Guarded apartments and the importance of continuing to play

Wednesday, 20th of December of 2017


The game is not only important during childhood. In adulthood, playing takes on a vital importance, as it contributes to maintain social relationships and cognitive ability, improve concentration and have a better state of mind. An entertaining person is usually much happier than someone who is bored and has no goal. When we talk about maturity, the game becomes a very beneficial tool to improve the quality of life of people.





The game in the elderly


As we have said, the game is very important in all stages of life. Although we tend to associate it only with childhood and adolescence, it is a very positive element for the elderly. Once the work stage is finished and without major obligations in life, there are people who may end up feeling lost and unmotivated. The fact of having nothing to do, in many cases, can lead to a depression. In this sense, playing is a very good way to spend the days in a playful way and provide a sense to this stage of life in which the person should focus on enjoying time.



older games



The game is a great social tool. We are not talking about individual computer games or those that are downloaded on the mobile phone without interaction with other people (although some are designed to play online with other participants). Who does not remember the afternoons of board games, dominoes, parchís, chess and so many others that made us vibrate ... The image of the elderly playing cards in the bar of the town may seem like something from another era, but it is a great way to maintain social relationships among the elderly (and among people, in general). The game also serves as an element of relationship between different generations, since grandparents can teach their grandchildren the ludic knowledge they possess and are so enriching for both.


In addition to the part of social relation, the game serves to keep alert psychic abilities. It is very useful when treating neurological diseases, both to recover faculties and to slow down or slow down the degenerative problems that may start to affect from certain ages. If the brain works like a muscle, we will try to exercise it. And what better way to do it than through the game.





What is the use of playing


In addition to the therapeutic benefits of the game, which we have already discussed, playing becomes a fundamental tool to improve depressive or anxiety states. It has been shown to prolong the lives of older people, but above all, it does so in such a positive way that the elderly say they feel happy when they play. It is an element of prevention against stress wonderful and simple to implement. In the day to day, we can observe how the game has been installed in almost every moment of daily life and that people face the routine better if it is a challenge and they need to develop a strategy to achieve a solution. The game develops creativity and improves the cognitive process. Although, as adults, our game is no longer based on learning the medium, we never stop instructing ourselves thanks to him.



games for adults




The game in sheltered floors


When we reach a certain age, sometimes living on the floor of a lifetime can be complicated; due to physical limitations or, simply, to a burden for having to continue performing daily tasks without rest. A very good option, in these cases, is to choose to live in sheltered apartments; that is, normal floors (they are not some places of retirement to use); but where the basic needs are covered, in terms of services, so the person only has to worry about enjoying and doing what he wants. This option, however, can cause the person to be somewhat lost without having obligations to fulfill or a routine of basic tasks. Many times, we reach adulthood but we still feel young and active, wanting to enjoy all the time we had previously invested in work and the endless tasks of everyday life.



Playing becomes a very important element for people who live in apartments for the elderly, since it contributes to maintaining a healthy and positive lifestyle. Thanks to the game is improved autonomy is promoted and self-esteem is improved. Above all, if the person suffers some kind of illness that limits physical or mental nature, it serves as an element of improvement. These entertainments help break unhealthy habits, such as sedentary lifestyle, since it is easier for the person to move through a fun stimulus, a challenge or something that makes you get out of the routine. For people who do not have limitations and simply want to entertain themselves, it is just as positive, since living in a sheltered apartment invites you to invest your time in recreational activities of this type, which makes them live happily and peacefully.



older games




Some games



Sometimes, it is difficult to identify which games are suitable for the elderly and which are simple entertainment for children and adolescents. The perception that the game is a way to waste time is given by the change from the youth stage to the adult stage, when the person has so many responsibilities that he can not afford to stop producing and start playing. While it is true that, as adults, we are not going to throw a ball over and over again to see what happens, there are plenty of games that can satisfy us in the same way that a child is happy when he throws it.

There are some socially accepted games for the adult stage, such as card games, dominoes, chess or sports activities such as fronton, badminton, petanque, walking and others. However, they are not the only fun alternatives we have when we reach adulthood. Modern times have brought us endless possibilities when it comes to playing and entertaining. If we spoke of the fact that the game can serve as a tool of socialization between generations, we not only referred to the adult teaching the child; but also on the contrary, a formidable way to entertain and exercise is to share a time together playing a game of tennis or running a race with the Wii. Traditional table games do not lose their grip over the years and are accepted by all generations, although we can also introduce some new features in this type of entertainment and try RPGs, a great way to discover other worlds and develop relationships. in a different way.

games for the elderly

Following on the technological level, we can find many computer games in which you have to play as a team and that require interaction with other gamers located anywhere else on the planet. Some examples of this type of games are the World of Warcraft, League of Legends or Dungeons & Dragons, among many others that cross the Net. That an older adult participates in this series of games makes it necessary to develop certain skills and technical abilities that he did not possess, which is very positive; But, in addition, you can put your experience into practice in areas such as cooperation, teamwork or trust in your neighbor.

The game as a positive experience

As we have seen, we have at our fingertips a great experience, easy to carry out and with very positive results for people's lives. Playing establishes affective bonds between grandparents and grandchildren, parents and children and the elderly, in general. Developing a playful feeling is so healthy and positive that it gives happiness and tranquility to people who find themselves in a depression or suffer anxiety or existential anguish. It is proven that the game significantly improves the mood and makes us more happy. It is not necessary to give a lot of thought to the matter: you can play with whatever you have within your reach, be it the mobile or a classic of a lifetime, like bingo. The important thing is to have fun and enjoy life in a healthy way.


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