Independence and autonomy in sheltered housing for elderly

Wednesday, 3rd of February of 2016


Years go by faster than we think and what seemed like a distant future has arrived sooner than expected. It is simply the course of life and the adventures and responsibilities of everyday life, preventing us that those days are accumulated and left behind. Maybe you feel identified with that feeling. It is more than qualified to organize and manage their lives, as it has always done, although perhaps with some infirmities of age. But, in short, it looks good. Anything older? Of course, but not therefore less capable and independent. It may be a good time to consider going to sheltered housing for the elderly.



Each person takes the passage of time differently. Some see it as Bernardo, which, in his seventies, refuses to recognize the cliché of the old man needy and dependent. Above all, do not be. But, why, Bernardo is less aware that it is no longer as at forty and his sons and himself think about their future and seek some way, so you can continue to enjoy their independence. Without this meaning that their particular needs are ignored or neglected.







Others, perhaps yourself, are recognized at their age, but they refuse to live for favors. In the case of Carles and Adela, both senior members of the administration who have enjoyed high living standards and full and vibrant maturity. Today, already retired, they refuse to lose their privacy and autonomy but are concerned about the risk of a dangerous fall (hip Carles is no longer what it was), so they have turned to sheltered housing for the elderly.






Aging is not to be outdone



The stereotype you want to avoid Bernardo therefore is not represented on it, is that it implies that growing old is losing autonomy, the ability to decide and live independently. Bernardo is not reflected in this stereotype, simply because, in his seventies, is an active, physical and intellectual man. And that is a reality that is increasingly palpable.



That is because, for the first time in history, most people can live for sixty years or more. Already assumed as a fact, we will get older and spend, almost always very long, sixty or seventy years. How has this come about? It is the great triumph of public health and social development, which allows us to get older with higher quality of life, health and expectations. A better and healthier life, will cause the ranks of the elderly are increasingly numerous: according to the UN, between 2000 and 2050, the proportion of world population of more than sixty years will increase from 11 to 22%. In 2015, there were 900 million over sixty worldwide. In 2030, 1,400 million are estimated. In 2050, will be 2,100 million; and in Europe, will account for 34% of the population.




sheltered housing




This quality of life not only means that more and more and there will be over sixty years. It also means that older people spend more and do better physical and mental, more independent and self-sufficient conditions. Therefore, retirement becomes the starting gun for a new stage, which promises to be long and can become productive, rewarding and full of joy. Getting older is no longer stay in a discreet background or live dependent on others. All older have much to offer, teach and enjoy.







Aging with self-sufficiency



You know plenty of tips for a healthy and fulfilling life. Beware of excesses, eating sparingly and controlling diet, regular exercise, etc. You may also intellectual activity. Reading and writing, enjoy the beautiful, exercising memory and mental agility and, whenever possible, have a social life, socialize and enjoy the company of others.



Is it necessary to insist on it? They are habits to exercise throughout life, but, as we get older, become more important than ever. A longer life is priceless, but it is even more important, if you enjoy good health. Opportunities for independence and autonomy will be multiplied with this. Do we want to be protagonists of our own lives and enjoy this with self-sufficiency? Let us beware.




supervised apartments




The need for sheltered housing



However, age is the age and get older involves a number of ailments known to all. Just under view, somewhat less ear, less flexibility, less resistance ... also more brittle bones and balance, perhaps more unstable. Among many other things that can get anyone. In addition, we must add loneliness. The children have left the nest some time, have formed their own families and the home is empty. Older people are often the worst ailments it is loneliness. Coupled with a somewhat frail, you may present an unnecessary risk. You already know: a slip at the wrong time, a fall, and we have to turn to.



Small and not so small infirmities of age are also an added effort for the day. Cleaning the house, shopping or cooking can become a nuisance or extra work for our joints and our resistance. We must also bring an agenda of regular medical visits and control things like medication, stress or a specific diet. Yes, we are self-sufficient and active older people, but we tired more and not have so easily as before.




supervised apartments



Is facing housework what makes us almost always the pattern of dependence and independence. That point where we are healthy, capable and complete, but in which, for example, hands hurt us, to do the dishes. That forces us to go to someone, maybe family. This, in turn, long term, forces us to live in someone else's house. Would not it be wonderful to have the autonomy and independence we have always had, without having to load us with these most annoying chores? It is and it is possible. That being sheltered housing.







Sheltered housing for the elderly: the solution for autonomy



What are apartments and sheltered housing? Its essence is to give older people the virtues of self-reliance and independence, what is good from a nearby treatment and architecture designed for them. Sheltered housing are private and provide a home where you can live without depending on anybody and let live (without asking for favors). They also have common areas to cover all your needs. Namely: reception, lounge, playroom, nursery, restaurant, private dining room, laundry, massage room and chapel. The perfect blend of hotel and private housing. A compendium of exclusive rooms open to the inhabitants of the building and where no less important service is provided using:

· Security and surveillance 24 hours a day. This allows control visits, mail and any eventuality that may arise.

· Nursing, available year round, 24 hours a day. With delivery service, if needed, and control of the medical needs of the residents of sheltered housing. Nurses take tension, distributed (if required) and medication control the agenda of medical visits. With the security of having a body of nurses a few meters from home and immediate access, the life of the elderly is much more friendly and simple. ¿Inopportune A slip? A miss a medical appointment? Need injected a drug? For that, nurses are the property.

· Restaurant and room service, available 365 days a year, for lunch and dinner for those who do not want or can not cook in their apartments. There are several different menus every day, high quality and prepared with the best ingredients. No more shopping, cooking or washing crockery.

·Cleaning. Besides the usual common units, residents of the apartments have the option to purchase the home cleaning and laundry. One less worry and relief for knees, hands and back.

·Maintenance and repairs. The facilities are served by professionals for minor problems specific needs repair. This staff has his own studio in the building, so you will not need to scroll through the city carrying your vacuum cleaner, TV or damaged coffee. Immediately and without further cost to the repair or replacement parts that were needed.

sheltered housing for elderly

The self-sufficient and independent elderly people find their proper place in sheltered housing. They provide everything a person more active and vital need: independence, freedom of movement, comfort for all, and assistance for small things.


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