Do not change the way you live. Because the protected apartments are the best alternative

Wednesday, 10th of May of 2017

The guarded apartments or apartments for the elderly are, undoubtedly, an ideal alternative for people who are in that period of life that we usually call old age.


We are very aware of the complications that, in many cases, implies aging for those who are experiencing it and their families: difficulty of movements, forgetfulness, uprooting, etc. Therefore, we are sensitive to these issues and we know that the protected apartments can become a more than worthy exit for all. It is the most convenient formula to keep juice out of life.


Therefore, we are going to review the reasons why we consider that they can become a resource to be taken into account for the elderly and their families. Take note of the benefits that, whether you are the elderly person or your relative, can contribute.




All services available to its occupants


In the first place, it is worth mentioning that what distinguishes a ward from a normal home is access to certain community services, which are an obvious privilege. A real leap of quality compared to a conventional home, since, in addition, we mean luxury services.


Betting on them will make it possible for the person who is going to enjoy the tutelage floor to have, at all times, the necessities of a pleasant existence. To understand us, of high standing, like the one that had carried until that moment. She will be most comfortable and her family and friends will be more relaxed, since they will be clear that she will not miss anything.


In this regard, we mean more than having basic needs covered. To live well, neither more nor less. And there are people who, when they reach old age, no longer have the same freshness as years ago, for example, to look for places to eat or take care of their health. We do not refer to situations of dependency yet, but to thank that certain services are close and are of the highest quality.


The first thing is the well-being and, in this sense, the proximity services offered by the apartments for the elderly guarantee it. Next, we will review some of the most common in these homes.






Business Center


Keep in mind that these properties will have a concierge, who will be aware, for their discreet knowledge of those who live in them, the activities and the most frequent schedules of these people. Therefore, this person (who, in a way, will act as a kind of guardian angel) will notice if something strange happens with a particular neighbor. For example, he will suspect, if he has not been for a long time, a problem. In addition, he may be responsible for transmitting certain orders from family members and friends to those who reside on the ward, which may also serve to carry out some control of his activities. A control related, in these cases, to the natural concerns for their health, since the autonomy of the elderly person is understood. For this reason, the protected floor is a propitious scenario for the further development.




Medical assistance


But the advantages associated with the services of senior apartments do not end here. Medical care, essential at these ages, is guaranteed through periodic visits by specialists. 24-hour care is also assured. In case of an urgent or urgent health problem, the elderly person would be quickly assisted. This service is one of those that provides more peace of mind to the relatives and friends of the elderly.


Medical assistance



The shopping cart


It is clear that opting for a guarded floor implies betting on the fact that the elderly person is going to remain active and intend to perform certain routines of their daily lives. Making the purchase could be one of those healthy habits, but you have to know that, when necessary, this can be delivered at home, with the maximum comfort. In the surroundings of the communal floors there are also food establishments where you can prepare personalized menus and order (imagine, for example, that you want to organize a special meal of family or friends ...). The dishes, as in a high-end restaurant, are not going to disappoint. In addition, these spaces represent a great opportunity for socialization with other similar people.




Laundry and toilet


There are certain cleaning issues in which it has also been repaired, since you can make use of a laundry service, which will serve to have the linen or sheets always in perfect state of review. As we are people who like to take care of our personal hygiene to the maximum, we would like to know that we can also use hairdressing and grooming services.




The leisure


Finally, the protected floor has in its surroundings spaces for recreation, such as gardens, where the elderly can walk, rest and, above all, relate to other people of their age and environment. It is also possible to go through the meeting room, where you can not only watch TV, but it is also viable to surf the Internet or practice the favorite table games in community.





A most social life plan


The occupants of our protected homes are people who have been characterized by their desire to live and have lived an existence, with their family and friends, full. Therefore, it is normal that they want to give continuity to this way of life in their new houses.

So not breaking with the past is something that we will appreciate enormously. Being able to feel active and, as far as possible, "young", is essential to lead a healthy life and be fulfilled. And is that old age is just another stage and is not the end of anything, but the continuity of our aspirations.






The apartments for the elderly, therefore, favor that autonomy necessary to take the helm of one's life. They differ from other housing solutions offered to older people, where they are away from their vital areas, which can be a real trauma.


You have to appreciate that the older person wants to continue to feel useful and the formula of the tutelage floor allows you not to have to change your basic habits. In these homes you can continue going to see your friends or visiting your favorite leisure centers. And, if they need help at some point in time, they will have nothing more to ask for.


In addition to the services that you can enjoy in the apartments for seniors, the quality of life will depend on being able to do things to your air. They will enter their homes and leave when they want to, so that they will feel the masters of their destiny.




Establish social relationships


Man is a social being and, in order to enjoy life, he needs to interact with other people. Generally, it will look for its social contacts by affinities, as, for example, those that are established by reasons of age. In these protected flats will also live other people, not only the same generation, so that social bonds will be created, as in the previous vital stages, in the most natural way. Already we know that loneliness is one of the main enemies of the elderly, so facilitating these relationships in the common and private spaces of the protected apartments will become the best antidote against it. In this way, the elderly can make plans, both inside and outside the apartment complex. As Frank Sinatra put it: "On my way."



social relationships


In this area, the visits of family and friends will be a perfect complement to the social life of the elderly. They will be very similar to those produced in their old houses. There is no doubt that this possibility of visits always leaves much more calm to the people who care about the state of those who reside in the protected apartments.




The importance of not breaking with the environment


As we have already told you, the luxury services offered in senior apartments also means that they are provided in areas that are well located and communicated. After all, this is another requirement of the good life.


Even if it is to go to a luxury apartment with all the services, we understand that leaving the old house is a kind of inflection point, so we have to facilitate the way to deal with it.


The apartments for the elderly are not located on the periphery or in abandoned areas. On the contrary, they are in the most exclusive neighborhoods of Barcelona. Therefore, you can enjoy the walk through its streets and you will not have problem to, at any time of day, to buy the product that you need or to accede to the service that you require. Nor will it be difficult to continue to stay with the old friends and enjoy with them outdoors.


In this way, the transition to life in the new house will be made more bearable. We can continue to enjoy the pleasures of old and add new ones. New environments and new friendships that will join those we already knew.


The protected apartments guarantee the safety and, above all, the ability to continue enjoying a quality of life based on an active aging.

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