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Wednesday, 1st of June of 2016

Are you more than 70 years old and start to think about how you would like to live a fully happy stage and enjoy your autonomy, leisure time and friendships? Living in one of the apartments for seniors in Barcelona is a decision that can help you to maintain the lifestyle you currently have, also relying on the tranquility of having an environment fully adapted for your well-being, which is one of your top priorities.


The first gesture of autonomy is that you decide where you want to live from now on: you are the protagonist of your own story just as you were in your adolescence. Therefore, proactively engage in your destiny to materialize the life you long for.



You are the protagonist of your own story


Maximum comfort

Living in a senior apartment is to get home every afternoon after having a walk or made your plans of the day with that pleasant feeling of home that inspires calm to be in your living room. You will feel very comfortable in a space with care but without the inconveniences that you have to live in a big house with many empty rooms that produce a greater effect of nostalgia and feeling of solitude.


It is normal that values ​​the time in a very conscious way and want to squeeze it to the maximum to savor every minute as a gift. A detail of illusion that allows you to fulfill your goals, to feed your illusions and to occupy your present in joyful activities. Have new goals, look for entertainments, strengthen ties of friendship and fellowship with people of different ages.


In short, live all the youth in your heart and give yourself the possibility of having the life you deserve after retirement when enjoyment is the personal reward for so many years of work and professional demand. And then, you have a life ahead to really enhance your autonomy, since it is the working hours that have conditioned you for so many years. Now you will feel that pleasant sensation of living a happy vacation on a movie floor.




That pleasant feeling of home that inspires calm





Close relationship with neighbors


To live in a protected apartment is to contribute even more quality of time to each day, since far from losing your autonomy, the powers to find the balance of having your own space feeling also happily accompanied by other people living close to you and with the That you can establish ties and moments of conversation.


Just as in neighborhood relationships, the feeling of belonging to a group also brings self-esteem and vitality. And sometimes, in the big cities there is a very impersonal treatment between the neighbors. In small towns, on the other hand, very few services are available. Therefore, if you decide to live in a ward, you will feel the closeness of dealing with others.


Having your own space allows you to decide when you want to be alone, to focus on you and relax without interrupting your nap, your reading moments or your favorite series on television. You decide when you want to put your social skills into practice and when you prefer to savor your intimacy. So you find that nice balance of having a network of relationships and not locking yourself in.




You find that nice balance of having a network of relationships




The house is the place to live, feel and experience emotions that connect with the authenticity of being yourself. A pleasure to which you should aspire always, also after the 70 years when life is filled with wisdom, experience, memories and, above all, much present. As the word itself indicates, the present is a gift. Therefore, try to live it as such with that young spirit that characterizes you.


In the protected apartments you will continue to enjoy the tranquility that you have always had in your own house, you will be able to continue staying with your usual friends to go to the movies, go for a walk in the park, play cards, visit museums, organize cultural activities, attend A reading workshop, yoga and weekend trips. In short, you are still master of your life and you have total freedom to manage your agenda including your personal expectations and interests without any limitation of schedule. You own your agenda and you decide what is a priority for you and what is secondary.





Available services


Living in a supervised apartment also gives you an extra autonomy and independence in your daily routine, since you will have services that bring you an extra comfort. We also offer sheltered apartments in Artami with a wide range of services. For example, you have a kitchen service for delicious menus.




Cooking service for delicious menus




In addition to other practical options such as travel service to make your transfers from one place to another. And if you love to be informed of all the news of the day, then you can check the press every day, since reading the newspaper is a good exercise to keep the mind active and to know the news in the different sections.


Any older person wants to have a happy life, just like you want. And the loneliness that you can feel during the night in your habitual residence disappears completely in the apartments guarded, that count on systems of security that guarantee your protection at all times. You will never feel alone but you will not feel that nothing or anyone invades your privacy.



You can check the press every day



These security services give you a greater guarantee to continue living with your autonomy as always but with the confidence of knowing you care thanks to a team of professionals with an excellent curriculum and vocation for care for the elderly. In short, you share your life with other people but without establishing ties of dependence.



These security services give you a greater guarantee




Making new friends


You will have the possibility to meet new friends with whom to share activities and interests. However, that does not limit you in your own space, because it is you who decides when you want to have your times shared and when you want to be alone.


This possibility of adding new friends to your life is a treasure that allows you to update your contacts agenda and experience that pleasant feeling of finding other colleagues who live a vital stage similar to yours, which makes you feel very empathetic.


All this helps you to continue with your active lifestyle, taking care of your social circle without neglecting the affective bonds that are already part of your story. You will not notice that uncomfortable feeling of leaving your comfort zone when adapting to the life in the apartment, since your day will remain the same always or even better. Your lifestyle will not change in the important thing and you will continue having that sense of emotional entanglement when arriving at your flat and to rest.

You will have the possibility to meet new friends with whom to share activities and interests

To have a young and vital heart

Like you, other older people do not measure their lives by the age factor but by their state of mind and high self-esteem. People who want to eat the world because they have a young and vital heart. If you love trips, you can continue organizing your tourism routines to know the most emblematic places. When you return to your apartment, you can share with your neighbors the pictures of your trip, the funniest anecdotes and all the details of a unique getaway.

People who want to eat the world

When adapting to your life in the protected apartments you will realize that you are still the same but your environment has changed in a very important nuance: the whole stay is totally adapted to you and your needs. Counting, in addition to the functionality of the place, with a careful and beautiful design that creates that pleasant taste of a warm environment.

If you have children, you can live your own life independently of them. You will not have to adapt to the rules of your house because you will have yours. And the moments you share with your family will be even more intense and emotional because each has its own routine.


In the course of your life, you will have discovered that there are many things that change over time. However, the house is a concept that remains. And for any person, making the decision to stop living in their habitual home implies emotions and feelings for what is left behind.


However, when you move to a guarded apartment you are opening a new door to the hope of living your youth as you always dreamed. Just as in the first year of college any young person starts a new stage that is marked by experiences that will never forget, adapting to a protected floor can mark the beginning of a new beginning for you. You can add sport, good cinema, lots of music, rest and comfort, delicious menus, shared laughter and health.

You can add sports, shared laughter and health

The decision to live in a protected home is especially recommended for those people who prioritize in their quality of life the practice of their own independence and freedom.

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