Be careful and be autonomous: I bought a supervised home for elderly

Wednesday, 22nd of April of 2015

A Home is whatever your needs, with everything you need to hand and neighbors with whom to share concerns and leisure time. That's what they offer sheltered homes for the elderly, one of the latest real estate now come to our country. Assume an economic investment, an investment in improving the welfare and lifestyle, an investment in the future. All while maintaining the autonomy and freedom so dear.



Real phenomenon in Spain

In other countries like the United States sheltered homes for the elderly have been around for decades. They are complex to enjoy a deserved retirement away from worldly concerns without having to deal with the problems of everyday life. However this is a relatively new real estate opportunity in our country that is generating great expectations.




Home adapted to this

Acquire sheltered homes for the elderly is an economic investment. Of having a home, taken to their current needs. There is no reason to continue to maintain a house where an entire family was raised when the children have left the nest. Concerns and needs are far different from those of 30 years ago, so the logical move is to move to a new apartment to suit new conditions.



Enjoy retirement

Retirement is a time to enjoy their free time, resting after the hard work of recent years and afford to do so in the best possible conditions. Surely, with all amenities at your fingertips and in an environment in which people accompany you in your situation. This is possible to do it on their own, without being accountable to anyone, without timetables or to respond to any requirement.


Freedom and assistance

Sheltered homes for the elderly pose maintain that freedom which is so appreciated by everyone, but knowing you have a backup behind. These houses have a nursing service, professional staff available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which is responsible for monitoring any incidents that may arise and coordinate the medical agenda. A supervised home allows you to maintain your independence you will have about knowing someone who can help.

No obligations

Safety is also guaranteed with monitoring services installed in sheltered homes for the elderly, which is not to worry about anything. Or even everyday tasks such as preparing food limpiezano. You can go to the restaurant, which prepares varied menus daily and hire the same staff that takes care of the maintenance of the complex, so that the housing is about at all times.

services floors protected

Independence and company

The common spaces become a place of leisure where socialize with people their own age, with the same concerns and with whom to befriend. You will never feel alone, even without a companion at home, because it will always have someone nearby to have fun, walk or simply enjoy a good conversation.

Decide on its future

Take charge of your future and decide how you want to enjoy your retirement. Sheltered homes for the elderly may be invested over the coming years if not still plans to move house. But it can also make the change now and start enjoying all the benefits they offer.



Request budget

Do not miss the opportunity to be the first to know sheltered homes for the elderly and discover all the benefits they offer. Consult budget and start enjoying their retirement.

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