My parents tutored flats for the elderly, why not?

Wednesday, 11th of February of 2015

One of the best options to meet the demands of older, valid and autonomous people, who want to maintain their quality of life and live in a family environment independently but surely, are protected homes for the elderly .


Aging, independence and the need to find appropriate living

The Spanish population growing older lives. Increased access to health care, medical advances and improvements in the current living conditions have favored that life expectancy is increasing. But this implies greater responsibility on the part of families and society, torn between the best options to provide greater a long active life, besides the necessary care and attention.


However, the pace of life in today's society, not always allowed adequately meet the requirements of parents or relatives who are in our care. It is increasingly difficult to find the time and energy needed to meet the specific needs of the elderly, not only medical but also social.


sheltered accommodation for elderly


In many cases, older persons are capable of living independently but they and their families want to feel safe and protected for their daily functioning and to maintain an active lifestyle. In most cases, families are looking for a support person, who, depending on the specific needs, can provide greater support and companionship. But this risk losing their privacy they have enjoyed so far.


In other cases, the houses in which they remained lifelong may not be ready for comfortable living, especially if there are mobility problems. Most of the alternatives represent a loss of autonomy and independence to which older people are entitled to, but require care, they want to stay with as standard life possible. Why not a floor ward for elderly?


sheltered accommodation for elderly


Sheltered accommodation for elderly

The floors are protected for older homes that ensure every comfort and care necessary for independent living in a safe and comfortable environment.The homes have all necessary measures to facilitate mobility, in addition to services that people in this age need adaptations. The advantages are indisputable, the biggest feature health and personal attention that may require at any time, but maintain their vital autonomy. The sheltered accommodation for older enable them to live in similar as have hitherto environments, normalizing his life possible. And the ease of access are important because they generally allow annual rental, temporary stays such as holidays or stays for convalescence.


sheltered accommodation for elderly


Moreover, these properties allow them to live with other seniors in a complex, sharing a healthy and safe life. These premises foster social relationships and working life, as they have common spaces like gardens, gyms or recreation rooms sharing activities at a nearby home environment. Situations of loneliness and helplessness that can sometimes suffer the elderly are avoided in this way.


Telecare, permanent medical services, counseling, social care and access to internet services are at their disposal, and other optional features such as physiotherapy, hairdresser, pedicure or cleaning, ensuring every comfort for a life of luxury, but without losing the intimacy. Therefore, the supervised apartments are the best choice for wellness, independence and security of the elderly.

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