Why you will not lose your independence in a group home

Wednesday, 6th of July of 2016

What greater joy is there in life than to celebrate years and enjoy them? Times change and thanks to scientific advances and changes in the habits of society, we can have an increasing quality of life.


However, there comes a time when, even if we remain in full form, those around us worry about being able to provide everything that we may need at any time. And letting ourselves take care of a little does not have to mean losing our independence.




What greater joy is there in life than to celebrate years and enjoy them?




The protected apartments will make life easier for you. Your home will remain yours, unique, private and complete. In addition to that, you will enjoy a series of services that facilitate the day to day offering all kinds of comforts: from a surveillance service that guarantees the security of your home and all common areas to services of maintenance, catering and cleaning, without Forget the nursing service that will ensure the health of tenants 24 hours a day. A support in your day to day without losing an ounce of intimacy and freedom.


Currently, almost 23% of the population of our country is more than 60 years old. Due to the low birth rate and medical advances, this figure continues to increase. It is important to think not only in the present, but also in the future, when we may need extra help in our day-to-day life, whether it is a simple supervision of our routines or some more intensive care on a temporary or permanent basis. It is also advisable to think of the tranquility of those who care about us and call us constantly to ask if we need something or if we are well.





Living comfortably



After a life dedicated to work and family care, it is time to enjoy life without worry. It is time to devote time to hobbies and friendships and to do many of those things for which you have not had time. It is time to live.


And to fully enjoy all the time, we must banish any tedious concern or obligation that we can remedy. Because nobody likes to watch all morning a repairman arrives because there is a leak or have to think every day in planning what we are going to eat and dine. And much less, to be aware of who rings the bell if we do not expect any visits.


The protected apartments supply all these tasks with great efficiency. One of the great advantages of this type of housing is the wide range of benefits that make your daily life more comfortable.


24 hour service. Concierge and surveillance is responsible for ensuring the security of the environment and receive your guests. No one outside the community can access the premises without being invited or authorized, so that the confidence and tranquility of the community can be guaranteed.


Likewise, the cleaning equipment will guarantee the hygiene of the facilities. In addition, if you prefer, the cleaning service will also take care of your home, as well as your laundry, which will deliver you ironed and folded. It does'nt sound good?








You can also have a catering service in the same rooms, where you can taste the menu of your choice. The food is carefully prepared on the premises and you will not even have to reserve a table: there will already be one assigned to your address. But nothing happens if you like eating more at home. In your tutelage floor, your home, you have your own kitchen.


There is also a maintenance team that ensures the proper functioning of the facilities, which include both common areas and private dependencies. Thanks to this service, any repair can be done in a short time, without waiting or waiting for the schedules. A hypothetical fault will not disturb the plans of your day to day!


And since your independence is in good health, our facilities also have a permanently available nursing service. In it, you can control your blood pressure, receive injectable medication and coordinate medical visits. The nursing service has its own dependencies, but in the case of an eventual indisposition, this service can move to your floor to assist you. More comfortable impossible!




They have a permanently available nursing service




In addition the guarded floors have common areas such as living rooms, chapel, game rooms or the aforementioned private restaurant. In this way, whenever you wish you can interact with your neighbors in a neutral zone, keeping intact the privacy of your home.





Keep your independence



You have been living your way, it is your moment, and throughout your life you have acquired habits and routines with which you govern your day to day. Why should you change them from one day to another?


It has been shown that over the years, circadian rhythms, which regulate our hours of sleep and wakefulness, change, as do the schedules. Thus, as we grow these patterns are modified and we have to adapt to them. They are natural changes that take place from birth. We can easily see how the sleep pattern of children changes in a matter of months. With adults the same thing happens.


Each body is different and these changes are not a norm, so they do not affect everyone alike. There are people who by nature are early risers and, instead, there are people who can not sleep until dawn, so they take advantage of the first hours of the day to sleep. Each one of them must be able to carry their own rhythm and, for example, to have breakfast at any time they prefer.


In your home, you decide the rhythm of life. If you are an active person you have always been able to do what you wanted when you wanted to, why would not you be able to do it now? In a warded floor there are no schedules that force you to set the alarm to an hour for which your body is not prepared.


Also, not everyone has the same hobbies. There are those who prefer to spend the morning listening to music, reading or even writing, concentrated without anyone bothering them in a quiet place as could be the living room of your house. And there are people who prefer to take advantage of the light of day to go for a walk or to buy, go to an exhibition or stay with friends, etc.


Stay with friends

And what about all those who like to invite their friends to dine at home and lengthen the table to remember anecdotes, seeing pictures of their last trip or playing cards, for example?


What sense would it be that you could not do what you wanted at home? In your home your guests are welcome and your routines are respected. You put the rules.


A guarded floor has no schedules or ties. It is your home, with your things, the place where you make your life without having to explain. But it has something different, something very advantageous, that is to have the support of a group of specialists who care about you and take care of you if you need it.


Our apartments are not only located in the best areas of Barcelona, ​​where they are well located and communicated, but they are also of a high standard and the services they offer give them a very exclusive distinction.


Knowing that you go out on the street with the certainty that someone will care that you return home and that you do not lack anything is a great tranquility today. You can do it, of course, in your own vehicle, but you will always have good combinations of public transportation to go wherever you want, without worrying about leaving chores at home, because on a tutelage floor, if you want, that's what we do.


And when you arrive, you know that you can count on a private catering service that little by little, will know your tastes and will offer you the right menus for you.

Private catering service

All are advantages

As you can see, a sheltered apartment is nothing more than a home with a wide range of services and offers you protection, security and comfort in your daily life. There are services that you can enjoy on the spot and at the moment, but there is something intangible about what you and your family will benefit, which is the tranquility of knowing that you are not alone, that you have a team of experts that, whenever you need it and No matter what, they will be there for you.

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