The advantages of the apartments for the elderly

Wednesday, 25th of March of 2015


Be greater untethered


There is a moment in the life of every person on that having no more obligation than to enjoy every moments that this gives, everyone is serious about doing so in a place where they feel protected while they can have absolute freedom of movement.


For seniors who want to own their time but at the same time want to have the backing that if necessary can count on the medical care they require age and their special and particular circumstances, is that for apartments are one ideal solution.



owners of their time



The most common questions


Bernardo and Adela are a couple that normal doubts about a change of address and more at one of these characteristics arose, such as: to what extent would be free, if there was times like hotels, if the staff would be friendly and confidence if they would be compatible neighbors, among others.


This marriage was convinced that included personnel between the performance of the bedroom apartments first class will be at your service daily and you always have complete freedom of movement and autonomy, with the assurance that there will be a professional to his available if needed.


Since certain requirements of age and a sound to access such housing economy are requested, all residents are people of the same economic condition and most of the time, also culturally and like them appreciate and enjoy freedom and love to own their lives.

Attention without pressure

Carles is 70 and does almost 2 which has a widower. It has very clear that while dearly loves her children do not want to live with them because you feel fit, healthy and wants to do many things without the "monitor", plus they do not like him at all to explain what he does with his time. But he is also aware of the risks to suffer some sort of mishap and being alone and / or not having to turn to in case of medical necessity, so the type of discrete monitoring with which count for apartments that do not is at all invasive, he says that comes "like a glove".


Carles enjoys going out when he pleases, go visit your family when you fancy, if you wish to travel, knowing that your apartment will be cleaned, ironed and tidy your clothes and your only obligation will be to enjoy your time . And if you have any medical mishap nature, will have the help and care that his condition required.


The best for the best age

The facilities are modern with technology in terms of functionality thereof, since all of them are best suited for tenants feel comfortable and protected at all times. The priority for apartments is undoubtedly the welfare and safety of its guests.


There is also a multidisciplinary team is composed of professionals in each area, whether doctors, nurses, nurses, waiters, physiotherapists, monitors, cooks and others. In the bedroom apartments all personnel are selected according to their capabilities, but it is imperative to have an exquisite with the elderly.


The aim of this type of sheltered housing is to offer seniors an area that although they have protection not feel constrained, not guarded and can really enjoy their freedom and certainly its greatest promoters are those who already benefit of these places and surely will be happy to share their experiences.

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