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Wednesday, 11th of October of 2017


You are in the ideal moment to begin to experience for yourself. It may be time to share your experiences and learnings with other people, to participate with your knowledge in a wider and universal world. For example, you can share the experience of living in protected apartments or apartments for seniors with exceptional services, recommend them and relate to people who have the same concerns and share similar situations.



You feel active and independent and - now, yes - you have time and possibilities to realize your dreams. Social networking can be an ideal place to complement your life, and if you still do not know how to be part of this new world, you are now in the right place and time.



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Only two decades ago, older people did not even consider the existence of social networks, but nowadays all of them know, to a greater or lesser degree. Everything in life changes continuously and, in the last decades, the rise of new technologies and social networks has produced a genuine silent revolution.






The silent revolution of social networks


Almost without realizing it and for all ages, without exception, the boom in the use of mobile phones with Internet access, personal computers, tablets and all those devices that connect us through the Internet with other users is increasingly evident to all of us. Social networks are sources of information. They are pages of services and companies of all kinds that has been established in our life, little by little, in a natural way and without exceptions.



It can no longer be said that it is a matter of young people. Anyone at any age uses social networks in one way or another. The intergenerational differences happened to the history and nowadays the older people accede to Internet like the other groups of the population, neither more nor less.

Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter are social networks currently used by older people without any difficulty. This was unthinkable just a decade ago. And, in fact, the use of new technologies is very beneficial at any age.



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The so-called digital divide disappears


Just a few years ago the term digital divide was coined to define the situation in which there was a separation between groups of people who did use Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as part of their lives and those who did not they did



But, according to the Scientific Research Council, this phenomenon has already disappeared dramatically among groups of different ages. Older people have joined social networks in a progressive, but unstoppable way. And this phenomenon has no turning back, since the benefits are as many as the ease of its use.






Benefits of using social networks for older people


Today living alone is no longer synonymous with being alone, much less, since through social networks you can keep in touch with family members, friends and even a doctor or a nurse, if we need it.



Facebook or Skype are the two networks that are used both to keep in touch with relatives or friends who live far away to make new friends based on personal tastes. For example, if you are a reader, you can find groups of readers; and, if you like rural breaks, you can find groups of amateurs to this type of leisure and, in addition, in your own city. For this reason, they are ways of maintaining relationships and expanding new friendships through people with similar hobbies and tastes.



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A person living in apartments for seniors can contact others and share their experiences, recommend the place where they live and help other people. Personal experience is what is demanded today, to a greater extent, on the Internet. It is a very reliable source, since who better than the user himself can recommend something to another person? If any older person needs information on where to reside in conditions of autonomy and independence and you can recommend and explain your case, surely you will thank you.



Being informed through social networks is the norm in all age groups. A few years ago the newspapers in paper edition, the radios and the televisions, fulfilled this informative function. At present we have all these sources of information through the Internet, with a single click and without changing places. In addition, the user's opinion is added in real time through the chats. If, in addition, the person has reduced mobility, it opens before it a world of possibilities, contacts, relationships, information and leisure without limits.



WhatsApp is the social network that is used to maintain more immediate contacts, such as those made with children, grandchildren or close friends of the elderly. Waiting to have a coffee, ask a close family member or consult with a friend about issues of daily life is the most common of this social network. In addition, it has the advantage that you can create groups of friends or family, so it is ideal to set up meetings or keep up to date with the news that each one wants to share. Groups of siblings, cousins ​​or friends who live in the same apartments to stay during an afternoon or a weekend.





In addition, it improves attention and concentration and is a fun way to spend some time on leisure and entertainment.






How to get started in social networks



To start with and as a premise, you must know that it does not matter your age. Social networks do not understand age. There is no real barrier for age, but rather, it is the attitude that prevents some people from getting into them. And this can happen at any age. In addition, there are some factors that we must highlight: patience and tenacity. An older person has the advantage of not wanting things quickly and effortlessly. Accept that, if necessary, patience and determination.



As a concrete example, let's imagine that we want to start on Facebook. The steps that you can and can give alone or with the help of a family member, a friend, your partner or some acquaintance who understands a little bit are the following:



1. Have access to the Internet. To get started, you must have access to the Internet. If you have a mobile or Internet facility at home, they usually come with fixed telephone, television, Internet and mobile packages.

2. Have an email account. In order to get started on Facebook, you must have an email account. It depends on your preferences where you have it. Create it for free on pages like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

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3. Go to the Facebook home page and fill in all the fields to create a profile. It is a simple initial questionnaire, in which you have to put the following data: name, surname, email account and password to enter, date of birthday and whether you are male or female. Nothing else. Any questionnaire from the doctor or town hall is more complicated. If you need help, you can ask someone you know to use it and have a profile, such as a roommate or apartments where you live, son or grandchild or neighbor. We repeat: it is not complicated.

4. You can change the size of the letter if you need it and make it bigger so you can read perfectly.

5. Now that you have a profile, you can show the things you want. Put one of your photos. This is important because, along with your name, it will make friends and family identify you. When you enter Facebook, you see a blue bar at the top. There they show your name, beginning and some drawings on your right. If you click on your name, your personal information will come out. There you can add photos, information about your work, your studies, your personal relationships, your tastes and your interests. You decide what to show or not.

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6. Now is the time to join interest groups or find friends and family. Simply put your name in the box above to the left, where there is a MAGNIFYING GLASS. And all the people with the same name or interest groups appear. For example, if you put "group of readers", you see a list of groups created for readers. You decide whether to join or not.

7. Lastly, just as a recommendation, it is very important that you learn, but also that others learn from you. If your professional experience has given you knowledge as an expert in any subject, whether financial, construction, education, health, law ... share in groups related to these activities your experience, gives LIKE and shares.

This last point is very important. What you receive is sure to be good, but the best and most satisfying thing is to give knowledge and transmit the lived experiences. There are people on the Net who will thank you.

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