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Wednesday, 12th of April of 2017

We live in a society that is becoming more and more aged and with a considerable increase in life expectancy over the last century. Sadly, the infrastructures of yesteryear are not adapted to the new needs of this group, that every time reaches advanced ages with some physical difficulty. Artami offers in Barcelona, ​​an option that seeks to create comfort and a home for people who want to live their old age with independence, health and an unprecedented quality of life. Although there are older people who reach these ages with limitations, it is also true that more and more people enjoy an old age characterized by the vitality and the desire to continue doing good things in their community. What does Artami offer? Who are they? We tell you in this post.


Established in 2013, Artami started in the business world of real estate with the objective of renting or selling all types of real estate: homes, premises, car parks, offices ... However, the management team wanted to go further And bet on managing the apartments in Barcelona. The principles and values ​​of this company correspond to the responsibility, professionalism, availability and experience, treating both parties equally in the different steps related to the sale or rental of apartments with services for seniors. Now, what specifically offer apartments with services for seniors?




Apartments with services


These apartments with services are really private dwellings inserted in the same community, intended for elderly people in concrete, although not in exclusivity, because also can benefit from these flats people of any age. Mostly, they are located in buildings known as Las Arcadias with two totally different and complementary parts in turn. First of all, there are the so-called common spaces, with all kinds of services available and included both when renting and when buying. On the other hand, there are the different housing units around the common areas and are monitored by a security and video surveillance system. The rental or purchase of these homes come with five specific services included in its price and some complementary.



We talk about Artami




Services of senior apartments


First of all, you should know that the whole set of homes has security and vigilance 24 hours a day, every day of the year. This service consists of the control of access to the real estate complex, the collection and delivery of correspondence, the escort service to friends and family to reach the dwelling of the person they are going to visit. At the same time also take care of taking note about the daily menus.


The complex also has a nursing stay also available 24 hours 365 days a year and provided by ATS titled. The nurses are trained at the beginning of their employment contract and normally keep the same working hours, in this way, it is easier to know the elderly and their personal medical requirements. It should be kept in mind that, although they usually attend nursing units, ATS will also go to private homes if necessary.


And so that food is not an issue of concern among the elderly, as it sometimes makes them heavy to cook for themselves, one of the star services of this apartment complex is the food and a la carte food service in the restaurant. The chef schedules between 4 and 5 daily menus for lunch and dinner, traditional cuisine, and served in the resort's dining suite. The tenant chooses each day what he wants his menu to be a modest and only price of 6.5 euros the food and 5 euros the dinner. The security service will take note of the requirements of each person for that day. In addition, each home is also equipped with a full kitchen in case you do not want to hire this service.


In addition, the more than 1,000 square meters of common areas are always in perfect state of cleanliness and hygiene. There is also an optional cleaning service of the private house, as well as a laundry service, folded clothes and iron. Also, the complex also has a maintenance service, so all possible damages have an immediate solution.


Finally, it is necessary to emphasize the team of professionals of category that works in these complexes of houses. They are those responsible for maintenance that are available to any tenant; The mentioned ATS; Those responsible for security 24 hours every day of the year; Sports and leisure time monitors that will help you with psychomotor activities; Play monitors; A psychology service; And in restoration with the chef, cooks and attention staff.




Benefits of guarded apartments


When choosing to rent or buy these apartments with services for seniors, you are choosing to live your old age with a higher quality of life. Why? First to have the peace and security that you do not live alone in the community and that you have a great service of professionals around you, ready to help you in everything you need at any time. Second, because you create a network of friendship with your neighbors with whom you share hobbies, tastes, activities ... It is a good way to combat loneliness and have the desire to develop activities in society. In addition, having all the comforts, you will spend less time to do housework to be able to dedicate more to your hobbies.



We talk about Artami



Another benefit corresponds to the location of the properties. These are always located in central areas of the city of Barcelona since Artami has paid special attention to this factor. For this reason, the houses are located in well-connected buildings with other areas of the city and located in areas of high social value. In this way, the leisure offer is greater, because they are surrounded by great avenues to walk, close to shops of all kinds, cinemas, parks ... The main objective is to provide facilities for personal development And social. You will live the pleasure of dedicating yourself to body and soul, to cultivating your hobbies and to sharing in society, knowing that you do not have to worry about anything.


In addition, Artami workers provide faithful, complete and personalized advice. Well, after carrying out a study about the person interested in renting or buying this type of apartment with services, they guarantee the offer of the best homes with services tailored to your needs, without cheating or deceit. They also offer an accompanying service in the various steps that must be taken.




Types of apartments


As for rental housing there are three types: studios, 1 bedroom apartments and 2 bedroom apartments. The studios have an average area of ​​43 m2 with a terrace of about seven square meters. As for the one bedroom apartments, the average surface varies between 60 and 75 m2, with a terrace of about sixteen square meters. Finally, the two-room apartments have an average area of ​​about 80-90 m2 and a terrace of up to 20 m2. Also, all the properties have a fourth storage room in the basement for private use included in the price and, optionally, a parking space.




Real Estate Artami


In short, betting on the rent or purchase of these apartments or apartments with services, has made this real estate in a leading company in the sector. While it is true that this practice of older apartment communities has been developing quite a long time ago in other European countries, in Spain it is an initiative that began relatively recently. Thus, 18% of the Spanish population over 65 years of age are cared for.



We talk about Artami


If decades ago our elders reached the advanced ages with little quality of life and were stuck and in poor health, nowadays, thanks to medical advances, the situation is changing. More and more older people find themselves willing and energized to continue to develop activities in their environment and not become a social outcast.


Older people are people who can contribute a lot to the society of today, for their experience, for their wisdom and for their free time. You have to give them the attention and care they deserve. It is positive that we can nourish ourselves with all that the elderly can still offer to society. In this is the value proposition of the real estate company Artami, in offering a suitable service for a group that increasingly has more weight in today's Spanish society. Undoubtedly, an option that other communities are beginning to implement and that will bring greater benefits to all.


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