Guided floor: the importance of 24 hour surveillance

Thursday, 6th of September of 2018

Increasingly, people with special needs consider moving to a sheltered apartment to live independently and with the security they need. However, for many people the existence of this type of housing and its advantages are still unknown. In this article we will explain what they offer you by focusing on one of their main characteristics, the continuous monitoring.

Guarded apartments with 24 hour security

What is a protected apartment?

If you have not heard the concrete expression of tutored apartment, you may have heard the expression apartments with services. Both terms are synonyms and depending on where they reside, one or the other may be used interchangeably.

These consist of dwellings that are designed specifically for the elderly or with special needs that need specific services but do not want to renounce their privacy and independence in their own home. These are private and independent homes in a community of owners. Thus, the buildings that contain this type of floors have two main parts that must be differentiated:

- Common areas where all types of services designed to meet the needs of tenants.

- Private homes where each tenant has his own apartment and privacy. These will be linked to common spaces through a series of security mechanisms that will prevent anyone from sneaking into the vicinity without an authorization or resident pass.

Well, when someone decides to buy one of these flats, they have the right to enjoy all the services and common spaces that are in the building in question.

What do the apartments offer with services?

To better understand what these apartments consist of, we will explain the basic services they offer that increase the comfort and well-being of the elderly.

What the apartments offer with services

24 hour surveillance

This is one of the most important characteristics. Security is something vital in these buildings and enclosures so they all have a night watch service that is complemented by the daytime service that control access to the building.

In addition, this day service will be responsible for collecting correspondence, direct family visits and note the preferences of the owners in the daily lunch menus.

Nursing 24 hours

This is also another of the key pillars of these sheltered floors. On the premises there is a nursing service composed of registered nurses. They all know the tenants and know where their apartment is.

Among his labors we must highlight the taking of tension, putting injections, distribution of medication and, of course, the coordination of medical visits that are needed.

Finally, note that although the ideal is that tenants go to the nursing itself, they can go home if the owner is indisposed.

Maintenance and repairs

This service is very important to ensure the comfort of all owners. Small breakdowns that occur in the building or in personal homes will be repaired immediately.

And in case it supposes some cost, it will only be that of the replacement itself. No fees or transportation.


Last but not least, cleanliness in both the common areas and individual apartments is ensured in these apartments. In this way, those who reside in them will not have to make an effort to perform sanitation tasks that will be carried out by a professional.

Why is 24-hour surveillance so important?

As we mentioned earlier, surveillance is one of the most important aspects of this type of flooring. This is because older people are more vulnerable in the eyes of criminals. And this is not what we say, the statistics say.

Why is 24-hour surveillance important
We must bear in mind that the Spanish population has a large percentage of people over 65 years of age. People who, in many cases, live alone or spend alone several hours a day. Because of this, they become the perfect targets of evildoers and swindlers.

Criminals focus more on the elderly

In Barcelona, ​​the Mossos d'Esquadra dismantled two criminal organizations that were dedicated to pass themselves off as gas inspectors. There have been more than 340 victims of these organizations who have been swindled in their own homes.

The modus operandi was to call victims by phone to inform them what would happen to a gas reviewer. After this, with the excuse that he had installed a new device for the service to be of better quality, they charged 150 euros. P ues like this example, there are hundreds of different scams each year whose main objective is the elderly.

Age makes you more confident

Although the general rule is to think that old people become more grumpy, this is totally a lie. On the contrary, studies have recently been conducted that indicate that older people become more confident. To reach this conclusion, two hundred thousand people from eighty-three countries were examined. So, as you get older, you become more likely to see the good things in life. You see the best in others and forgive the disappointments you had when you were younger.

The elderly are more confident

This is the reason why authoritarian parents are more permissive with their grandchildren than they were with their children. Over the years, you become more optimistic and this makes you focus less on the mistakes of those around you.

Certainly, this is a very positive ability since it will help older people feel better in their day to day. However, not everything that implies is positive. In fact, this makes them a much easier target in the eyes of those who want to commit a crime. Therefore, we must increase the precaution.

Sometimes the remedy is worse than the disease

Another remarkable fact is that there are many elderly people who are aware of the increase in their vulnerability and this leads them to hire people to help them in their day to day life. Whether they are companions who go a few hours a day, temporary workers who live with them or simply people who help them maintain the hygiene of their home and go a few days a week.

This is, on the one hand, positive since the older person will be more supported at least for a few hours. However, how can you trust a person you just hired? Especially when the position implies the interim in your home, it can be very dangerous.

There have been few cases in which caregivers of the elderly have turned out to be scammers who have stolen money, jewelry and many other valuable belongings. There are few remedies to avoid this beyond that of renting a protected apartment in which all the services and attentions are supervised and have a guarantee that the person will not be cheated.

In addition, in many occasions it is cheaper to move to an apartment with services than to pay someone to go into your home. Why? Well, very simple, in addition to your salary, you will have to pay the increase of the bills in the supplies and the increase in the cost of food.

And all this risking being cheated. Thus, the remedy can be worse than the disease and all without being true professionals who are providing their services.

The protected floor, your best option

In this way, to ensure your safety one hundred percent the ideal is the apartments with services. In addition to protecting the entrances and exits at night with an expert staff in security and surveillance, by day all the enclosure will be protected thanks to the reception service.

Apartments with services, your best option

Anyone who has not been previously authorized will not be able to enter. The tenants must notify who will come to visit them and in case the relatives are presented by surprise the owner will be notified before they can enter to confirm that they are indeed family members.

It goes without saying that in these buildings there is no room for scams like those of the gas inspectors. Any type of technical visit will be notified and officially confirmed in advance and at no time will they enter the individual apartments without supervision of the building staff.

Finally, note that in case of any emergency, the staff of these buildings has protocols for evacuation and security adapted to the elderly so there will be no danger in this regard.

In short, the best thing to ensure the protection and well-being of the elderly is to be in a sheltered apartment. In addition to having all their needs covered, they will have the possibility of carrying out individual and group activities to avoid loneliness and isolation.

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