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Tuesday, 12th of June of 2018


There comes a time when what we really want is to enjoy a good quality of life.What we ask is as simple as having everything we need at hand at any time.This is only achieved by living in a city that offers all services.Therefore, you must take into account the sheltered apartments that we offer you in Barcelona, ​​where wellness shines on its own.

Barcelona, ​​a great city that inspires tranquility

Looking for apartments for adults in Barcelona is to opt for many advantages.Tranquility has many implications.You should not only think about relaxation, but the opportunity to get everything you need, at any time.First of all, you must keep in mind that Barcelona is a city that wakes up 24 hours a day.This makes it possible to have an enviable coverage, ready for your needs.If you need a pharmacy, you will have no problem finding it.Not to mention the health service, one of the largest in the country.Knowing that you have the tranquility of a very competitive health system, you can also enjoy the tranquility of its urban areas.The fact of being a city open to the sea, with an enviable Mediterranean climate, its offer for relaxation is in itself a marvel.You can choose between taking walks on the beach, swimming in its waters, knowing that sea salt is curative and medicinal, or enjoying the wide range of chiringuitos and restaurants in the Catalan capital.Gastronomy in Barcelona, ​​a source of health Speaking about Mediterranean gastronomy means talking about one of the diets with the most global recognition, given its wide variety and properties that it gives to the organism.The most prestigious cuisines on the planet have been influenced by our dishes, whose ingredients provide the necessary nutrients for the healthy preservation of our body.From fish to high quality meats, including vegetables, vegetables and a wide variety of fruits and cereals.There is nothing like the guarantee of this diet, the most suitable for all, rich in nutrients and vitamins, suitable for any age and circumstance.Barcelona is in itself a wide gastronomic range, where you will not lack anything to keep a complete diet, as well as delicious.The advantage of having sea gives you the opportunity to have a great variety of fish and seafood.The offer of cultural activities Ask what to do in Barcelona find quickly answer.This city, with a huge cultural offer, can not bore you at any time.Suitable for all kinds of tastes, it knows how to please all its visitors, being one of the most visited cities in the European Union.Lovers of sports, music, theater and literature are in luck.His sporting activity and the equipment he has, of international weight, have managed to house world and world stars.An elite city that has managed to launch the local sport to its maximum height.The cultural offer has also inspired thousands of people to visit the city.Sant Jordi is one of the most lauded celebrations, which gets thousands of people out to the street looking to share a magical moment between the pages of books in their stalls and the smell of the roses that are usually presented.Music is another of the strengths of this capital.Cradle of great singers and musicians, you have the opportunity to attend concerts of all kinds and arranged for all ages.The lovers of opera and theater are also lucky, for the varied billboard that can be found in Barcelona.Monumental city Its road plan makes it a city of simple traffic, thanks to its grid design, which facilitates transportation throughout the city, as in very few.In itself, it is a work of art of architecture and urbanism.From its history you can learn in its many museums, such as the Museum of History of Barcelona, ​​Picasso Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Art Museum of Catalonia or the foundations of Joan Miró and Antoni Tàpies, among many others.One of his greatest exponents in architectural art managed to beautify the city, despite leaving unfinished one of his most important works, La Sagrada Familia.Imagine taking a walk through the magical Güell Park or visiting its most emblematic buildings, such as Casa Milà or Casa Batlló, which belong to the World Heritage Site.Its monuments make Barcelona a city worth traveling.Your visitors know that they will not be able to enjoy it enough or even stay for a month.The luck that you will have will be to live in it, taking your time to experience every day something new, beyond the mere curiosity that the tourist experiences.Being able to enter the Palace of Catalan Music, attending the great works offered by the Gran Teatro del Liceo or enjoying a concert at the Sant Jordi Palace are privileges enjoyed by the inhabitants of Barcelona.But, in case you prefer to see the stars of the sport, you have the option of approaching the Camp Nou, the Cornellá or the Montmeló to give yourself that whim.Advantages of the pink card Barcelona is a city that thinks about the elderly, taking into account their needs and offering them numerous advantages so that they can move easily throughout the metropolitan area. One of the achievements for this purpose is the pink card. The recognition of a lifetime of work and concerns is intended to reward the use of this card, which provides different discounts in establishments throughout the city. For transportation you also find a great advantage, being able to access public lines with a considerable reduction within the normal price. So, the facilities to move around Barcelona and enjoy the services you will find are even more open. With regard to private healthcare, you have the opportunity to access dental consultations, ophthalmology, audiology, etc., at a lower cost, thanks to this pink card, which you can request from the municipal bodies. In the same way, at your disposal is put all the cultural offer that we mentioned before. Museums, theaters, concerts and exhibitions go into the facilities of this help to the elderly, who are fortunate to pay less to enjoy more. Even beauty salons and aesthetics have the benefits of this card, as well as areas and sporting events of various kinds. The accessibility to people with disabilities A capital so complete could not fail in accessibility. The whole city comes together to make your life easier in case you have mobility problems. Transportation services are the first to facilitate access, so you can move freely and do not encounter any type of barriers. Thus, you find access for people with disabilities in the metro, buses and even taxis. Regarding the metro, the purple line (L2) is indicated for the use of wheelchairs, facilitating access with elevators in all stations and stops. If you prefer the privacy offered by the taxi service, you can have lines dedicated specifically to people who use wheelchairs. When you move through the streets of the city, you can clear your doubts about areas that have ramps. If you have any questions, the Municipal Institute for People with Disabilities can give you a map with all the information you need to get around Barcelona. In itself, you are in a capital perfectly connected with all the cities of the country, being able to choose the high-speed rail for medium-sized journeys within Europe. If you prefer, you also have the second largest airport in the Peninsula, El Prat. Traveling anywhere in the world to give you the desired vacation is possible, since it is just a few minutes from the capital. Transport by sky, sea and land offers Barcelona. Although you will not need to leave a city that is so cosmopolitan and open to culture, where entertainment and entertainment never end, whether you like tranquility or prefer to let yourself go. A social city All services are offered to its inhabitants, as well as a huge offer in entertainment. You will enjoy more activities in casals and spaces for elderly people, which have courses and workshops that allow socialization, reinforcing programmed trips, where coexistence is the basis of these social programs. The value of its people, the warmth of a town born in the vicinity of the sea and the possibilities of meeting people from different parts of the world, make Barcelona the desired place for all those who look for a reason to continue enjoying. The quality of life offered by the Catalan capital will not be found in another city that you can imagine. As you see, Barcelona seems insurmountable, and maybe that's the way it is. Living in it is a privilege that you can not miss.



