How to choose the supervised apartments

Wednesday, 22nd of July of 2015

The sheltered apartments are an excellent option that allows people to have the best services with unsurpassed quality. After a lifetime working, time to enjoy this kind of luxury apartments, with all the benefits involved, without losing the freedom to do whatever you want at an age which, for some, is the beginning of a new life away from Stress and haste.



What should be taken into consideration when choosing this service? First, it is important that the apartment has good communication with both the city center and the suburbs, as many of these people want to go shopping in the city center or visit a friend or relative, between other activities. The property may consist of common spaces and luxurious homes that are attached to these spaces and, of course, have a whole set of enjoyment and leisure-oriented services.






The common spaces are essential for users to develop their occupations and, in turn, relate to other people with whom insurance, share interests and tastes. When choosing, you should pay attention to whether the space has the following services:


A restaurant to escape from the kitchen, recreation room with TV, radio and the Internet, concierge, nursing, private dining room to enjoy a relaxed lunch, beauty salon including massages, hair and all kinds of services oriented aesthetics, laundry allowing drying, ironing and collection service clothing, heated pool with sauna, Turkish bath and Jacuzzi, fitness room for aerobic activities and a chapel.






As for private homes, whether leased or owned, should consider five basic services.



1. Daily maid service which includes changing linens and general cleaning of the house. This cleaning service also extends to common areas to maintain the facilities in good condition.


2. It is essential to have a repair service. Normally, a workshop inside the building run by a technical manager is enabled. The costs of repairs are minimal.


3. The health care service 24 hours consists of nurses, aware of all homes and Services include: making voltage, start of injections, medication coordination and implementation and coordination of possible medical visits.


4. These apartments should also have a restaurant service, 365 days a year. A chef prepares every day for 4-5 menus for both lunch and dinner, with fresh food and a day and avoiding precooked and frozen.


5. You can not miss a day service and night security. Security guards are responsible for controlling the entrances and exits of the building of all people, pick up the mail and take note of preferences, both family and friends, choosing the menu.

luxury apartments


The important thing is to provide luxury apartments all the amenities and services needed to make one feel at home. Importantly, users are active, with a new life ahead and the only worry of enjoying their leisure time in a relaxed and pleasant environment that allows them to meet others, taking care of your body and spirit, worry about the daily grind and live a full, active and full of new emotions every day life. There is only encouraged to request a quote and start enjoying life in supervised apartments.



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