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Wednesday, 7th of February of 2018


The sheltered floors are ideal alternatives for our seniors to enjoy their life without losing quality of life.


It is about apartments where they will have all their basic needs covered. We refer, in this aspect, to the medical and security assistances that are so timely in these moments of their lives.


Therefore, they are very interesting solutions both for them and for the people who love them. We will remain calmer, as we will ensure their well-being and they can be integrated into an area that meets all the conditions they require to continue to be carried out. And the fact is that the search for personal fulfillment does not stop at these ages. On the contrary: it is one of the keys to the concept of active aging. A concept in which we believe honestly.



decoration of sheltered houses


Next, we tell you what advantages it gives you to bet on these floors. Keep reading, because what we are going to tell you in this post, you are interested.





How can you customize the apartments for the elderly?


In the line of ensuring that active aging (adapting with the greatest possible dignity and without stopping doing physical and mental activities to the conditions of old age) will be a viable reality, personalizing the individual spaces will become One more reason that contributes to this.


In the assistance sector we give the importance it deserves to everything that can help the elderly to lead a full life. Therefore, we believe in the contribution that the personalization of the space in which the elderly person will reside can mean to active aging.


Undoubtedly, giving your personal touch will make you feel like your own, which is also what we are trying to achieve when we opt for this vital option. This possibility of being in a place that resembles, as much as possible, their usual environment contributes in a very remarkable way to increase the self-esteem of the elderly. And seniors with a good mood are going to be, logically, people who will enjoy a stronger immune system. Therefore, they will be residents who will be less likely to fall ill. In short, if they are more satisfied, we will all be more calm and happy.



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As for the concrete customization of the living space, the common framework of the sheltered floors leaves total freedom, as it could not be otherwise, in the level of the private decoration of each of the houses. In fact, this is one of the maxims of these apartments: the conjunction of common services and individual autonomy.


So the process of decorating these rooms can be a nice excuse to do something in common with these loved ones. Do not think of moving as a nuisance, but as a worthwhile process in itself. An activity that can be enriching. It is, after all, an occasion to put many things in order. Things that are needed and others that we do not need so much. It can become a true turning point when starting a new life stage.


Keep in mind that a move will serve even to remember past experiences and put in order many memories. You will find photos and objects that will take you back to other times. So anticipate yourself and help your elders live this process in a positive way. Besides, you can help out by sifting what they need. Yes, always respecting their decisions.



moving apartment tutored



In general, you can help them organize the whole process, given that, due to their physical conditions, it is not a task that they can already manage alone. On the other hand, there is another interesting aspect that we can take advantage of in the removals. One issue, that of solidarity, which is also the most enriching. And is that the screening of unnecessary objects has the reverse of being able to give them to people who may need more than us. There are charitable associations that will not hesitate to take charge of their solidarity distribution and go collect them. It will be - do not doubt - a process in which we will all win. Apart, another possibility to weigh is to sell some valuable items that we are not interested in having with us. There are, for example, antique furniture, such as those in vintage style, which nowadays reach a high price in the market of lovers of these items. So you also value these operations, since they can earn you an income that will come very well to improve the living conditions of our elders.


Once the eventual changes of a move have been transformed into an entertaining and enriching process, it is time to think about how to customize the rooms of the house in a concrete way. Again, it is a process that we can do together. In this sense, one of the keys that are usually considered is not to break with the environment in which the elderly lived. Therefore, we can even try to "clone", if they really liked, their old living spaces. This is not so difficult, since you can choose, for example, to paint the walls with the same colors they had in their previous homes. Another idea that you can evaluate is to paint them with the tones that decoration experts advise you when it comes to enhancing moods. Anyway, as we are referring to customize a personal and non-transferable space, beyond your advice and those that can be provided by specialists, leave the final decision on the matter in the hands of the protagonists. The elderly will have the last word.


In addition, we give you another idea that you should not leave out. What is more personal than decorating the house with photos and other images that remind our elders of the happiest episodes in their lives? Help them to choose them, to put them the corresponding format (picture, vinyl, etc.), to frame them, to place them and others. Undoubtedly, this will be one of the tasks that you will be able to enjoy more together.

These photos, meanwhile, may be placed in different rooms of the house. They are very useful in the living room or bedroom, but also in the hall or a cork that is available for these purposes. In these last cases, in addition, they will be magnificent reasons for visitors to feel interested in commenting and opening conversations about what these photos mean. And, in a general way, they will serve to move the residents to happy moments in their lives and raise their mood.

Do not end here the recommendations that we can provide you with the interior decoration of these sheltered apartments. As we all know, having plants at home is highly advisable. The plants provide an undoubted oxygenation to the environment, since they contribute to the recirculation and regeneration of the air. Besides, they do not stop being living beings; and, although it may not seem like it, they do a lot of "company". We mean that paying attention (as, for example, when you have to water them) keeps the person attentive and, therefore, active. It will be pending of daily tasks and that keeps the person occupied and interested in a process that, in an indispensable way, requires his help. It is still a way to continue feeling important.

Also, we must not forget that, in the decoration of a protected apartment, the rigors of age have a special importance. In this aspect, the maintenance of the functionality of the spaces of the house is key, in the same way that the common areas of the floors for the elderly will be conditioned. It is evident, how could it be otherwise, that part of the personalization of the sheltered apartments will have to do with the need to ensure the safety and practicality of all areas of the house. This adaptation of the interiors of private homes to the appropriate conditions for people with reduced mobility (some older people may even have some disability that limits their ability to move or be in situations of dependency) will be achieved through the purchase and installation of technical help. Technical aids such as, for example, handles, articulated beds or anti-slip floors.

As in the previous resources that we have been discussing, older people will have to actively participate in their choice, so they can count on the appropriate articles when it comes to improving their quality of life. And since this text is also a little aesthetic, bear in mind that our elders can choose the technical aids that best fit their tastes of decoration.

In short, customizing the floors for the elderly is a prerequisite for our seniors to continue enjoying active aging in conditions that make their days more bearable in these spaces conditioned for their well-being.


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