity is a source of opportunities to develop all the talents that, in many occasions, we have hidden. Testing different disciplines such as painting, writing or any other initiative stimulates the concept we have of ourselves. The practice of any of them through group workshops will activate internal springs that will activate your imagination.

Explore new landscapes

The contact with other people enriches your personal and cultural concerns. Scheduling both short and long trips enables your sensory senses and banishes routines. New horizons are extended to perceive other possibilities that were not explored.

Gastronomic activities

Cooking or culinary culture courses are another option that enliven the internal and external senses. They also offer you the chance to meet new people who share your same inclinations. In those moments, new possibilities arise to contact different realities. They will give you new ideas to focus on this new cycle.

Learn attitudes to enjoy life


There is a key element that we must learn to continue enjoying our life at any age. And is that different studies indicate that age is not something that conditions us, since life is a matter of attitude. Experts recommend integrating the following recommendations. Read them carefully and practice them every day of your life. The changes they cause in people are very effective and beneficial:

1- Get away from negative thoughts

Each person has the ability to choose which feelings he keeps and which he discards. It's just a matter of changing habits that do not benefit us. Be clear that harmful thoughts are the most important element to not feel good In addition, that mood affects those around you. Actually, if you think about it, you will see that most people choose to surround themselves with others that are not constantly complaining.

2- Develop the optimistic sense

Being positive accentuates good mood and enhances mood. Use words that always involve positive feelings. A good technique to approach other people is smiling. Practice it usually because it works. In the end it is about managing the animistic nature of each one.

3- Choose to be proactive

Taking the initiative without waiting for anyone to do it for you is what is called being proactive. Promoting your ideas for yourself gives you experiences that, in many cases, give you surprises that revitalize you and bring together like-minded people.

4- Live every day as a gift

Enjoy every moment that gives you the present. Everything is before you so that you can perceive life with all the senses. In the apartments for the elderly you have the opportunity to share different situations that drive your life. All the amenities offered by the supervised apartments allow you to enjoy a new vision of life with all the physical and emotional energy that you have in this new stage. This feeling gives you the opportunity to live differently while maintaining your independence without worrying about your safety. Remember that the main reason for your life is always you.


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