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Tuesday, 17th of December of 2019

Life in a sheltered apartment is very pleasant. Not only because you live in your own space where everyone does what they want, but also because of the amount of services available along with common spaces. Areas where you can enjoy endless activities, meet to talk and even organize special celebrations. We want you to have nothing, and that is why we care about taking care of every detail.

Today we will comment on all the common areas and areas for celebrations that you can enjoy when you come to live in your apartment.




In a residential building it is very important to feel welcome . That is why at the main entrance of your apartment you will find a reception staffed by qualified personnel.

At the reception desk you can receive messages, consult different issues, request services or inform yourself about them. In addition, it is the point of elegance with which you can attend your visits, and a first element of security that is always appreciated.

The reception is decorated in a cozy way and functionality is sought. It is a very balanced space, comfortable for the person who attends the post and any person who approaches for whatever reason.



Rooms of common use


If you want to stay for a coffee, chat with neighbors or read a while in company, this is the ideal space. The living room has comfortable sofas, daily newspapers, great lighting and an environment conducive to having contact with visitors and those like you are living here and want to spend some time.

This living room is a well-valued common space, where everything is prepared to feel at ease. A meeting place where you can wait for the visits or where to stay, organize different plans, or simply download to watch TV for a while in good company. You choose when and with whom you want to enjoy this space.

We also want to highlight that in the room you can not only watch your favorite program or organize a meeting.

It is also possible to learn languages or participate in various activities organized in Arcadias. We look for interesting things to take advantage of the time, and we also pay attention to the requests of those who live here. So if you are interested in learning something or you think there is something that would interest many of your neighbors, we are open to all kinds of suggestions.



Game room


If you like to play cards, chess or dominoes, you want to learn a new game or even organize a game of bingo, you can do it in the game room . Find a free table where you can join others or meet someone to go down and have a fun afternoon. In addition to your own games, in the room you will find many options for you to enjoy your free time. And if there is no one to play at this moment, you can take advantage of doing solitaire while you wait to see if someone is encouraged, that sure is.

The games room is designed to be enjoyed to the fullest. It has several tables and rugs, sofas and other decorative elements. In short, it is the ideal place to entertain without leaving the building, away from heat, cold or rain.


game rooms on sheltered floors




One of the most known and used common spaces is the restaurant, where delicious meals prepared with care and the best ingredients are served . Served by expert staff, everything is organized to accommodate diners who request this service. Decorated with good taste, balanced and not very showy but elegant, the restaurant invites to sit down and enjoy the elaborations of the chef, with seasonal products and an exquisite care for all the details.

Private dining room for celebrations


Do you have any special events that you want to celebrate? You do not need to go out or book anywhere, because we have a private dining room in which to organize all kinds of events . Birthdays, family reunions, anniversaries with friends and much more can be celebrated without problems in a dining room prepared for the event.

Like the rest of the spaces, this one takes care of every detail to offer a most pleasant aspect.

The result is a comfortable dining room, with an uncluttered aesthetic where you can gather a small group of guests for special events. You just have to request the reservation to make sure that there is nobody who has done it before and start with the preparations. Without wasting time looking for a suitable place and with the comfort of knowing that you do not have to leave the building to enjoy a celebration as you deserve .


private rooms for celebrations in sheltered floors


We are very proud to offer this space, and everyone who lives here is also, because they know that they have a perfect place for all kinds of private parties at home, whatever the reason for the celebration.

The private dining room is ideal for those parties where you want to invite many people and at home it is difficult for everyone to enter. The space is large and can accommodate more people than in the living room of the house, although you will still feel at home because everything is prepared with care. You only need to have a reason to organize a party or an event and we take care to provide the perfect place. Large tables, comfortable chairs and a decoration that will make everyone feel like partying. Elegance is imposed on events such as surprise parties, birthdays or some special day that you want to share with friends and family. With the convenience of having it very close and ready for when you need it.


Laundry room


In Arcadias we want everything to be in perfect condition. That's why we also have a laundry space where you can do laundry with comfort. Washers and dryers of great capacity for the care of the most delicate garments. You can download and have all your clothes in perfect condition of the magazine easily and in a short time, since the machines are industrial style and are prepared to offer the best results , as if you took the clothes to dye but even better.

In the laundry you can also enjoy social contact , because there are several machines and everyone can be doing their laundry in an entertaining way. Many of the owners and tenants of sheltered apartments emphasize that it is a much more pleasant way to perform these tasks, so they prefer to go down to the laundry instead of having a washing machine at home.

Other common areas to be highlighted

There are other common spaces in the housing building, intended to provide services without having to leave . For example, you have a chapel where you can have a spiritual moment or organize a religious service. There is also a massage room if you want to enjoy a relaxing moment with the help of experienced professionals, a set-up that you will surely appreciate from time to time.

Everything is always in perfect condition , because we make sure that the spaces are kept in good condition, both cleanliness and decoration. We seek the maximum happiness of those who live in their sheltered apartments and day after day we work not only to maintain the level, but to keep improving. Something that is noticed as soon as you enter by the smile and the joy that come from those who are living here.

common areas of sheltered floors

A place that invites you to live

Our sheltered floors are ideal to enjoy life. We have already highlighted the advantages of living in sheltered apartments , such as receiving professional assistance in every way, having complete independence, security throughout the day and much more. All in the same building, together with the common areas that we have highlighted in this article.

The common spaces available, as well as the private areas for celebrations, not only offer you a great way of living, but also help you achieve full happiness, sharing time with those you love and socializing with people who enjoy the same you of these facilities.

Of course, you can go for a walk whenever you feel like it, because these areas will always be available. We only do our best because you have perfect spaces to share moments. Corners in which comfort is the general trend, where you can spend some time talking animatedly, relaxing or sharing with other hobbies, games and much more.

Our owners and tenants highlight the common areas as one of the great points in favor of living in these sheltered flats. With complete freedom to do what everyone wants, share these spaces designed for your comfort.

Do not forget to visit us if you want to check in person all the details that we tell you. We will be happy to assist you and show you some of our common areas, introduce you to some inhabitants and see why the sheltered floors are becoming the best option to live comfortably and without having to give up anything. Contact now and we inform you!

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