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Wednesday, 20th of May of 2015

Daniel is 70 years old. Five years ago he left his family business in the hands of their children and now enjoys life and free time, his children and grandchildren, friends ... His wife, Montserrat, has not yet retired from his job as an official, but, at 55, he is already thinking about the near retirement and her husband share hobbies, travel and time together. Currently, they live in the center of Barcelona and have a good economic position, allowing them, for example, have a maid for household cleaning tasks or gardener to maintain its private park.


However, Daniel and Montserrat are farsighted and have already begun to think about what their future. They clearly want to live in the center of the city, as they have done all their lives, and do not want to depend on anyone, in addition to facilities and amenities that allow them to enjoy their everyday happy, calm and smooth frights. After much searching, they decide to seek advice and they begin to think that the best option may be installed in one of the apartments for the elderly wards existing in the Catalan capital.



supervised apartments


And this type of flooring are chosen by more and more older people, who want to maintain or even improve their quality of life; while still they are retaining their autonomy, freedom, privacy and independence. The increasing life expectancy of the population and its aging make it necessary for companies to offer greater accessibility to new solutions, assets which in everyday life and leisure are concerned.


The floors wards for older are always independent. Have continuing care services and a range of services and activities that promote personal development, social integration, security and health and medical care needed. Note the 24-hour medical alarm; nursing services, physiotherapy, chiropody or hairdressing; occupational therapy; the social club; the library; and the computer room.




They are only for standalone or for disabled people? The facilities are adapted to older people, with or without disabilities. There are apartments of all sizes: studios, houses or apartments; with one or two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and adapted bathroom. All have telephone, Internet and television. The decor is familiar and can be customized by the tenants, even with your own furniture. Of course, these floors are suitable for both independent and dependent persons. To do this, they include lift, spacious bathrooms with security measures, removal of architectural barriers, etc.


Where these houses are located? The apartments are located within a complex that has communal areas for recreation: large gardens to stroll, places where neighbors meet and have a good time and even, in some cases, sports facilities (pool or gym equipment intended gymnastics for seniors). How could it be otherwise, residents can enter and leave the house freely, and to receive visits from family or friends whenever they want. They can also book housekeeping or domestic support (in varying degrees), depending on your needs and desires.


The alternative of sheltered accommodation is the best for the elderly, as Daniel and Montserrat, who want to maintain their freedom, autonomy and security. With it, the elderly can continue to enjoy an active, free and full life.


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