What they do not tell the sheltered accommodation for elderly

Wednesday, 7th of December of 2016

Personal autonomy is one of the main qualities of well-being of older people who, beyond the age, aspire to have a very active lifestyle. People who have a heart that beats with enthusiasm before the now before the desire to carry out own restlessness. Undoubtedly, after a life of work and personal occupations that give rise to so many resignations and stress caused by work, you must feel the freedom to give yourself the best environment to fully develop yourself as a human being.


So the time has come to put yourself as your top priority on your list of personal goals. For this reason, from the point of view of your happiness, there are external circumstances that influence your state of mind. And one of the most determining external circumstances is how you feel at home. This is one of those feelings of well-being that you should look for in your new address. And how to find the best place to live without making heavy moves?



An environment of comfort to be happy


Apartments for adults in which to live the illusions of your age, to have your own space available for you, to manage your agenda enjoying the best services and adding quality from time to time. This and much more is what you can find in tutelated apartments that exceed all your previous expectations. However, the real key to wellness is to live this autonomy but in a therapeutic environment that provides you with all the comforts you need today, here and now.






Living in guarded apartments does not mean losing autonomy or independence, in fact, those children who are looking for the best welfare environment for their father or mother, find the appropriate context to strengthen this intergenerational relationship, maintaining close and frequent contact But allowing each one to have its own space. This is vital to prevent possible dependency bonds that steal happiness from families. There is nothing that makes a son as happy as knowing that his father has a full gift.



What are the protected apartments


Some people have some wrong prejudices, for pure ignorance and lack of information, regarding what it means to live in a ward. Prejudices blur reality. What does this decision to start living in a foster home for seniors? It is a philosophy of recent life that is triumphant by all the advantages of happiness that it offers. But most important of this philosophy of life is that you will feel like in your own house. Therefore, the process of adaptation is very simple.


That is, you will be willing to choose when you want to be alone enjoying simple plans such as watching TV, read a magazine, make arrangements with the computer or write letters, but also enjoy the same arrangement to organize activities with friends and family . It also has the added advantage that, thanks to the services available on the tutelage floor, designed to make your life comfortable, you will have more free time to dedicate to your favorite activities.


And no doubt, if there is a good that is gaining even more value with age is the time. Time to dream, to have a restful rest, to discover new destinations, to appreciate the simplest details of life, to maintain new conversations and to be yourself.


Since in the stage of maturity of life, you know yourself better, now better than ever you know what you want, how you want to live and with whom you want to share your time. Throughout life there are many things that change, but there is one that remains. And it is the need to feel at home in your place of coexistence. In an environment that, thanks to a careful and luminous aesthetic, is an expression of your inner joy.



Feel like in your own home


Personal autonomy is the emotional disposition to manage the present from a proactive attitude that connects your desires with the possibility of putting them into practice in the best possible way. You will enjoy this total freedom in the protected apartments, also feeling secure in an environment that puts at your disposal the best solutions of comfort and well-being. A home made to the measure of your new illusions to fulfill years with much activity.


At every stage of life, we must make present decisions. While in the youth, many people buy or rent their first home to found a family, on the contrary, after retirement is a good opportunity to begin planning the future of a stage in which to find the best solution to continue enjoying Of greater personal autonomy. Assuming also, that age is a condition that creates a concrete circumstance.



Feel at home



Living in a protected area you can not worry about the tasks of the house that are monotonous and boring at times. Enjoy the comfort of having a home in perfect state of magazine and you can delegate these tasks!


You can also feel cared for and cared for by the care of the nursing service that offers you the safety of possible symptoms of discomfort. You will have maintenance solutions for any possible damage.


In addition to all this, you will also enjoy restaurant service in which to try new flavors and recipes. That is, a wide catalog of possibilities for you that will add good things because the greater number of options, more freedom to choose what you feel like.



You make decisions about your future


By living in a guarded apartment, you decide your schedule, you organize your time because you are the owner and responsible for your destiny always. You have the will to plan your schedules to specify what you want to do today, what activities to enjoy tomorrow and who you want to visit next weekend. That is, you have no external limit that conditions you in a negative way.


In fact, this well-being environment is perfect for fostering family ties, but always enjoying your own space. A space of its own that is a necessity since, beyond the social essence of the human being, the desire for solitude and individuality is also a maxim of realization.






Today's elders have evolved over past generations. They are active people who have integrated the technological language into their lifestyle, people who have assimilated many changes and have adapted with a positive attitude to all social developments in which the digital language takes center stage. They enjoy a great quality of time thanks to the increase of the life expectancy and that, therefore, they maintain physical and psychological health after the retirement.


Many older people enjoy, when they start this stage of personal leisure, a full freedom to organize plans, travel, learn new things, practice a hobby, meet new friends, make cultural plans and practice physical exercise. They live this moment with the conviction that it is a gift to celebrate the present moment, living in a home that is a response to the needs of the elders of the 21st century.


That is, the apartments are adapted to the lifestyle of those who value their freedom and autonomy as essential values ​​to those who do not want to give up. Do you feel identified with this lifestyle?


Living in a secure environment

The home is one of the main pillars of personal development, that is, this space itself creates a roots and security. Living in a guarded apartment does not mean giving up your own space but opening yourself to new services that can give you a solution to new personal circumstances that are a logical consequence of age.

However, there are many different ways of internalizing age. The date of birth does not determine how a person feels. And more and more are the youngest in spirit. If you also want to decide for yourself your future to enjoy the greatest possible autonomy for a long time, start making decisions now and visualize how you would like to be your tomorrow.


Make decisions that connect with that goal you want to achieve. We have apartments for rent and for sale located in Barcelona. Here you can do what you want at all times.


Just as when a person lives in his house he has the possibility to invite friends and receive visits to enjoy in the privacy of the house of social gatherings and shared plans in pleasant company, this same freedom is the fundamental pillar of the model of coexistence of apartments for old people.




Friendship is one of the main gifts to keep an active and positive mind. Well, guarded apartments also create a framework of interaction in which new friendships can emerge, new ties that create a root in the heart to live the present with pleasant emotions.

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