The best way to enjoy our freedom now that we are older

Wednesday, 11th of March of 2015


Independence, privacy and freedom, with full security and tranquility.


Adele Carles and carry a lifetime together, fully enjoying it, maximizing their life together, but always aware that time passes very quickly. Now that both have exceeded 70 years, although they are physically fit and, despite their age, are able to maintain their autonomy and privacy, want to find a home that continue to feel free and independent to continue enjoying each other's company . But, at the same time want to feel safe and protected, because they are aware that any sudden accident oenfermedad can be fatal if they live in an isolated environment. So they have decided to choose to establish their new residence in sheltered housing for the elderly , because they have not there observed differences in the pace of normal life and know they have a help and continued support in all matters relating to health and safety . Since the housing adapted to the conditions of the elderly, with a system of rapid telecare built up rehabilitation services or medical assistance 24 hours a day.

freedom in sheltered accommodation

Residential comfort, without sacrificing the level of normal life

When circumstances warrant leaving one's home, to choose a more suitable to the new needs of security and protection of the couple solution, this does not mean you necessarily have to give up all the amenities you have enjoyed during the period above. Sheltered housing for older are trained to provide personalized attention, so that the couple does not give up its usual standard of life, nor leave the comfort level you want. A night guard service and day care, all services household, such as regular cleaning of housing, assistance in any necessary repairs and general maintenance of housing, or even performing the most common household chores, ensure the provision of a quality residence for the couple not notice any change in status from its previous life.


A close and accessible to places most interesting city dwelling

Our family has always lived in Barcelona. They like the city, stroll through the streets of downtown, enjoy all the activities and animation that provides a big city. Therefore, among the range of sheltered housing for older have chosen one that is located in a prime location, very close to the cultural and historical center, surrounded by shopping centers and a wide range of services and the best hospitals and medical centers area. Also, when they are encouraged to take trips outside of the capital, have peace of mind that transport and communications are always easier from the center of town. On his return, in just a walk, they can reach their own home, in comfort.

independence supervised apartments

Living in community, in a residential area full of services

But Adele Carles and have always been very sociable people. Choosing a home that gives them greater security and peace of mind regarding your health, does not mean giving up a nice and smooth relations with its neighbors. Sheltered housing for older buildings are integrated with their own apartments or independent apartments, part of an owners. But, are inserted into a neat residential area equipped of all utilities and very active in their community areas.
Restaurants and cafes, lounges, library, gardens, gym, chapel and arcades, plus hairdressers, laundry or dry cleaners. In short, a small town full of services which can be viewed comfortably met their needs and interests with friends, or with other like minded people.

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