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Wednesday, 8th of November of 2017


Choosing to live in sheltered apartments becomes a way to continue enjoying all the comforts and services without worrying about anything. Finally you leave the obligations to which your work tied you and you can begin to enjoy quietly.


Having to take care of the house, buying or cleaning is already part of the past. Now you have to carry out those activities that you could not complete before due to lack of time and allow them to make your life much easier, as well as take care of your health.








Advantages of living in sheltered apartments


Living with complete tranquility, without stress, without worries and having a rich, varied and balanced diet are the secrets for a long life. Older people who still have good energy and feeling young want to continue with an independent and autonomous life without having to worry about their safety.


The apartments for adults offer the privacy and the same warmth of a home with the personalized attention of professionals when you need it. They are designed so that you develop your independence while enjoying its advantages.


The stay in the sheltered apartments can be temporary or indefinite, you can rent it or buy it, you decide your priorities. The design is designed to make you feel at home, with all the comforts you can imagine, as well as telecare. Your safety and your health come first.







Have a longer life


The first thing you need to have a longer life is to eliminate stress and enjoy a healthy life.


Stress is probably the factor that most ages people. Too many responsibilities, the lack of time and the little desire that you have left to cook make the metabolism is altered. The consequences can be very harmful if no determinations are made.


Knowing what foods are right for you is vital to have optimal health and thus have a long life. Eating everything in a balanced way according to your needs will provide the necessary nutrients so that your body is in the best conditions. Vegetables and fruit should always be present in your daily diet if you want to stay young for longer. Drink plenty of water and include apple juice daily, recent studies confirm that this juice keeps the brain younger helping to prevent the risks of Alzheimer's.


When living in a sheltered apartment you should not worry about it, the personalized attention you will enjoy includes a diet linked to each person according to their needs. Now what you want is to continue enjoying an active and healthy life.


Detach yourself from the harmful elements such as tobacco or excesses of alcohol is vital, as they deteriorate the systems, causing vascular and cerebrovascular problems, among others.






Be active longer


Doing some exercise to stimulate and tone your body is always positive. If you have never been an athlete, do not pretend to be now, although you should practice some activity, even if it is just walking and doing some gentle stretching. Your body will thank you.


Brain activity is another activity that needs to be stimulated, and this is vitally important. Any activity that you develop is directed by your brain, so keep it active. Do not stop learning, to challenge yourself with new things and try to challenge yourself with mental exercises.


You are free to manage your time and now is the time to do everything that makes you happy, have a positive attitude towards life, continue to maintain a social life and share good times. In the apartments for adults you will meet other people with characteristics similar to yours. Therefore you will not have any problem when creating new groups of friends and share activities with them.


It is always good to discover new people and new experiences, since it is very stimulating for your health and for your emotional well-being. Maintaining various topics of conversation, listening and talking with other people activates the neurons. Participating and organizing events favors imagination and activates intelligence constructively.


It is shown that maintaining social contact reduces the negative effects of stress. Social activity establishes relationships where it is shared and helped, which is very rewarding when we are older.





Lengthen life with a good rest



This is indisputable, sleeping the necessary hours on a comfortable basis for you guarantees a stimulating awakening. Many studies confirm that inadequate rest is the basis of many physical and mental health problems.


Activities that may eventually alter in the late afternoon or evening are not recommended, as the brain goes to bed too active rather than relaxed. From the time of dinner, try to do quiet things. You can keep a good conversation topic, take a walk, read something quiet or do some kind of relaxing exercise or practice meditation. Any occupation that relaxes you is good and can help you ensure a good rest.


Pay attention to your body and offer the rest you need, do not want to carry out all the activities that you have missed for a long time in a few days. You have many years ahead to do it. Take things slowly and enjoy everything you do.


Living in apartments for the elderly will provide everything you need for your tranquility and well-being. You will feel free of stress and anxiety, as a team of professionals will be responsible for providing everything you need to enjoy your retirement.



Tranquility, security and well-being

Knowing that you have a great professional team near you 24 hours a day is a great relief for your peace of mind and your security. The modern systems that you have will facilitate any type of communication at any time. It does not matter if you need health care or a plumber, you can request the service you need.


The current average life expectancy is around 85 years, so you have plenty of time to remain independent without depriving yourself of everything that favors your physical, mental and emotional health. You are part of the revolution of older people whose years do not prevent them from doing everything they want with complete peace of mind.

Optimism is one of the most important psychological factors to have a healthy mind. Laughing often and having good humor is a powerful weapon against aging. It helps reduce obsessive thoughts and generates immune cells to fight against unwanted agents.

Older people with an active mentality keep their faculties young for many more years than others with a passive intellectual mentality. Being curious and training your brain guarantees a much healthier state of mind than that of people who barely show interest in what happens around them.

Intellectual capacity is not lost if related occupations are maintained. It is good to consider new objectives and continue to maintain certain routines. Do not be afraid to test your brain with new mental exercises, on the contrary, it is good to stimulate it with new things.

Your independence in sheltered apartments for the elderly

As we have said, to remain autonomous when you retire is the dream of every person. Having the freedom to continue organizing your life, your vacations, your exits and to lead a perfectly normal and natural life is your greatest treasure. A tutored apartment is not like a hotel, since here you have everything you need as if your home were: kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom and bedroom. However, you will not lack all the necessary services for an optimal life and with all the comforts and luxuries.

You have many activities available to connect and keep you in shape. A team of professionals will make your diet and your stay as healthy and satisfying as you can imagine. People who continue to enjoy vitality want to maintain their independence, but also feel secure in the face of any unforeseen event.

The constant supervision of highly qualified professionals will offer you the peace of mind you need for anything that may disturb you. You can enjoy your privacy and have support services to ensure a favorable physical and mental health without giving up anything.

The mentality of people has changed and life expectancy is increasing. Currently, people who retire continue to have a favorable health status to remain autonomous and independent. However, that free time they want to enjoy one hundred percent and stop worrying about things they have been doing all their lives. The lifestyle with which they dream now is free of responsibilities and obligations. The moment comes when you plan to do everything that has been left pending without giving up a healthy and peaceful life.

The sheltered apartments for the elderly are the best option to enjoy a long life with all the services and amenities.


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