Live Christmas in a sheltered apartment!

Tuesday, 11th of December of 2018

The most special dates of the year are approaching for the majority, and since it can not be any other way, I am sure that we expect to receive visits from family and friends. Some of them come from distant places and make the effort to travel to see at least once a year their loved ones. What better way to thank him for organizing a great event to enjoy all together?

One of the advantages of living in a sheltered apartment is that you have complete freedom to organize everything , to your liking and following the customs that have always identified these holidays. We are going to organize the best party in the world!



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The decoration


The truth is that talking about decoration is not an easy task, since everyone has their preferences. The good thing is that there are a number of elements that are always present, such as the tree that recalls one of the origins of these festivities, from northern Europe, where firs and pines were worshiped as a symbol of rebirth after winter. Neither can be missing a Bethlehem, which can be inside the apartment or agree to all the neighbors to create a gigantic one with which to receive visitors.


- Doors and windows


The tinsel and ornaments can not be missing in a good decoration, although it is best to be moderate and not exceed. A decoration has to be cheerful, bright and fun, but not excessively overwhelming. Keep in mind that many times less is more, and a little snow forming a drawing on the glass, a garland of colored lights or the classic sock may be enough to create a cozy climate, invite you to hang out sharing good times with the family that comes to visit. And of course, with the new friends that are made in a tutored apartment.


- The hall


As we have said before, the common areas are perfect to amaze visitors. It can also be organized as a great group activity, where all the inhabitants of the houses can share great moments deciding where the mystery will be placed, how big the river will be and how steep the mountains will be. Not to mention the typical characters of these scenes, like who will be the famous one who plays the role of caganer, a classic figure in Catalonia who has conquered half the world.

The entrance hallway can be a perfect place to locate the Bethlehem. Although it can also be extended to other areas such as the game room and even the outside, to welcome everyone who arrives even before entering through the door.



The congrats


Whether they are approaching a day or if for some reason they will not be able to, congratulations are always a tradition. In your tutored apartment you will have the opportunity to participate with others in the preparation of your own cards. You can see what the idea your new friends have had for their designs, or share yours if you have a special talent. The good news is that it always generates a spectacular atmosphere, a festive climate that accompanies the weeks before the holidays. This is one of the reasons why more and more people are determined to live in sheltered apartments, because they will never feel alone again.

Returning to the congratulations, as with the decoration there are options for all tastes. From painting cards by hand with various materials to make compositions with surprising effects, for example counting and sticking cardboard figures. Of course, do not forget to sign in so that those who receive it know that you have remembered them.

Obviously not only send congratulations but also receive them . A good excuse to meet and enjoy the cards and messages sent to you by your loved ones on the occasion of these dates. Who dares to break the ice? It is possible that in the beginning, especially if it is the first year, there are some who resist a little, but as soon as one begins to teach their cards, surely the others will do the same. Another of the many attractions that you have to live in one of these apartments!


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Family dinner

Life in a sheltered apartment is great for various reasons. One of the most important is that you will not feel lonely again if, for some reason, you do not have visitors, or that they are limited to a single day, and that they do not coincide with the traditional dinner. Why not organize a family dinner with other inhabitants of the building? You may meet someone who is in a similar situation, and you can make plans to dine in company. You can even do a mega party when the dinner is over, and go down to have a drink to wish them all the best!

Of course, you can also organize everything to receive family and friends who make plans to get closer. Who does not like to remember that special recipe they've always asked for? Or you can amaze yours with new elaborations, exchanging recipes with your neighborhood companions. Besides being an excellent way to thank them for coming, it is also a way to strengthen ties with those who spend the rest of the year with you, and discover a little more about their tastes and origins.

Because surely someone has discovered surprising recipes throughout his life, and now is the time to share them and enjoy them in festive times like these.

It is also important to remember that you can choose to prepare dinner or have others do it for you . The service of meals of a tutored apartment allows to make a special order and join everyone to the party that will take place in the dining room. And if you plan well in advance, you can also reserve a place to be accompanied by those who come to pay you a visit.

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Celebrate with whomever you want in your supervised apartment

Another of the most positive aspects of living in a sheltered apartment is that nobody decides for you who or when will come to enjoy the holidays. You can organize the celebration with whoever you want, because you live in your home and have total control over it. You can gather everyone to make a great celebration, or do it in a more intimate way with meetings of few people throughout all the parties. Who ever put limits on family reunions?

Imagine how well you and your family will spend at dinner, without anyone bothering you and with total privacy. You can even visit the rest of the inhabitants afterwards, to congratulate each other and make your loved ones known. Everything is a matter of getting organized and having things planned in advance so that everything goes well.

The magic of the parties in the supervised apartment

There are no limits to the celebrations in your tutored apartment. You can spend all the time you want in the company of yours, and live the magic of reuniting everyone again as happens when these dates arrive.

The good thing about these parties is that they last longer than in other parts of the world. Maybe this is one of the reasons why we enjoy them more and live them more intensely.

From the excitement of preparing everything decorating the floor to the end of kings with the traditional outing to enjoy with the little ones to try their gifts, you can have a magical month, full of emotions and excitement

It's funny how even though times are changing, and technology surrounds us, we still look forward to those parties to share in the company of the people we care about. The streets are filled with lights and popular songs that everyone hums non-stop. The shops are decorated and offer an atmosphere reminiscent of past times and invites to remember those moments in family that are enjoyed so much. And of course, your supervised apartment becomes the center of activity, where to receive those who invite to come or announce you with hope that this year they will come to share with you one more year this special occasion.

One more reason to choose these floors


Life in a sheltered apartment is undoubtedly one of the most practical ways to enjoy Christmas. Maintaining the freedom offered by living in your own space , you can organize everything to your liking, sharing with whom you want these magical moments.

Do not miss the opportunity to experience the excitement of each year. Dinners with your family or your new friends, visits of those who have been waiting all year to take advantage of a few days off to tell you everything they are doing and, of course, welcome you to a new year full of dreams and projects with which continue enriching your existence.

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