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Wednesday, 2nd of September of 2015

Sheltered housing have become an attractive option for the oldest people enjoy life in optimum conditions alternative.


These services are being consolidated, since more and more people who choose to move to sheltered accommodation. These are people who are not in a situation of dependency. However, they opt to have a number of features without losing your lifestyle.



Therefore, those interested in these homes are the elderly themselves and their families. One of the reasons for this interest is that sheltered housing do not break the links of these people with their environment. In fact, there is a wide range of flats (for rent or for sale) in the most exclusive areas of Barcelona. It is essential that people can live near their families and in areas with fluid connections and access to all kinds of essential services.



sheltered housing



Concierge services and alarms in the rooms ensure that any need or problem can be addressed without delay. These provide assistance with all professionalism and are designed to maintain a high quality of life. In any case, people continue with an ample autonomy, which is essential for complacency.

The floors also avoid isolation wards. Eliminate worries always a relief to be grateful.

These homes, on the other hand, have all the services to be required to a high standard accommodation. Also, the floors are offered in Barcelona offer luxury furnishings and facilities. They are discerning people.

sheltered flats

Besides medical care, keep in mind that cleaning and maintenance will ensure that the facilities are always in perfect magazine. Also, displacement therethrough and outputs are provided. Accessibility therefore constitutes a guaranteed requirement.

These services are complemented by other social services (Internet, libraries, rest areas, etc.), always in a careful and pleasant environment (with gardens, for example). Furthermore, it is possible to access additional services, since the direction of the supervised apartments can act as intermediary (hairdressing, catering ...). It is even possible to organize events for those in households (birthdays, trips, etc.).


Moreover, these homes are offered according to the needs of the people who choose (couples, widows / widowers, older with any of their children ...).

sheltered housing

In conclusion, sheltered housing combine comfort, safety and independence. For this reason, demand is growing. Spot check the quality of the buildings and facilities and floors reveals itself as an interesting opportunity to see first hand what these homes can provide choice.

Ask for an estimate and seriously ask yourself the viability and profitability of betting on the purchase or rental of supervised apartments.



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