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Monday, 5th of November of 2018

To grow older is to accumulate a good amount of experiences and memories. Capacities that as the years pass do nothing but enrich our life and enjoy it even more . Especially when the time comes when you enjoy more free time, both alone and with the couple with whom we have shared much of those moments.


It is very important to know how to treasure those memories, and for that, nothing like making your own box to keep them. You can program it as a crafts activity in the tutored apartment. Let's talk first about these floors and then we'll see how you can make your memory box.


memories box


5 reasons to choose a supervised apartment


There are lots of reasons why a tutored apartment is the best option to live this second youth, both with your partner and alone. Although we have selected 5 of them, which we consider to be the most important reasons why a supervised apartment is a great idea when it comes to saving memories and creating new ones.


1- A great way to meet new people


There is nothing like having dealings with people of diverse backgrounds. Sharing experiences and knowledge enriches in a very remarkable way. And in a protected apartment there is the opportunity to receive those who already know each other in a comfortable and pleasant environment. In addition to continuing to meet new people, neighbors who are also living in these apartments and with whom you can organize all kinds of activities.


In fact, the environment of the sheltered floors is more than conducive to take walks, connect with neighbors or stay at some point to play, watch television or simply chat in a friendly way.


2- Excellent communication


The area in which the luxury apartment is located is always ideal to enjoy. In addition to the services that are available in the building, the environment helps a lot to feel at ease , since it has a good communication, which facilitates moving from one place to another with total comfort. This is one of the aspects that most value those who have just moved, and in a sense they miss their old home. Knowing that they can move freely helps a lot to adapt to the changes and the new environment.


3- Feel more free


Living in a sheltered apartment does not restrict freedom in the least. On the contrary, since in fact it favors the autonomy that we all want to have in order to feel that we have the reins of our lives. And it is this freedom that allows us to keep treasuring memories continuously , seeing old friends, spending time with family or simply going for a walk with the peace of mind of not having a return schedule or restrictions of any kind. In a single sentence, it is about authentic quality of life.



4- Areas that invite to live

Speaking specifically about the apartments we manage, we can say that these are places where everything is designed to be enjoyed. Located in the best areas of Barcelona, ​​to the previous experiences will be added with certainty new ones. Experiences that enrich the existence and that later will be able to go commenting, and even debating, with companions, friends and relatives.



5-Goodbye to boredom


Finally, although as we have said there are many other reasons, the sheltered floors are very interesting so as not to succumb to boredom. This is usually the main problem that you all have. And that is why the supervised spaces are perfect, because there are lots of things to do, invent and share. One of them is the box of memories that we are going to elaborate, and that can be programmed as a shared activity for several to make their own.




Why a box of memories?


Saving memories is one of the most beautiful things in life. And when many have lived, having them in a place to go to when we feel like it is a great idea. In fact, it is extremely important because it tells us about situations that are worth repeating, and can even give ideas for new ones. Those trips to exotic destinations, the dishes that were left untried or corners that marked a before and after in existence. In short, memories are the summary of what one is , and as such it deserves to be in an appropriate place.


box of memories guarded floor


A perfect activity both in group and solo

The good thing about a box of memories in a tutored apartment is that you can stay with people to do it together . The common room of the building is a good place to gather materials and get down to work. In addition, there are as many options as there are people, so that you can make a big box so that everyone can put one of their memories in common, or a smaller one to keep on hand at all times. Of course, you can also make a box as a solo project, a way to enjoy those moments when you want to be alone but also do something.


Whether you choose to gather a few friends, do it as a couple or as an individual project, the result is sure to be fabulous. The good thing is that it is demonstrated that in a supervised apartment these crafts and many more can be made.




Ideas to make a box of memories


In this sense we have to go back a little to childhood. Imagination is the limit , along with personal taste. There will be whoever wants to make a trunk to keep photographs, cut-outs and small objects to be placed next to the bedside table. Or you can make a wooden box decorated with an evocative image, like a landscape that remained engraved in the memory or the next place you want to travel to. In any case you will enjoy much of the time invested.


- Materials

The materials can go from cardboard to wood. As you are looking for something that will last a long time, it is preferable to choose the latter to make the box. You can also buy ready-to-decorate boxes in some of the stores around the protected floor. It will also need a little paint, brushes and others, which is sure to be available in those same stores.

- How to decorate the box

Also in this there is a great variety. You can use as a base the decoration of the room where you are going to leave. Especially if you want that in addition to saving your memories can be integrated with the environment. If you want to give it a special touch, you can add some details and even use your own photograph for the cover, personalizing the most of the craft.

A very original gift

The box of memories can be a nice gift for when the family comes to visit us. Or get closer to see our acquaintances if we feel like it and bring them a present with which to keep their own memories safe. Surely they will know how to appreciate it, and it will allow us to remind you that we continue to appreciate them.

Crafts in sheltered floors, a great idea


This is just a sample of the things that can be done living in a sheltered apartment. Enjoy moments of productive leisure , with crafts that later can be used for many things. In this case, a box of memories is a perfect excuse to share moments in the common area, talking about everything that we can think of. Closing ties with both new friends and those who have lived in the building for some time. Even those responsible for being aware that everything works properly can join and do their own project or collaborate on ours.

In any case, making a box of memories is an excellent excuse to break with the routine and invest the energy that you have. All in a safe and secure environment , where you can enjoy the freedom of action and many amenities . The sheltered floors are anything but boring, which is why more and more people choose to live in these areas when their best years arrive. Those in which you can enjoy more free time after a life dedicated to work or family. When memories are much more than moments and shared or hoarded in a box like the one we just made.

Barcelona, ​​an ideal city to create memories

The city of Barcelona is one of the most visited every year by people from many corners of the planet. Living in it is a privilege, and a protected floor does nothing but increase the feeling it generates in those who share it. The exclusive services of Barcelona are joined by other exclusive services of these floors, such as receiving attention when necessary and being able to dedicate ourselves only to what we like. Walks on the street, animated talks with interesting people and a long etcetera that will undoubtedly increase the list of memories that we can store. Both in our box and in memory.

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