10 advantages of living in a protected apartment

Monday, 7th of January of 2019

Life in a sheltered apartment can bring great benefits. In fact, this formula is spreading at a good pace, and there are already spaces around the world where you can enjoy it, with a growing demand. In this article we want to highlight 10 advantages of living in sheltered apartments. Although they are not the only reasons why you should consider doing it.




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1- Total independence


The sheltered floors are not spaces with a closed regime, as some seem to think. The truth is that they provide absolute freedom, being able to choose when and where to go out without having to give an account to anyone. In addition, they are located in the best areas, surrounded by services of all kinds, so it is very easy to get what someone needs, if that were the case. Unlike other spaces, the possibility of enjoying complete autonomy is real.



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2- Elimination of barriers


The sheltered floors are designed and planned for everyone. So there are no architectural barriers that could hinder the passage of items such as wheelchairs or electric carts, mobility aids that in some spaces could have complicated. The sheltered floors are fully accessible in any situation, thus contributing to increase the sense of autonomy that everyone deserves.

And not only in the surroundings or outside facilities. The houses are adapted to the needs of each person, in order to facilitate and make the stay much more pleasant. In reality you are at home , and therefore everything fits what you need without complications.




3- Cleaning service

Another advantage of living in sheltered apartments is that you do not have to hire an additional cleaning service to enjoy your free time. This is included in the list of services that these homes have, as an integral part of the maintenance of common areas and can be requested for the floors, at the time that best suits you so that nothing slows your pace of life. You will not have to worry about finding dirt when you leave home, because the building will always be in perfect condition.



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4- Full laundry in the same building


If you want to take your clothes to the dye, to pick it perfectly ironed, you do not need to go out and look for a dry cleaner. In the sheltered floors you can count on laundry service and iron , which will avoid having to devote time to these tasks.

As you can see, everything is planned so that all you have to do is dedicate the time to what you want, without obligations and with all the peace of the world. Exactly the same as living in a flat but much better, because everything that becomes a daily routine, such as the treatment of dirty clothes, you can leave it to others. With the guarantee that everything will be perfect, because qualified personnel is trained and trained in different domestic tasks.



5- Maintenance assistance 24 hours

Imagine that a pipe is stuck, or that one of the appliances stops working. No problem, because the sheltered floors have permanent maintenance staff , specifically responsible for solving any problem of this type. Any damage, breakage or breakdown is repaired in a very short time, so that nothing can prevent you from enjoying.

The sheltered floors do not have surcharges for emergency repairs, displacements, or any other type of similar expense that exists in other places. Everything is arranged as quickly as you would, buying the piece and paying only this one. With the advantage that you do not have to invest your time, because the maintenance staff working in the sheltered floors are already in charge of it.

And you do not have to wait for something to break to be fixed. You can also request a preventive check, or renew something, such as painting the walls, before there is any pressing need.



6- Dining services


If you like to cook, you will probably prefer to prepare your food every day. For this, in the sheltered floors you have fully equipped kitchens , which allow you to elaborate your favorite recipes. Nobody will prevent you from preparing that stew that you have been doing for so long and that has your secret touch, of course.

Although if you do not want to cook for some reason, or walk between stoves is not your thing, another benefit provided by the sheltered floors is an exclusive restaurant for residents , capable of preparing food for all who inhabit the building. It has different options to choose the one you want, always taking care of details such as the quality of the ingredients or the elaboration processes. You will not have to settle for overheated food or precooked dishes, which are often the recourse of some restaurants with a daily menu. You will have a healthy and balanced diet , just as you deserve.

This service allows you to do without buying, cooking and scrubbing the pots, in a comfortable and simple way.


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7- Common spaces


The sheltered floors have spaces for common use, reserved for those who live in them or their visits. They are ideal for socializing, sharing experiences with other residents or waiting for the family to come and do anything.

Some of these spaces can be reserved for specific events , if necessary. Obviously, if it is requested well in advance and nobody has done the same thing. You can celebrate a family party, or organize something to invite your neighbors building, which is also a good idea. We do not have to say what kind of celebrations, because surely a lot of ideas come to mind, right?


8- 24 hour security


In normal homes, one of the main fears there is that someone can go to steal or get into the house at night . Or when you're out for some reason. Some people install an alarm, but it is not always the best solution. In addition to that the rest of the building is still vulnerable.

In a sheltered housing this does not happen, since it has a comprehensive security service. By day the accesses are controlled by the staff that works there, and at night there is surveillance and control throughout the building, which eliminates the risk of someone who is not authorized. So you can rest at night with complete peace of mind, without fear of any incident. Or be outside with the same security.

9- Collection of correspondence


The sheltered floors have a reception service , to welcome those who visit the residents. This service is responsible for collecting the letters, packages and deliveries that arrive at your address, so you can receive it comfortably whenever you feel like it.

This detail of the sheltered floors is highly valued for several reasons. The main one is that even if you're waiting for something, you do not have to stay at home just in case it arrives when you're away. They will pick it up for you and when you get back it will be waiting for you at the entrance. Comfort and 100% efficiency.

10- Medical assistance all day


Finally, an advantage that can not fail to stand out in the sheltered floors is that there is a qualified health staff , available every day, including weekends, holidays and at night. So there are no health problems that can not be properly addressed.

The staff is trained to cover any need that residents have when they request it. To the point of making regular visits to each home, to make sure that its occupants are in perfect condition and do not need anything. And if they need it, of course they attend it with pleasure. They can even take care of organizing aspects such as taking medicines or visiting the doctor in very specific cases.

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Do not wait any longer, come to live in a protected apartment


There are endless other advantages of the sheltered floors, although we wanted to highlight these 10 because we consider that they are the most relevant. Still, we can mention others such as being able to make new friends , share hobbies or find people with whom to spend time and say goodbye to loneliness or boredom. In addition to often organizing workshops and various activities for those who want to go.

Do you come to Artami ? We are waiting for you in our sheltered apartments!

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