Tutored floors are full of advantages

Wednesday, 7th of September of 2016

The time to rest, to have no responsibilities, and to get what you have successfully earned over the years worked has already arrived. Your retirement is a period in which the emotions are in full bloom and you will probably ask yourself a thousand times: what will I do now, after all those years of work? The answer is simple: enjoy.


The first thing that many people over 65 and newly retired do is think of a change of scenery. Today, there are many alternatives offered by society to facilitate your life and provide you with the desired tranquility and free time that you crave. The protected apartments are one of these alternatives and are a great success in terms of the range of services that are available to you, along with important support from both specialist and socializing staff.




Activities in the protected areas


All the activities you will do in the apartments for the elderly are focused on making your life completely autonomous or independent. Forget cleaning, buying, repairing appliances or making daily menus, among other things. All these activities are perfectly organized so you do not have to do them and your daily life in a protected home is easy, comfortable, safe and pleasant.


Support for achieving individual goals is another goal. Caring for your health, your personal development and relationships with the community are essential so that your interpersonal relationships, as well as group activities, help create a good coexistence and establish strong bonds between your neighbors and you.



Among the leisure activities you can enjoy in the protected areas, there are group excursions or celebrations such as Christmas, among others. Everything is possible in your great community. Your life will always be directed by you, along with the unconditional support of a range of services, which are referents of comfort and quality of life.



Unique and independent housing


The senior apartments are perfect for all those people who require services, inside their private home. Each house is unique and independent and welcomes you into a community of owners. The characteristic that differentiates these houses is that they are designed for people over 65, like you, who want to improve your day to day. We must also state that protected homes can be rented or owned by people of any age.


The fact of acquiring one of these houses, in property or rent, gives you the right to enjoy all the services they offer, both inside the house and in the common areas. A health service 24 hours a day, cleaning and hygiene of all spaces, security of the building throughout the 24 hours and the restaurant open for breakfast, lunch, lunch and dinner with healthy menus and fresh. A service of repair and maintenance of your appliances completes the 5 basic services that offer you the apartments tutelados for majors.



24-hour health service


Your health comes first. For this reason, the staff composed of nurses qualified in ATS and trained in different clinical specialties is responsible for providing this service both day and night hours. Being hired from the beginning, they are always the same, always work the same shift and know all your needs and, consequently, your treatments, if you need them. Specialists can go to your private home, depending on the illness, or you can also approach the infirmary located inside the protected housing complex. Among their duties, the most important are to distribute medication to each patient, direct and coordinate medical visits, give injections or take blood pressure, and deal with other unforeseen events.



24-hour health service



24 Hour Surveillance


Your safety is an important concept to keep in mind. The community has a security device, both night and day, which guarantees a quiet and safe stay. Both services maintain control of access to the buildings and ensure that people who enter are family, friends or people you trust; Direct your visits to your home; Collect the correspondence of all the apartments; And take note of your preferences as to the menu to taste, both lunch and dinner.



Cleaning and hygiene of all spaces


The cleanliness and hygiene is meticulous in every corner of the 1,000 m2. If you want the cleaning done in your apartment, you just have to request it. You can also choose to wash and iron your clothes.


Cleaning and hygiene of all spaces



Restaurant menu all year round and of the best quality


Your apartment has its own kitchen. However, the building has a restaurant for your use and enjoyment, as well as for your guests. The restaurant is headed by a chef, who personally manages to schedule 4 or 5 menus daily for both lunch and dinner. All the foods are natural and have been cooked in the restaurant's traditional style fires. The menus are served in the dining room, where your home has its table always reserved. The price of the menu is € 6.50 and € 5 (dinner). Very reasonable prices and perfectly adapted to every pocket




Common spaces


The common areas include the reception and the living-room, a space for you to interact with the rest of your neighbors. If you love literature, it will be an ideal place to read a good book. The games room (if you are lovers of luck), the infirmary, the restaurant, the private dining room, a massage room, the chapel and laundry.



Maintenance and repairs of appliances at any time of the day


Forget to call the technician for that broken appliance. The building has a person in charge of the workshop of repairs and maintenance of appliances, which coordinates a whole team of professionals. Professionals who work every day to make your life easier and more comfortable. The key to this service is the immediate attention and at any time of the day. Any damage you have in your home is repaired without delay, schedules or displacements of any kind. The service of repairs works continuously and the only cost that supposes you is the replacement or replacement of the specific piece, without margins or added amounts. A comfort, no doubt.


Maintenance and repairs of appliances at any time of the day



Protected housing: synonymous with quality of life

You will succeed in acquiring this type of housing because you will improve your quality of life through different leisure activities and social and interpersonal relationships.

The protected apartments are perfect for those who need to be accompanied in their day to day. For comfort or illness, support for an autonomous life is fundamental and also the basis of his philosophy. People specializing in this type of service have as main objective the independence or autonomy in the community.



Maximum autonomy as a goal

The protected apartments are internally organized, in such a way that the lifestyle and the coexistence are completely normalized factors. There is an interaction between all the people who live in the apartments, regardless of the level of support you need. For this, you have to consider your way of life, as well as your abilities and needs when facing the day to day. In this way, the supports are adjusted to the level of intensity you need.


The current quality of life model is a reference for all professionals, dedicated to improving the quality of life of people. Through the protected apartments, you get personalized attention and you are the person who makes all the decisions about planning a vital project, your vital project. To this end, community resources are of great importance.


Maximum autonomy as a goal



The protected apartments are full of advantages

The apartments for the elderly are a great incentive to boost your autonomy and that of people who need a 24 hour health, cleaning, security, restoration and repair or maintenance service inside their home. In this way, everyday tasks take second place so that you can enjoy the leisure, fun, social life and the tranquility that your protected home offers.


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