Barcelona: your tutelage floor in a Friendly City of the Elderly

Wednesday, 12th of July of 2017


The increase in life expectancy in the population is a fact that shows the positive success of medicine for the benefit of social welfare. Since happiness can not only be measured in terms of quality of time, but also quantity. Living in a guarded apartment is one of the decisions that many elderly people, who seek a home in which to enjoy their autonomy and independence, but with the best care services. A place to feel at home, without having to undergo a difficult adaptation period.



If this idea interests you, then you will also like to know that Barcelona is part of the World Network of Friendly Cities with the Elderly. A very positive initiative that defends the importance of caring for this social group through initiatives designed to promote development and integration.



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Progressive aging of the population


The structure of the demographic pyramid has changed a lot in recent decades. The population pyramid is now defined by an increase in the number of older people and a reduction in the birth rate. In fact, older people are the most important population group today. But it has also changed the lifestyle of people who are over 65 and now enjoy a new attitude to retirement. The attitude of the young spirit to add life and illusions to the years.



If the rural environment was a frequent option to enjoy a quiet lifestyle, today, the elderly also enjoy the rhythm of the city that offers a wider range of leisure options, cultural entertainment and services. Many older people want to live in a city also during their retirement because this is the lifestyle they have internalized forever. If this is your case or you want to enjoy new experiences, Barcelona can be your comfort zone.



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Barcelona is a city that is friendly to the elderly


Barcelona is also a friendly city with the elderly, therefore, living in a protected area located in this film environment offers the added advantage of the context that supports the integration of older people with practical and concrete measures, thanks to objectives that advance in this direction.



The integration of the elderly in society is a fundamental objective from the point of view of the common good, since people who by their age have so much experience to contribute can become a vital reference for the young. Therefore, a happy city is one in which age is the least and people the most, so that there is no age in the collective imagination, that is, age discrimination. Discrimination can arise from false topics and prejudices regarding old age.



Living in an apartment in Barcelona you can not only experience the welfare of living in a center fully adapted to you and your needs of this important stage, but also, the city of Barcelona offers that friendly environment that becomes your new home. That is, a city that has comfortable infrastructures for retired people.





Social integration of the elderly


Older people constitute a very important part of the population in the city of Barcelona. Specifically, a total of 1 619 839 older people live in this city with sea views. Barcelona is committed to carrying out practices that favor the active aging of the population, that is, it implements measures to promote health.



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Since the increase in life expectancy has also brought a new perspective on wellness care. Active aging aims to encourage the autonomy of older people for as long as possible so they can live their moment, develop their social relationships, enjoy the present with rewarding activities and have a good level of happiness. Barcelona offers you this scenario of personal growth.



Friendship is one of the most important ingredients in a person's life. No matter how old you are, friendship is a necessary treasure for you. Every human being needs to give and receive affection, to share. However, the social context influences the personal situation of the elderly.




Advantages of living in a friendly city


Some people feel alone and isolated in their environment. However, a friendly city offers a frame of reference not only for older people to have the real possibility to experience high levels of happiness, but also to create a context of intergenerational friendship.


There are many ingredients that improve your quality of life by living in an environment that enjoys essential ingredients such as those you can read below. Natural spaces to walk and enjoy the good weather. Pleasant places that invite you to breathe fresh air and to practice physical exercise. The parks also become a point of social relationship since you can meet new people by going to a green area frequently and sitting on a bench to read a magazine, for example.



Greater health



This aspect is vital to prevent isolation that affects not only physical but also psychological health. Another vital service is the one that gives you the possibility of having a good urban transport network that allows you to move comfortably from one point to another of the city with a wide margin of schedule. A service that improves your quality of life by facilitating your journeys from one point to another.




In short, a social culture based on respect for older people not only for their past, but also, for their present and future. Feeling at home when you enjoy a city that embraces you emotionally with its light and that, in addition, allows you to enjoy as a resident the beauty of an environment that many people enjoy as tourists throughout the year.





The importance of the location of a guarded floor


For this reason, living in an apartment in Barcelona also offers you the added advantage of being part of a friendly city that fosters emotions of happiness such as illusion, internal motivation, hope, gratitude and inner peace. A city where there is no routine understood in negative terms.

But, also, Barcelona opens you doors of cultural and gastronomic tourism. A universe of sensations that adds vital joy to the years. The initiative of the World Network of Friendly Cities with the Elderly gives voice to those who are in this vital stage and who by their position have so much knowledge to contribute to the others. People like you, or like your father or your mother.

How the environment influences health


There is a direct relationship between the environment in which an older person lives and how he feels in his day to day life. If the house is an important place as a sphere of intimacy, a space that at this stage can be found in apartments for adults in Barcelona, ​​the city is also essential as a framework for dreams, realization of daily plans, socializing environment, experiencing emotions Social and also, aesthetic emotions.

Since the contemplation of the most beautiful places of Barcelona produces this admiration that causes joy in itself. A city that is comfortable, accessible and happy, necessary ingredients to have the condition of being a friendly environment with the elderly. An environment where you can be the protagonist of your own life.

The balance between the home as a space of intimacy and the city as a necessary space of discovery and experimentation of the world, is an equation of constant happiness. When choosing a protected floor you can not only analyze the catalog of services offered or the quality of the facilities, but also the location in which it is located.

The place where a sheltered apartment, like a house, can add value to the stay. And this is what happens with the possibility of living in a guarded apartment in Barcelona.

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Be happy after retirement

More and more seniors feel that the time after retirement is the happiest time of their lives. For the simple reason that this moment positions you in a context of freedom of time, free from the obligation of work. You are free to organize your agenda and explore new possibilities for personal development. Barcelona, ​​as a friendly city, offers you many stimuli of happiness. Activate your mind and your heart by putting at your disposal the best means to add illusion to the years and give wings to the heart. For this reason, it is an advantage that you can choose a ward in a city that is your friend. Floors protected to start a new stage.

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