The 24h nursing service in a supervised apartment

Monday, 6th of August of 2018

More and more people live longer in good physical and mental conditions. Thus, people who have passed the age of retirement have a future potential that is perfect for realizing those purposes, dreams and projects that they have not been able to meet previously because they are more focused on their working life. The time has come to not leave any pending subject for another time.

However, sometimes, it is necessary to recondition our environment to prepare for a new stage. While we can have many things ahead, it is also necessary to make a forecast about what we will need to have a full life. Therefore, it is also time to ask ourselves if the home we have offers the most appropriate conditions.


Nursing service 24h in your supervised apartment


If you are in this vital stage or you know someone close to you who is at this point, the Artami sheltered floors are a reference of illusion, care, friendship and happiness. Its objective is that people who choose this option are active, organize their agenda based on their own expectations of the moment, enjoy their free time and have a vital attitude, encourage personal relationships and also enjoy their own spaces of solitude. That is, they are independent and autonomous people who have a good quality of life.

Although, there are many requirements that we must consider when visualizing the ideal space we would like to be part of, one of the services par excellence is nursing. What does it consist of and what are its advantages?

The benefits of the nursing service


There are some elements of the routine that people can plan, however, there are others that may be open to unexpected factors. And health is one of those fields. Therefore, the best way to promote health is through a twenty-four hour service with which to offer an adequate response in each circumstance.

In Artami, we propose a nursing service by a team of registered nurses (ATS) who are part of the center team and who attend any consultation throughout the day and throughout the year. In addition to offering specialized attention, they also take into account the emotional aspect in which active listening, empathy and kindness also have a medicinal power at the psychological level.


The physical and emotional care in your apartment protected


The nursing service organizes the medical visits planned for each day, takes the pressure and puts injections (among other tasks). If a person is indisposed for some reason, he also receives this specialized visit. This nursing service attention throughout the day, reinforces the well-being, as well as increases the confidence of the residents in the apartments. They know that, in case of any incident, they can receive specialized and immediate advice.

Also, if the person requires a particular follow-up as a result of a certain diagnosis, you can also experience this well-being. In the same way, throughout the year, a person can suffer some type of diagnosis, for example, a flu during the winter. In that case, the person feels totally taken care of during their recovery process.

This constant health care reinforces personal autonomy so that you can enjoy good living conditions for as long as possible. And health is an integral concept that refers to the body plane, but also to the soul plane. Likewise, constant attention increases the safety of people and, in turn, gives peace of mind to families who know that their loved one is in a quality environment from the physical, psychological and social point of view.

How is the nursing service performed?

In Artami, each patient's clinical history is unique and consists of its own data. Therefore, the nursing service performs an analysis of each case to specify the most convenient protocol in each situation from a particular diagnosis. Thanks to this constant monitoring, it is also possible to observe the evolution of the person suffering from a specific pathology after the application of the appropriate treatment.

It has a qualified team in nursing


This diagnosis takes into account both physical, emotional and emotional aspects. We are talking about an integral good, not only for people who suffer some type of ailment, but also for those who are well. And it is that the true vocation of medicine is not only healing, but also prevention.

The attention is also accompanied by the medicine of social intelligence since those who work in the nursing department start from the unique nature of each human being and respect for their dignity. Patience, sensitivity, sympathy, understanding, listening, closeness and respect are important elements in daily work. Human treatment is vital in this type of situation.

When a person receives a news about their physical health, this fact also influences their psychic part. For example, in the face of a simple ailment you may also experience short-term concern. And the nursing team offers a constant accompaniment that makes any doubt dissipate with the pertinent information about the symptoms and their subsequent evolution. Therefore, living in a flat with these characteristics, you are in an environment marked by the quality of care you receive.

Residents are very autonomous people because of their own circumstances. But, in addition, they are in an environment that favors this autonomous development thanks to a care structure.


Health elevates happiness

In relation to happiness, there is an order of priorities in the structure of this vital development. Health is at the base of happiness and this well-being is a reason for gratitude every day.

Nursing focus on wellness

The language of health, sometimes, can be complex when viewed from a professional terminology. However, the registered nurses who are part of the sheltered floors, explain in a simple language and adapted to the circumstances of each person, the information relevant to each case. They cater to patients in the infirmary.

And along with it, they perform tasks as important as injecting or otherwise schedule medical visits that may occur if any of the residents is not well. In this case, it is the nurses who travel to the patient's home to guarantee their comfort. These health professionals also take the stress to the patient.

Generally, the nurses are part of the same shift, therefore, they know very well the routines of the center and the people who are part of the place. This also produces a bond of closeness and familiarity.

Health and your self-esteem

You are the most important person in your life. You have always been since you star in your life story. However, now you can be even more so because you are at a particularly favorable time to be happy and enjoy your retirement. Caring is a gesture of self-esteem. If you have any questions or concerns about an aspect you care about, you can personally contact the nurse to raise this question and you will receive the exact answer. Therefore, you practice your care not only through healthy habits, but also by making effective decisions about the lifestyle you want to enjoy at this moment in your history. The permanent nursing service gives you the security of knowing that you are part of an environment in which your well-being is the most important.

Health reverts to self-esteem

Life is a constant learning process that is accompanied by decision making. And one of the most important decisions is one that has to do with where to live. Moving is a decision that you must make consciously when you think it is convenient. And, if that moment comes, look for a change that is a sum. Thus, Artami offers apartments with high quality services and professional management.

In turn, if you know a person in your environment who may be in this situation, your recommendation can also help you to observe a new comfort zone in your life. Artami can be the solution to enjoy the best services, a humane treatment and the philosophy that each person is unique and special.

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