The sheltered apartments as an alternative of more active lifestyle

Wednesday, 6th of September of 2017


To fulfill years does not mean to stop, on the contrary, it represents understanding and practical application on each lived experience. In the apartments tutelados for seniors you can find all kinds of facilities to continue with that lifestyle, healthy and active, that you like so much. At the same time that you retain your independence, you have all the comforts both individual and collective, so you do not have to worry about your safety.


The mentality of people is changing. Life expectancy has increased the time of enjoyment of all those activities postponed during the working season. Although the proportion of older adults increases worldwide and the family remains the basic support, the current pace of life imposes its conditions. In many occasions, the people of this broad group retain all their autonomy, energy and vitality. Although they require some medical attention, they do not need to give up their independence, so senior apartments have become a very desirable option.


Within this lifestyle, healthy habits are recommended, such as a varied and balanced diet, socializing and avoid situations of isolation and solitude or perform some type of physical activity.





Doing physical exercise is beneficial at any age. It will always imply good health and mood, because the body needs to move in order to function well. So any time is good to start practicing. As we reach the age is very necessary to maintain good health, physical, emotional and mental.






Practicing sport is beneficial


With physical exercise both muscle mass and bone density increase, which decreases the risk of falls or fractures.

It also lowers bad cholesterol and excessive fat, so people achieve greater flexibility and an improvement in their blood circulation, since blood pressure is regulated.


The respiratory capacity increases and the resistance of the heart also, with which comes a greater contribution of oxygen to the organism.

In combination with diet, it improves cellular metabolism against type II diabetes, or reduces the risk of it.


Intellectual capacity is conserved and, by segregating endorphins (hormones that contribute to happiness and well-being), decreases the possibility of falling into depression, suffering from stress or anxiety. In addition, insomnia is reduced.



senior activity


You interact with other people, thus avoiding isolation and loneliness.


In addition, if you had developed a disease that limits your movements or hinder the proper functioning of the body, exercising can significantly improve the discomfort, can even leave it at minimal levels. You will always feel well and healthy.




Tips before you start


In our apartments for adults, the first thing we recommend is to make a preliminary recognition before the beginning of the sport. When you see your doctor, you will perform a stress test that, along with your history, will determine the type of exercise and its intensity. In addition, this test also serves to rule out the possibility of any silent heart disease.


If you like, practice sport in a group with people of similar physical condition. It can be an excellent pretext for relating to others. Sharing good times is one of the most motivating experiences there are.


Always start with a warm-up. Continue with the exercise you like, but lightly, with short times and frequent breaks. It finishes with a small session of elasticity and relaxation, to eliminate tensions and to avoid the fatigue.


It is advisable not to practice sports whose intensity, degree of contact or risk of accident exceeds your physical abilities.




group activity




What type of exercise can I do?


Any exercise that amuses and animates, as long as it does not involve an excess of load or tension, according to your personal characteristics.


Once your multiple benefits are proven, physical activity seduces you, so that you no longer want to give up and become an attitude, a healthy habit that is part of your daily life.


Some suggestions could be:


- Walking, walking or hiking . They say that "who moves the legs, moves the heart". It is the most simple, economic, easy and accessible sport, since it has always been the usual way to get around. Depending on the speed of the passage and the slope of the road, we will need more or less effort. It is recommended at any age, as an indispensable healthy habit in our life. The only thing required is a proper footwear and feel like it.


- Swimming or gymnastics in the water. Indicated at any age, it is one of the sports that best adapts to personal physical conditions, since the water cushions the impacts that suffer the joints, the weight of gravity and provides a pleasant and pleasant sensation, while putting in movement all the muscles of the body. It increases lung capacity and heart resistance, it also stimulates blood circulation and calms stress.



third age swimming



- Go to dance. It is a way of expressing emotions, through movement, with which you can maintain a good physical shape and also have fun. Their movements require that the muscles become elastic and, when burning calories, avoid being overweight, diabetes, hypertension or osteoporosis. In addition, when you dance, endorphins segregates, which will make you feel happy and well-being.


- Soft aerobic gymnastics. If you are very fit, you can work strength and endurance with something more intense. You are going to burn lots of calories and accumulated fat. You also increase your lung capacity, since you will need a lot of oxygen and the cardiac activity also increases its resistance. It lowers bad cholesterol and increases good, while regulating blood pressure. Be careful of impacts to your joints, to avoid unnecessary injuries.


- Tai Chi. It is actually a martial art with which you achieve a balance, both body and psyche. For its practitioners it is a form of "meditation in movement". It is recommended for any age and physical. Through the control of the breath, you manage to decrease the stress and the anxiety. It improves the flexibility of the joints, making it very effective against muscle pain and arthritis. With its smooth and harmonious movements, it stimulates circulation and controls blood pressure. It helps to achieve a harmony between the body, the mind and the emotions.


- Yoga. It not only benefits your body, but also calms your mind. It is a discipline with which you strengthen the muscles, work the flexibility, increase your resistance and also stimulate the internal organs. Correct bad postures and, with your practice, helps to calm your mind and emotions. You can start with very simple exercises, adapted to your physical condition and, as you gain strength and flexibility, you can continue with other more complex positions.


- Bicycle, static or outdoors. With the proper position on the saddle, it prevents back pain, since it stabilizes it. Strengthens muscles, improves balance and coordination between legs and arms. It improves the body's defenses, burns calories and can be as enjoyable as fun activity.

And how much time do I practice if I want to be well

To check the effects of improvement due to the sport, it is advisable to perform at least three sessions per week, about thirty minutes in duration per session. As the age increases, it is advisable to increase the frequency of practice and decrease the length of time, so that you get to exercise every day for 15 minutes.

senior sport

Why it is said that exercise improves my mood

Our mood is intimately related to our body health. We feel depressed, moody and depressed when we are sick or have any physical limitations.

When cells work well, our body secretes hormones that help us feel well, called endorphins. Apart from that, self-esteem increases when the body responds to our intention.

Exercising stimulates an adequate cellular metabolism, with repercussions in all the organs, besides a correct distribution and flow of our vital energy. That is why those who practice sports, feel full of energy and vigor.

Keeps brain activity in good condition for longer, stimulates alertness and concentration, also increases sleep time and rest quality.

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What I should not do

It would be advisable to avoid getting to a degree of fatigue or fatigue such as to provoke an indisposition, since it is not its purpose. Nor is it advisable to compete, as it would generate tensions that could be harmful.

It is also not recommended to exercise in conditions of extreme cold or heat, as you could suffer a collapse. Do not play sports late in the afternoon or before going to sleep, you may have difficulty resting.

If you notice any unusual symptoms or feel bad, do not continue. Stop the effort.

Exercise is the key to staying strong and healthy at any age. In the facilities of our senior apartments, we always recommend some kind of sport, either in a gym or, simply, go for a walk. Because with a healthy lifestyle, you will feel young, active and with all the experience gained over the years.

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