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Wednesday, 6th of May of 2015

The elderly are the most vulnerable beings in the world. For this reason, all cares are few at a time to return a lifetime of favors that they have done for their children. Older people need an understanding and more careful than other human beings and thus help, when they reach a certain stage of life, we must strive as far as possible so as not to miss anything. Among the full range of possibilities that can be found to make the life of grandparents, parents or friends a little more comfortable and healthy, you can go to services for seniors called flats or supervised apartments, whose job is to make life of these people is of extraordinary quality and can be the answer to the housing needs.




Although life expectancy is growing for the elderly and not suffering from any disability, independence and the desire not to annoy your loved ones is very common in this group that normally seeks comfort of his family before his own. The floors wards for older people are responding to a need for coexistence with people of the same age and independence and autonomy, coupled with a series of wellness-related services to improve the quality of life.


Sheltered housing have been designed to make available a number of major activities and services provided for their welfare, favoring intimacy and integration with others. The apartments enjoy a perfect communication with both the city center of Barcelona and surroundings. The square meters are stipulated depending on the number of rooms, usually one to three. The dining room, the kitchen and the bathroom are adapted so that everyone can enjoy plenty of space, besides having added elements involving aid when moving or scrolling, as railings in bathtubs or hallways, doors wider to wheelchairs or telephones suitable for the disabled, among others.


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The interior of the houses has all kinds of services, such as television, telephone or Internet connection. The accommodations are fully equipped with all the amenities required to make the people feel at home. They are also provided with a medical service that provides care for 24 hours, in addition to security guarantees healthcare itself against any incident or emergency.


Sheltered housing have a concierge service to help with everything you need, like carrying bags, shopping or simply help in the movement and mobility of the elderly. Laundry service, medical alarm 24 hours to go in case of emergency and immediate, comprehensive service specialists in the health sector as nurses, physiotherapists, podiatrists and medical specialists working throughout the day to make the lives of these people healthier make these apartments a perfect environment in which to leave. In addition to medical services, housing complexes have special courses occupational therapy, library for book lovers, recreational areas to share friendships and experiences, computer rooms and hairdressers, among others.



Older people have spent a lifetime giving his closest best of their lives. Please return this is not just a question of ethics, but an exercise of humanity and solidarity that they appreciate.


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