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Tuesday, 9th of October of 2018

Living relaxed and with full independence is possible in a sheltered apartment. In Artami we believe that there is still the false belief that they are not right places, but nothing is further from reality. These are individual apartments with very varied services that will adapt to your needs in an incredible way and with many comforts.


Within those services we can highlight, among others, the rooms for massages that will provide incredible benefits for your health, the cleaning services that will spare you an extra effort or those of restoration. Forget about cooking!

lives in a protected apartment


What is a protected apartment?


A tutored apartment is more a home that offers personalized attention and services for people who want to live with extra comfort. That yes, although in some cases requires some support by the health and clinical staff, does not mean that the inhabitant does not have full autonomy and privacy. If you opt for this type of address, you should know that you will not have to worry about cleaning, preparing food or any kind of help or service you may need.

It is a house with great alternatives for your lifestyle since you will remain fully autonomous, but with spectacular conditions. Coexistence will become more regular and prolonged, and this helps to increase your self-esteem and self-confidence.

These floors have special characteristics, therefore, their maintenance and legislation are entrusted to municipalities and autonomous communities (each with legal procedures or different bureaucracies).


Characteristics of this type of houses


These apartments with services are usually located on urban land, which facilitates the arrival and departure to attend all kinds of activities. For this same reason, the people who live in these apartments usually have direct access to the services of the community and the most important equipment. Access always becomes important in these houses because its architecture is designed precisely to meet the most appropriate principles.


A very important issue that can worry you is communication and comfort. Well, there is no reason to worry about it, because public transport is very close to your home, which will allow you easy access and quickly. Each tutored apartment has different characteristics, but the average can tell you that these homes have a capacity of between 5 and 12 beds. But as you know, everything will depend on the characteristics agreed upon by the town councils and the autonomous communities.


You will also have impeccable personal attention. This is so because the apartments with services will offer you at all times the attention you deserve. The professionals who work in these services have a huge vocation to help and are always aware that everything is at ease for the inhabitant, and everything is carefully supervised. In addition, there is no time for loneliness or sadness as community activities are often carried out to promote cooperation, social relations and integration within the same social group.


As you can see, all are advantages and comforts and that's what we're going to focus on in the next section.


Advantages of the apartments with services

Among the advantages we highlight are the psychological benefits, since in this type of homes users not only focus on living at home, but they must maintain a positive attitude to face the day to day and, for this, the Teamwork with other users of the same home to get the resources offered (as a kind of game and reward).


Another benefit is the life experience that you can develop in a sheltered apartment. Age does not matter at all, and for this reason, learning tasks are carried out so that memory and common sense are intact. It is a good option to accept disability as a way of spiritual travel and not a social impediment.


One last advantage that you should know when purchasing a protected apartment is that your desire for life and contact with the outside will increase. At all times you will be guided by psychologists and doctors to work together with you in the capacities that you need to develop or what is to be controlled. In addition, facing future jobs or leisure activities will not be a problem either. The services of the supervised apartments are totally prepared for you and will help you in whatever you need. There is an eternal complicity between the owner of the apartment and the team behind it so that everything goes well.


Benefits tutored floor


How is access to a sheltered house achieved?


It is not easy to get, but if you really have a disability, there should be no problem in getting it. In the first place, it is essential to have a recognized disability of 33% and to have a valid certificate that provides security for that disability. The most common is to be old enough to apply for a tutored apartment. Although this may vary depending on the different circumstances that are accredited and what may be considered appropriate at the time the legislation of the municipalities.


It is also usually taken into account that the user presents a full autonomy to be able to live alone. A prior interview will be done to know the medical and personal history of the person in question, attending first their motivation in order to get this home. Once you value that you are a suitable person for this type of housing, you would be assigned one in relation to the needs you have and the benefits offered by each of them, since there are different types of sheltered housing.


There are nursing care 24 hours a day


Health is the most important thing that exists and, for this same reason, there is a nursing team at your disposal for any time of the day, regardless of the time. It has a sufficiently prepared equipment to be able to carry out professional techniques and treatments that require special needles.

At a given moment, you, as a patient, may need cures and are effectively performed. The team offers cures without pain and they carry out them by means of sutures, that usually give very good results. It also goes to carry out blood tests and / or urine so that the patient does not have to move. First aid, as you know, is very important in the face of an emergency and, for your safety, you will have a large medical team that will help to gain time and reduce the ailments. In the same way, electrocardiographs are performed. The main idea is that you can live without worries in your protected apartment.


nursing guarded apartment


How do cleaning and hygiene services work?

Cleanliness and hygiene is fundamental for the development of any person and to favor a healthy environment and out of disorder. The benefits that are obtained when a house is clean are many. Among them, it will favor your self-esteem and your desire to continue living in that house. But everything is done in a comfortable way and always thinking about your peace of mind, so you can forget about stress.

In addition to proper cleaning and general order in your home, your clothes will be perfectly washed and ironed, which will help you to face a new day with new clothes to combine and a great smile. No more worrying about the laundry!

Did you know that independence is part of a vital process?

As you read having your own space is a symptom of identity and intelligence. As children grow older, older children also do so and achieve autonomy that will help them feel useful and valid as a human being. By having contact with other people in your health environment (neighbors of sheltered homes) you will feel like a bird on the fly and in this way it will affect your health. The body somatizes everything and every time you feel good and strong, you can get everything you want.

Food will no longer be a problem

This statement is true because your apartment has its own kitchen that adapts to your needs. Many of the houses include this service in its total price and others you will have to pay a certain amount of money. Yes, the amount is very low and reasonable and the menus or plates of food are always served in the dining room and you as the owner of the house, you will always have a reserved place.

In the case you want to be accompanied by friends, family or partner, they will also have their sites reserved.

eat on sheltered floors

Quality of life and well-being

Acquiring one of these floors is synonymous with quality and well-being since, at a certain point in life, it is important to know how to worry about what has worried you all your life. Either for comfort or illness, you can always go to the town hall and ask how these floors work and the bureaucracy that is requested for them. Do not forget to never give up your training as a social being and strengthen your interpersonal relationships.

From Artami, we want to convey the idea that the sheltered floors are the best option for you, if you have any questions or questions do not hesitate to contact us.


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