It has always been said that connecting with nature revitalizes both the body and the mind. The truth is that the plants create a vibration of serenity and harmony wherever they are. But since most people live in urban environments, we have to bring nature to our home. That's where indoor plants come in and our decorating skills come into play. And is that science has shown us that having plants inside the house brings all kinds of benefits.


There are for all tastes and of all types. From those who need expert care to those who resist any situation such as lack of irrigation or high temperatures. So you do not have to make an excuse to enjoy such a nice company.
Are you living or are you thinking of going to live in a sheltered apartment? You can also include them in your home, since each personal space can be customized to the tenant's taste. These are the advantages of having permanent assistance and security, together with autonomy, independence and all kinds of comforts. You can customize the apartments for adults with the plants that you like the most and adapt to your personality. It is even possible to separate vital spaces or create a vertical garden.

Plants create a positive environment

Absorb contaminants

Keep in mind that we are surrounded by harmful chemicals that permeate the air we breathe and the environment in which we live. All plants absorb contaminants through their leaves, where they concentrate. In addition, some microorganisms live in them and transform those harmful elements into other harmless substances, which compensate the ecosystem.

Transform CO2 into oxygen

But also, remember that they transform carbon dioxide into oxygen through photosynthesis. Do not be afraid to put them in the bedroom at night, consume only some oxygen and the benefits they bring are much more numerous.

Your benefits for breathing

- Moisture the environment, which reduces dryness in the nose, throat and respiratory tract. And they also help keep the skin hydrated.

- They trap smoke, dust and heavy metals that float in the form of particles.


Decrease stress

- They also muffle the noise coming from outside. Hence, the fatigue decreases and increases the feeling of well-being. They create a comfortable environment.


- Stress decreases with indoor plants that you place inside your home. Keep in mind that they are very sensitive living beings that emit very harmonic vibrations. On the other hand, by requiring care they will keep you in good emotional and physical condition. Gardening is a highly recommended activity for anyone.

A better rest and well-being

- The fragrance of some plants serves to keep insects away.

- Therefore, you will rest better at night and, as a result, you will have more vitality and joy during the day. It becomes a virtuous circle.

- The plants also absorb the electromagnetic pollution emitted by all types of electrical appliances and electrical wiring. So put them in all the rooms, including the bathroom and the kitchen.




