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Tuesday, 6th of October of 2020


One of the reasons why some people are reluctant to change housing is that they do not want to give up their lifestyle. And it's normal, because everyone has their customs and doesn't want to have to give explanations or stop doing the things they like. But there comes a time in life when you also want to have more comfort and free time . Is there any way to get it without changing the way of life? Yes there is: the apartments with services that we manage, where you can live more comfortably and keep your pace without complications.


Apartments with services: quality of life and freedom


The apartments with services in Barcelona comply with all the comfort guarantees that an active person wants to enjoy more free time, continue with his life and set aside some tasks such as preparing food, cleaning or making repairs when necessary. They merge the advantages of having your own home, with a list of quality services, designed to increase comfort and convenience in your daily life.

The list of advantages provided by a sheltered home is so broad that it is difficult to summarize it in a single article. In fact, we have talked several times about some of them in our blog, and we still have a topic of conversation for a long time. And the apartments with services are inspiring, because they allow you to dedicate time to what really matters to you . You will feel the comfort of maintaining your lifestyle, with total freedom at any time, but you will also take advantage of the benefits of having specialized health care staff. A 24-hour infirmary that watches over your care every day, cooks that adapt to your tastes and needs to prepare delicious menus, maintenance staff so that there is nothing wrong or surveillance to maintain safety. Without a doubt, a set of professionals that facilitate your life so that nothing stops you.





A home in every way


Some older people are afraid to leave their home because they think they will lose their comfort zone. However, apartments with services are designed not only to continue having all the comforts , but to increase them even more if possible. It is a complete home, with all that this implies in terms of freedom of movement, coexistence and fullness of life.

Imagine being in a hotel with everything you like, in the best area of the city and surrounded by all kinds of shops, parks and leisure spaces. Knowing that you will have the food prepared when you arrive, the facilities clean and in perfect condition and even professionals who take care of your health if you need it. Isn't that an ideal environment? Well, these are the sheltered homes , with the advantage that it is not a cold hotel room, designed to spend only a few days, but it is your own home, with the comfort that this entails. A home where everything is ready to spend the best years, take advantage of your free time and not have to give up your life in any way.


Buildings with experienced staff


The apartments with services in Barcelona have a team of professionals from various disciplines at the service of the occupants. Professionals who not only have experience in carrying out their work, but being always the same, know the neighbors and end up being part of the family. It is not only health personnel, but also cleaners, handyman to make arrangements and attend both the common areas and what can happen inside your house if you wish, vigilant and others as waiters or chefs.

All this makes the feeling of well-being increase to a difficult level to imagine until it is experienced. In fact, those who arrive at sheltered homes with some suspicion, do not take in realizing that their fears were unfounded, and that here they can continue with their lifestyle in a fuller way, even sharing their hobbies with others. Because apartment buildings with services are full of lively people, with the same desire to enjoy comfort and freedom as you.

A masterful combination of freedom, comfort and protection with which you will feel the fullness of living without complications. You will never have the feeling of being in a space where you are limited, or where you have to give explanations for doing the things you like.


No schedules, no limits


One of the clearest questions that show that you have total freedom for your lifestyle in sheltered apartments is that there are no schedules. The buildings are open at any time, with permanent staff at the reception to ensure the safety and rest of the neighbors. But there are no curfews, arrival times or similar rules that have to be met. Why are you going to have to arrive at a specific time, when it comes to your home? You are the one who sets the rules at all times, so you can go out to enjoy with family and friends without being aware of the clock .

The idea on which apartments are supported with services is to make it easier for those who live in them to maintain their independence and way of life, providing all the comforts and time they deserve. Each of the services is designed to achieve it, which, of course, includes being able to enter and exit at any time, knowing that everything is guarded, taken care of and available to those who occupy the homes at all times.





Extra services that improve comfort


In addition to the services we have talked about, such as surveillance, repairs, cooking or health, in sheltered homes you can also access other additional services , such as massage, hairdressing or podiatry . A long list of attentions with which you will not even have to leave the building if you do not feel like it, because everything is done in the spaces enabled for it. One more point of comfort to enjoy every day, without giving up anything.

Do you want more? In your sheltered home you have it: common areas to make friends, spaces to play, terraces where you can enjoy the outdoors and a long etcetera with which to leave aside worries, dedicate yourself to live and enjoy the best of life . Do not give up anything and live as you want, leaving the obligations aside because the time has come to decide what are the things you really want.

Choose the quality of the apartments with services in Barcelona

Whether you already live in the city or decide to come and enjoy your life in a sheltered home , Barcelona is designed to follow your pace of life as you prefer . You have a wide cultural offer, for all tastes, as evidenced by the large number of visitors who discover its attractions every year. Cinema, theater, concerts, sporting events, museums and much more, which make Barcelona an ideal environment to live.

In Artami we have been working for many years to offer those who do not want to change their way of life, but to gain comfort and time, first-class homes with everything they need to enjoy much more than a stay. Our apartment buildings with services are located in the best areas of Barcelona , surrounded by everything you can ask from a good neighborhood, whatever it is. Shops, walks, green areas and much more await you in your new home, where everything is ready for you to finally make the life you have been wanting for a long time, far from worries, obligations or limits. With people that you will love to meet, because they collaborate in your wellbeing by dedicating themselves entirely to meet the needs of those who occupy the apartments, always with the smile on your face so that everyone feels that they are really at home.

The time has come to live as you wish

After having spent many years working to move forward with a family, surely you have the feeling that you deserve to devote time to the things you like , enjoy the comfort and tranquility of having time for yourself. It is not the time to give up your way of life, but to squeeze it to the fullest.

If you want to discover why those who live in sheltered homes have this feeling, just come to visit any of our buildings. You can talk with the neighbors and clarify the doubts that may arise, from the hand of qualified and attentive staff. Surely you will leave with the feeling that it is here that you want to spend the best years of your life , taking advantage of services of the highest quality, designed so that you do not have to change your way of life, just live in a much better place, winning in comfort and free time.


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