5 services that differentiate supervised apartments for the elderly compared to other options

Wednesday, 4th of May of 2016

Living in sheltered accommodation has many advantages. If you are over sixty-five years , but still feel young, independent and active, be prepared for the times to come. Meet the exclusive services that differentiate apartments over other housing options. Choose reside where deserve and acts before others decide for you.



The look, everywhere you look, life has been generous. The career, the arrival of children, family experiences and enjoyment they bring the grandchildren, when you thought nothing could surprise you . Even the least pleasant experiences, sure, you have left something positive, right? Let's yes!


In or close to retirement a few years time after retiring, it is important to know that the best is yet to come. If! Still, at this point, you are able to provide you with a good future that will ensure a higher quality of life.




sheltered housing



Homes for the elderly, also known as sheltered apartments, houses or adapted services are designed and upgraded housing options for people who, like you, still have life ahead (like everyone else , of course) and think enjoy it until the last minute.


It is flats, for rent or for sale, exclusively designed to offer comfort and security to people who, despite having spent six or seven decades, they feel active and independent.


They are a pleasant and comfortable space where great fun without having to address the issues that prefer not to spend your precious time: shopping, home maintenance, meals or payment of fees and services, among others. Indeed, it is time to delegate and dispose you to enjoy the best of life: friends, hobbies, meetings with loved ones, the games with the kids of the family and the things you have always liked and now you have time to do.


What do you expect to delight in everything this time of joy has to offer?




Advantages of living in an apartment mentored


The supply of homes that have services specially adapted to the needs of people over sixty-five years is still a nascent market in Spain. Anyway, every day more and with very good acceptance by its main beneficiaries.


It is valid for those older adults who use their own alternative and that just by having full autonomy, not intended to be a burden to their loved ones. In this way, remain independent and active, devoting themselves to do what they want, without having to pay attention to the preliminaries involving take over a house and its constant demands (paying taxes, cleaning, grocery shopping, ironing, lawn care ...).



supervised apartments



They are not just words. These homes have adapted certain services that make them special. It 's definitely not the same as an older adult living in a house, away from his relatives and taking to take care of each and every one of domestic issues, living in a safe home. We talk about a housing alternative that has an effective night service charge of monitoring and control access to the building expenses, providing full security to its residents. This concierge (goal) also includes correspondence and welcomes relatives and friends who come to visit. As if this were not enough, in this type of apartments, staff members note the food preferences and medical requirements of each of its inhabitants, organizing menus and takes daily medication and meet the demands and needs of each.




Nursing and 24 - hour surveillance


Another differential services that make the sheltered apartments a safe space for over sixty-five years, is provided by registered nurses. They are available to residents of these flats adapted the clock and three hundred and sixty five days of the year. This makes a difference.


These nurses are trained and qualified to meet the medical requirements, mobility and personal hygiene that are demanded. Dependence often work in "nursing" but they have good and healthy daily habit of visiting each of the floors, especially those homes where elderly patients or, for the moment, unwilling or some discomfort reside. They take the pressure, give injections, administer medication and coordinate any possible medical visits.



nursing supervised apartments



Maintenance services and restaurant, 365 days a year


Although each apartment has its own kitchen, a building of sheltered apartments usually have a restaurant for private use, with ability to prepare food for those who inhabit the property, as well as their guests. A professional chef organizes food and program daily, four or five daily menus available for lunch and dinner times.


These menus are specially prepared in the main kitchen, avoiding double cooking or using frozen food, in order to provide a healthy diet. Once ready dishes are served in the common room, where each floor has a reserved table, or in the apartment itself, according to the requirements of each of the older residents.


The main objective is to tell everyone what it takes to not have to think about matters related to buying food at the supermarket, cooking them and dishwashing. Everything is comfortable and affordable. Life, so, it becomes much easier. Especially for those who need to live maturity, uncomplicated and making the most of every moment.



restaurant supervised apartments



Cleaning service at any time of day


Precisely, if time is so valuable, do not squander it . So what sense does it engage in daily cleaning, if you can avoid it ? To live in a supervised apartment, You can do it!


The common areas of a building for elderly often remain clean at any time of day. Everything looks in perfect order, clean and disinfected. For each of the floors, cleaning service is usually optional, like the laundry, ironing and folding clothes.


That is, everything, absolutely everything is designed for the days elapsed in true peace and calm. There is nothing to worry about and everything to enjoy. Given this. What sense will find the washing floors, bathroom hygiene or dusting the dining room table? None, right? Indeed, that is the difference between living in an ordinary apartment and reside in a group home. We have already said they are much more than words.

cleaning supervised apartments


Maintenance and repairs

On the other hand, is there anything heavier, intrusive and annoying than having to deal with unclog the toilet, repair furniture or change a window glass? Especially when you have already spent half of life, these tasks are the most stressful. What would you say if you say you can avoid it from now? Sure you feel happy. Well find out : the staff working in buildings has supervised apartments, usually with a maintenance that has its own workshop within the same building. He is the person in charge to repair all minor faults and repair walls, humidities and others.


Did you know that you no longer have to take care of painting the dining room, replacement of water pipes or changing the tiling the kitchen? If you are a resident of an apartment adapted for adults, it is solved. There is someone who has done for you, immediately (no waiting) without having to pay for travel and professional fees. All that is usually required is the cost of a replacement, a painting or a building element with no added labor costs. Because remember: time flies and is golden. Do not wear by tending to domestic issues, now you can, have the right to delegate.

repairs tutored floors


For all this, living in sheltered accommodation has many advantages. Many benefits that you can enjoy, if you dare to break with usual and jump into the adventure of living on your own, independently, but having services that make you life easier and will provide better quality of life.

It is not a minor theme. You, surely, you have moved without assistance throughout your life, it is important to keep that autonomy until the end of your days. Nothing prevents you remain yourself, doing activities that you like and give you hope.


No time to waste! Compare services adapted housing for seniors with plenty floors and acts taking the relevant decisions before others do it for you.

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