Before placing the plants inside the house

Before buying plants, observe a little the environment in which you live: changes in temperature, hours of sun, areas of shade, orientation or humidity, since you will have to choose them according to the place where you are going to place them. Remember that they are living beings and also have their tastes and preferences. If you place them in a place where they are not comfortable, although you take care of them with care, their response will be withering. If you place them in a corner adapted to their needs and that they like, they will respond with life and splendor. And that's what it is about.


Think about why you want the plant and what hollow you want to reserve when choosing it. It is best not to get carried away by the appearance of the plant, since you can make mistakes and place it in an adverse environment for it, which will not bear fruit. Avoid placing them too close to radiators or air conditioners, as well as in places of frequent passage or drafts. They do not wear it well. If you water them early in the morning or at night, before going to sleep, the water will evaporate less. Remember that each plant needs its space to grow and more light if they give flowers.


Varieties of interior and exterior

As in the sheltered floors you can customize how you like your individual space, we will focus more on indoor plants than outdoor ones. Although some of exterior can also be placed in windows or balconies, places where they will receive direct sunlight and sufficient ventilation.

Outdoor plants adaptable to the interior survive if they are provided with a lot of direct light and good ventilation of the place. Ideal for windows or balconies. Some are the following:



It brings joy with its colorful colors. If it is hot, water it frequently.


In ancient times it was used for personal hygiene, for its delicious aroma. Recommended if you suffer anxiety, as it invites relaxation and rest.



You can use it as an ornament, for cooking and also as a therapy against headaches or migraines. Invite joy with its fragrance and freshness.



Some varieties adapt well to interior spaces. Considered the flower of the flowers, its wonderful fragrance calms, brings peace and serenity. In infusion, it is an excellent antidepressant remedy.


Aloe vera

It has numerous therapeutic qualities, especially for the skin. In addition, it is known to absorb negative energies and attract positive ones to the home.

Mint or peppermint

They are two different but similar varieties. Its aroma is insect repellent, are highly appreciated as a dressing in many dishes and also have soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.


For those who are forgetful in the care. They are very resistant to extreme conditions of heat and dryness. There is so much variety that you can create beautiful terrariums or small interior gardens with a little imagination. As they absorb radiation well, it is recommended to place them near televisions, computers or mobile phones. They will neutralize their effects.


Present in many homes, it can survive with cold and low light. He likes the humidity in the earth and, in a bright room, that does not give him directly.


Also well known for filling the room with oxygen and eliminating toxins. Pets like dogs and cats use it to purge and require little care.

English ivy

Climber par excellence, can fill an empty wall of color and stay oxygen. It requires certain care, since it likes cold and humidity.


With white flowers full of exoticism, has great power of environmental purification. He likes humidity and indirect light, so the bathroom can be his favorite place. Absorb water from the environment, so do not water it too much.

Areca Palma

It is well known to oxygenate a stay, mainly in smoking houses. It does not require direct light and its care is minimal.

Tiger language

It is so resistant to adverse conditions that many believe it is indestructible. Do not worry if you forget to take care of it, as it will continue to eliminate environmental toxic elements.

Trunk of Brazil

It is a very requested dracaena. They also call it "the stick of happiness". If you give it space, both in height and in the root, it can grow more than 2 meters, from which it can flourish. In the rare occasions that we can observe its flowers, we will check that its aroma is intoxicating. Oxygenates the environment and reduces stress.


We can also find plants that relieve depression and stress. Know them below:


The beautiful colors of its petals fill any room with joy. Invite the good mood.


Its name derives from the Greek and means "tree of roses". The variety of colors, pink, red, orange, purple, yellow or white, provides harmony and beauty in the environment.


Its beautiful flowers fall in love with those who observe them. They invite patience and tolerance. They like shaded areas or with indirect light. Water them abundantly but without puddles forming and do not subject them to abrupt temperature changes so they do not rot.


Known for the beauty and exoticism of its flowers. There are large and small, of very varied colors. It is said that it is the flower that many couples fall in love with each other.



They are known to be very resistant to lack of care or forgetting. Also because of its large dark green leaves and brightness. To bring all the splendor of its beauty and harmony, requires light but not direct. Water it pretty, it comes from tropical climates and, when it's hot, sprinkle its leaves with water. So have a sprayer on hand.

As you can see, living in apartments for the elderly can be a good incentive to take a piece of nature to your personal space, your home. You will feel the comfort provided by indoor plants, as well as the serenity, calmness, joy and optimism that they bring. In short, a small ecosystem within the city, with the security and assistance you need permanently.

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