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Wednesday, 3rd of August of 2016

The increase in life expectancy is causing our population to change, as life expectancy is already around 85.6 for women and 80 for men. According to data from the National Institute of Statistics a year ago, people over 65 years old constituted 18.1% of the total Spanish population, which gives us an idea of ​​the importance of this population group, which tends To increase.


The growth in the number of inhabitants of this age is accompanied by the fact that these people are enjoying better health, leaving away the usual images of yesteryear over 65 totally complacent. Now, most of you are with great vitality and a desire to continue to enjoy life comparable to those that had before generations before 50 years.


Years ago, for many the arrival of retirement meant losing the illusion of being active. Today is not the case, on the contrary: when you retire you understand that you are starting a new stage in which you no longer have the worries of work, your children are older and for the first time in many years you move to first place in your life. The time for oneself happens to be a reality, so take advantage of this circumstance that time does not return.




When you retire you understand that a new stage begins



What are guarded apartments?



We all like vacations and stay in a hotel where we solve all the daily chores, right ?. But that kind of life, in the long run, is impersonal, because a hotel room does not have the same space, privacy and warmth as your house. In the protected areas Artami we offer you the benefits of a hotel at the same time that we guarantee that you will be in an own space, personal and independent, in short, in your home.


We could say that you will enjoy all the advantages of living in a hotel, while you will have all the advantages and independence of a home.




How do the guarded floors arise?



The protected apartments are the best option if you belong to this segment of the population over 65 years. Thanks to this type of housing you can continue to enjoy your independence with the assurance that all your needs will be covered, from security, to nutritional needs through healthcare.


The protected homes are a service that has worked in many countries for years, but had not yet arrived in Spain until recently. Possibly this circumstance is a consequence of the familiar sense of our culture and the low mobility of our population. There are many children who once they become independent continue to live in the same city as their parents. In many cases, even in the same neighborhood. This circumstance makes the members of the same family end up having dependencies of each other.


In other countries where workers have more mobility, it is common for children, when leaving the paternal home, to change even from the city. Moving from the city where your parents live to another where they increase their job possibilities. This new situation causes family relationships to be diluted.


As a consequence of this social environment, the protected apartments appear. In this way, the elderly pass to occupy a space in which all your needs are met, without reducing your independence but having all the services and help you need. Put in a colloquial way, you will continue to live life in your own way, but at the same time having the necessary services to make you more comfortable on a day-to-day basis, being able to dedicate the time to what you have in each moment.




How do the guarded floors arise?




The new majors


Old people today have concerns and hobbies, you are active people and in a moment of life in which although health is not the same as you were at 50 years. Maybe you have only minor ailments. Which allows you to continue enjoying a situation in which you do not need to depend on anyone.




Our services


Living in our guarded apartments, you will have all the necessary services to facilitate your day to day life. Thanks to our staff you can have your time with total freedom.




Nursing service


In the protected areas Artami, you can count on a nursing service 24 hours a day, without the need to move in case you feel unwell. Our staff will take care of your medication when necessary, taking care of you at times when you are not 100%. Those over 65 today have nothing to do with the over 65 years of previous generations, now you are dynamic, vital, wanting to continue to carry out activities, to continue having an active social life.



Security Services


Our buildings have security 24 hours a day, which provides a great feeling of protection 24 hours a day. A person at the entrance of the building will control access to the building to ensure your safety. This service includes the collection of the mail, which will avoid much of the commercial mail that sometimes gets us wake up from our best nap or interrupt at the most inopportune moment. In case you receive visits, they will be directed by security personnel to wherever you are.




Security Services




Maintenance service


You will have a maintenance service. You will not have to worry in case something does not work properly in your house, simply giving the warning will be solved. The maintenance department will take care of all the repairs, making all the repairs as soon as possible, without waiting and without schedules.




Restaurant service


All household chores can be a headache. The elaboration of the daily menu is also another of the worries that you can do without.


Our properties have a private restaurant for the inhabitants of the protected apartments Artadi, as well as for their guests. Each day you will have a nutritionally balanced menu that will consist of four or five options among which you can select your favorite.


All the menus are elaborated entirely in the property. This is home-made food of the highest quality, made daily in the kitchens of our properties, pre-cooked or frozen dishes have no place in our menus. Each floor has its own reserved table in the restaurant, and you can also have the option to enjoy this meal in your own flat or even in a private dining room. This last option can be very attractive in the case of having guests.

Restaurant service

Services of laundry, ironing and folding of clothes. Housekeeping

This is not the only domestic chore you will not have to worry about again. Another of our services directly related to household chores is the laundry service. Thanks to him, you can not worry about washing, drying and iron clothes. And if this were not enough in the section related to household chores, another of our services is the cleaning. Life on a sheltered floor can be very comfortable and enjoyable, being able to dedicate your time to what you really care about, yourself.

Spend your time on what you really care about

When choosing to live in a sheltered housing you are choosing to leave aside all those tasks in which we spend much of our time and generally report no or very few satisfactions. From the moment you move us you will be the master and lord of all our time, being able to devote to enjoy life and all those activities for which you had no time before. Social relationships, hobbies, family, friends or hobbies will become your true priorities. Homework does not fall within these priorities unless desired.

Spend your time on what you really care about

Surroundings and common areas

Our services offer important benefits to sheltered housing, but they are not the only ones. You can meet other people with whom to share hobbies and experiences. People in your same situation and possibly with the same availability of time, so it will be easy for you to increase your social life. In the common spaces you can enjoy the company of other neighbors. In addition to the restaurant, you will have a lounge-living room, a chapel and a games room. All common spaces have a 24-hour cleaning service which guarantees the best cleaning conditions at all times.


The environment is also a plus in our homes. All our properties are located in central areas, considered noble areas of the city. This location makes both communication with other areas of the city and the enjoyment of it easier. You will have important avenues to walk around, shops of all kinds, cinemas, parks and a multitude of services. This circumstance does nothing more than open up our range of entertainment possibilities.

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