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Friday, 1st of February of 2019

There is no doubt that everyone wants to feel caring, free and well nourished. In Artami we know it very well, and that is why one of the best valued services of all we have in Las Arcadias is the food and dinner of our sheltered apartments. An exceptional way to enjoy the benefits offered by these facilities.

If you are thinking of taking advantage of living in a sheltered apartment, let us tell you a little more about this unique service, with which you will feel even more freedom while enjoying the peace of mind of not having to think about cooking.


How does the food and dinner service on the sheltered floors work?



The operation of this service could not be easier and practical. To begin with, each week a menu is received, showing all the dishes that will be prepared. So you can choose what you want to eat and dine, as if it were the letter of a restaurant.


Although it is delivered a week in advance, it does not mean that you have to order all the dishes together several days before. Especially since nobody (or almost nobody) decides that they would like to eat the whole week at once. The idea is to know which dishes you can choose the following week, and warn 24 hours before what is most appealing to you.


It does not mean either that if you do not notify one day before you are going to be left without eating, far from it. It may just happen that there will not be so many variety of dishes to choose from. That is why it is recommended to notify it 24 hours before. So you have the certainty that you can taste the food or dinner that you want.



Professional chefs and fresh products on our sheltered floors.


The food and dinner service of Arcadias, a neighborhood community managed by Artami, is of the best quality that can be found. Mainly for two reasons. The first is that the cook (s) who carry out the elaborations are always the same. This is the great advantage of knowing what kind of dishes the neighbors like, if they prefer their food more tasty or with little salt, the meats to the point, little done or a lot and other preferences that we all have at mealtime . You can say that it is the same as having a personal chef at home, with whom you will always get it right because the food will be just right for you.



chef food artami



The second reason why the quality of the meals and dinners of the sheltered floors is that all the dishes are cooked there . In no case are recipes based on precooked products, which are often unhealthy and ultra-processed. Here it is not about filling the stomach, but about eating well and enjoying doing it. That is why the ingredients are taken to the kitchen of the supervised housing building, prepared there and delicious recipes of the highest quality are prepared. As in a high-class restaurant, with the comfort of being at home and enjoying a varied and delicious menu.

We want to influence this point because we think it is extremely important. The quality of a dish is not measured by the speed with which it is prepared or by the presentation, details that are important but not essential. It is in the type of ingredients and how to treat them where the key lies. And with processed products or precooked dishes it is not possible to have a good diet. That's why your chef strives to make nutritious and delicious dishes in the traditional way. As you would do at home, but with the comfort of not having to spend time on it.


Are you invited? No problem.


One of the most interesting aspects of the sheltered apartments is the possibility of receiving friends and family at home. In these situations, it is not necessary to consider eating out or having to cook. If you want you can go to lunch or dinner with company, you just have to tell how many guests will come, to be told in the kitchen and prepare food for them.

This is surely a point that differentiates Las Arcadias food and dinner service, and that makes it unique. Imagine how practical it will be to receive your people at home, enjoy being in company, without having to be aware that you have to do something to eat, or go shopping and spend the previous day between stoves to have everything ready when they arrive. Just warn a little before you are going to be accompanied and will be ready when the time comes.


eat in family


You can eat every day in company.


In Las Arcadias, the sheltered housing building there are many other neighbors who will be enjoying their time just like you. And that at lunchtime or dinner they will also go to taste the delicious dishes that most appeal to them. This is a great time to eat accompanied every day, sharing experiences, commenting on the news or simply enjoying being in a pleasant environment with people you know, since it is about your neighbors. Who does not enjoy talking about the results of the last game or the events that have happened around a good table? Without a doubt, it is one of the most rewarding experiences of the day.

In a supervised apartment you can meet every day for lunch and dinner with your neighbors, as in a restaurant but without having to wait for a free table.

Another advantage of the food and dinner service of the sheltered floors.


Another interesting benefit that our food and dinner service has is to be able to have more free time . Is not it interesting to not have to think that you have to go shopping, schedule meals and cook? All that time you would have to invest now you can dedicate to other things that you like, such as reading a good book, going for a walk around, receiving family or friends and a host of activities that you really like.

Goodbye to go from one side to another through the aisles of the market in search of the ingredients to make food, take the purchase home and organize everything or spend time cooking. Now is the time to live life without worries, knowing that you have a chef who knows your tastes, delicious dishes made to the right point and a varied menu that you know at all times, without last minute surprises or precooked dishes of dubious quality. At Artami we want you to live happily, in complete tranquility and with professional attention to the height in every way.

This is how life is in a sheltered apartment.

Those who already live in one of our sheltered flats can attest to the tranquility provided by this type of service. Each of the neighbors is the owner or tenant of your home, so you have the freedom to live in your own home , making the decisions you want because there are no more rules than you want to put. With the advantage of being attended, happy and calm, enjoying the activities that you like and living in an environment where everything is designed to achieve it.

live in a protected apartment

The food and dinner service is another incentive to live in a sheltered apartment. The comfort of having your own chef, who knows you and knows what you like, preparing at the moment the most succulent dishes with fresh and quality ingredients. A unique pleasure for the palate, at the height of the best restaurants in the city but with the comfort of not leaving home. With a varied and attractive menu, which is renewed every week and offers different dishes every day so you can enjoy good food with a table always reserved for you.

The importance of caring for the quality of life

If you decide to buy or rent this type of housing you will be making an excellent decision. A tutored apartment is synonymous with independence and autonomy, with unique advantages that can not be found anywhere else, such as the one we highlight here. You will increase your level of quality of life, as well as the amount of free time you can devote to what you really like.

It's time to live with all the comforts, with total freedom and in your own home. A personalized service and attended by professionals in their field, with the friendly treatment of a neighbor. The time to enjoy life without complications, with all the free time you deserve and without giving up anything.

Leave behind the obligations and concerns that accompany having to be doing lunch and dinner.

Enjoy the well-being of living with independence, freedom and unique services of the highest quality. Services such as cooking, which has become one of the most important for the owners and tenants of managed apartments that we manage in Artami.

Do you come to our sheltered floors? At Artami we help you find your new home,, contact us!

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