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Wednesday, 4th of November of 2015


You feel young and active. You have a prodigious mind and, above all, wanted to do a million things. You enjoy coming and going and your independence is the most precious treasure you possess. However, the years take their toll. You begin to become aware of that soon they will begin the aches and perhaps help you ensure autonomy and quality of life without giving up your autonomy would not hurt. You want to disturb as little as possible to friends and family and age not being a nuisance to anyone. At the end of the day, you deserve a golden retirement. You've earned it after a long working life full of effort, perseverance and success. Now, tutored flats with services for seniors offer a wide range of services to fulfill your dreams.



You take a very prolific life in social relationships and enjoys going to the opera, attending exhibitions or simply chatting in a relaxed conversation with his former colleagues. He wants to preserve its independence intact trying to guarantee an iron that will enhance the vastness of autonomy plans that remain to be fulfilled. However, watches and youthful reflexes and mental agility are the same as a few years ago. The characteristics of aging are making headway.



If you do not know the performance of these serviced apartments, this is your opportunity. In the following lines, you will read everything you need to know before you opt for a group home where to build their new home and take their final vital project.




Supervised apartments





Why are born supervised apartments?



That the Spanish population is aging it is a reality, to the point that today we speak of the "aging of aging" to refer to people that far exceed the threshold of 80 years old. The Autonomous Communities, under Article 148.1.20 of the Spanish Constitution, have developed a new legislative framework to find a private alternative to traditional senior centers supervised by the public authorities, with severe hardship in response to a growing demand for social services to ensure the comfort of our elders.



Currently, a quarter of the European population is over sixty years, and in the next twenty, that number will double. The arrival in old age is not a trivial matter, given that advances in health are extending our life and all imagine going through its final phase with all benefits and served one hundred percent.



In this regard, there have been private initiatives for seniors with high or very high purchasing power to rent or buy a home in the most exclusive areas of their cities, preserving their freedom and level of benefits.




Keep level performance





What are sheltered accommodation?



With the aim of serving the elderly to feel protected, maintained and monitored, born supervised flats or serviced apartments, which rise as an industry benchmark for older encaren retirement with optimism.



The supervised apartments are equipped with high doses of humanity and with a clear philosophy: owners or tenants at all times have control of their lives. In short, anyone tell you about your schedule or monitor input and output; they also receive guidelines on days and times visit friends and relatives or not imposing them are classic yes curfews established in other care services for older people.



The supervised apartments are ultimately properties at the forefront of caring for these older that offer a wide variety of services to make life easier for people who, even fending for themselves require monitoring and extra care.





Who are they for?



It often happens that these people willing to purchase a group home (through purchase or rental) wish not to publicize the fact that you are getting older or the infirmities begin to manifest in your body. They have always enjoyed splendid health and that nothing has been brought to its horizons, they do not conceive the idea of having to depend on anything or anyone to age the way you want. They and his family seek formulas that fit their idiosyncrasies and explore alternatives until you find one that ensures comfort without having to disengage necessarily its primary autonomy.




Who are they for?




Expectations, duties and needs of older people today are not the same as some time ago. Fortunately, the goal of progress and social development is to free older dependents, but due to economic hardship, can not always be so. In any case, a large segment of the population nearing retirement have the resources to acquire one of these supervised apartments where comfortably grow old surrounded by neighbors with their same interests.



In addition to be for these people already retired, serviced apartments for the elderly are aimed at adults who are aware that the passage of time can take its toll on his health to worsen your overall physical and mental condition, as happens in a high percentage of cases.





What kind of services for seniors offered?



The supervised apartments have, as in an upscale community with concierge, security and surveillance 24 hours a day and countless 'amenities' extra care to ensure their guests deserve. For example, doctors and nurses, washing and ironing or organization of recreational activities are some of the advantages that older have at your home without having to move.



First, a concierge service 24 hours reduces risks, always latent, household suffering losses. Do not forget that older people due to the loss of their physical, are more prone to this kind of attacks, which are concerned about them and their families. Think that there is a person or persons responsible for ensuring their safety at any time of day is a relief for them.



If you are one of those elderly who maintain their health to the letter, congratulations. Not all people can secure their generation so forcefully. In fact, more often demanding treatments for ailments and regulate their own decompensation age: pressure, cholesterol, thyroid, heart disease ... It can be quite tedious to go to the health center regularly and stop doing much more pleasurable activities visit the doctor. Therefore, these serviced apartments will always be a doctor or nurse empowered to manage their health.

Medical service

Besides, can you imagine not having to worry or even to put their washing and ironing blouses or shirts? Protected floors also have a laundry service including ironing, so you can have your clothes always ready to go out without a wrinkle. Put your comfort in professional hands and make sure only to live.

Also, you can enjoy many leisure activities and entertainment to keep your memory at bay. Games, dance, theater ... An endless possibilities to make life more bearable.

Cooking can be very pleasant ... And very upset. If you belong to the latter group of people who do not like to be handled between hotplates, serviced apartments are at your disposal a restaurant to free it. This does not mean you do not have to go out and buy what they eat breakfast, eat or dine regularly, but keep in mind that you can break free of some or all meals when he pleases you.

And, most importantly, meet new neighbors in the same situation: the elderly, families with children and grandchildren, singles, widows and widowers who can understand him better than anyone. In the supervised apartments you have a unique opportunity to make new relationships with those who share their concerns and talk about their things. Museums, operas, exhibitions ... sure that their city is full of a vibrant cultural waiting. Get out and enjoy life!

Gone was already the concept of old age is the most boring stage of life. Today seniors who enjoy autonomy can develop a huge variety of activities to report them satisfaction and happiness. Older now "young" and is active without workloads, which enables them to dispose of their time as they please. Picking a group home is, without doubt, a quality option when entertain and secure old age of the elderly. Family and friends will be eager to celebrate this idea with hints of happiness.

Take advantage of the great opportunities is only in the hands of those who know how to make the most of life in its essential meaning.



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