As the sheltered apartments for the elderly guarantee our autonomy and safety

Wednesday, 25th of February of 2015

Growing up ... I many times thought the day would make me more! I've always been independent, I have organized my life my way and now I'm fulfilling years, I would do the same but with safety and security. For this reason, I shall convince you when looking for a place to live that was not my house until I spoke of the largest sheltered apartments.


Experience in sheltered apartments for the elderly

When I lived at home with my wife, we had a life in which we could take any decision without consulting anyone. We traveled several times a year, we organized lunches and dinners with family and friends ... Our service was supervised by us and are responsible for keeping up the chores and errands. Thus, when thinking about looking for another home, he always thinking of extending my independence as long as possible, avoiding living as an intern. So, I reported on wards for older apartments.


Sheltered apartments for the elderly


I started two years ago, spending a vacation in one of them. A group of friends and myself went on a trip to spend a few days off and one of my sons recommended the option to go to a supervised apartment instead of a hotel or elsewhere. After considering several ideas, the challenge was to spend our vacation in an apartment. To my surprise, nothing was as I expected at first. We were able to enjoy going to the beach, eating out, going to dinner, dancing and endless activities freely, but with the security of having at our disposal everything we could need at any time. The experience was so rewarding, I began to wonder the chance to live indefinitely in one.


Supervised apartments for the elderly: ADVANTAGES


Today there are alternatives for independent people who, like me, want to enjoy a good quality service without sacrificing the freedom of his own life. Living in a supervised apartment is an option that has given me many advantages:


• Autonomy: I can enjoy my freedom and my social life without being accountable to anyone. I'm organizing my vacation and travel, going out with my friends to do outdoor activities, without losing the comfort and welfare of my own home.


Sheltered apartments for the elderly


• Services: A supervised apartment is not like a hotel. Here you possess everything you need in a house: bedroom, kitchen, lounge, bathroom ... but with the advantage that, besides being free, also provided a variety of services such as kitchen, restaurant, housekeeping, vehicles for transportation , hairdresser, pharmacy, daily newspaper, emergency buttons, alarms, etc.


Sheltered apartments for the elderly


• Security: seniors looking to remain independent but at the same time, we want to be protected. Enjoy life with security guarantees. The supervised apartments for the elderly offer many supervised by qualified professionals who have allowed me to enjoy a medical support and nursing services 24 hours.


• Company: can enjoy the company and experiences of your neighbors. When I arrived at my new home did not know anyone, but soon was part of a group with my same interests and hobbies. For almost a year I've been in my new home, I could be free without feeling alone.


Ultimately, it is shown that one can live alone, if desired, but perfectly together. Everything is based on achieving the perfect balance between the privilege to remain independent and the opportunity to live with the security of having everything one might need.  

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