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Wednesday, 4th of January of 2017

One of the houses that we have, today, at our disposal are the tutelage floors, which are perfectly adapted to the needs of each person in an individualized way. There comes an age when we all need the care and comfort of our own age. However, that does not mean that we are willing to give up our life and independence. To give an effective solution to these demands, arise the apartments for older or guarded apartments.




What are guarded apartments?


When we talk about tutelage apartments, the closest thing that should come to mind is a hotel with a 24-hour customer service, but no rooms. Instead, what we have at our disposal are apartments with a complete equipment and the best quality, which allows us to carry our own things, and in which we live independently and safely. As in our own home, but with the advantages offered by this type of housing.



The guarded apartments are the best options for the elderly who want to gain in quality of life and safety, but, at the same time, need to preserve their independence. The protected apartments Artami offer all the services that can be needed during the 24 hours of the day and throughout all the days of the year. That is why they are the best options when we want to enjoy the balance between attention and freedom.




Nursing 24 hours


The Artami apartments have permanent nursing services. These are ATS, titled and contracted from the beginning, which brings experience and security. In addition, to facilitate the quality of life of clients, in most cases, cover the same shift, which allows the treatment to be closer and more personalized and thus implies greater confidence and professionalism.



Nursing homes



365 days a year restaurant service

Of course, each apartment has its own equipped kitchen. However, our apartments also have a catering service that runs uninterruptedly every day of the year, so that both renters and their guests can enjoy a quality restaurant service without having to leave the hotel. building. Thanks to the kitchen of our chef, you can enjoy quality menus. Nothing is frozen or precooked and quality is one of the most important values.




For both public areas and apartments, a daily cleaning service is available, which ensures that each stay of the building is in excellent condition. In addition, in the case of the cleaning service for the apartments, there is also the possibility of having a laundry and ironing service, which facilitates the life of our tenants.



Maintenance service

As it could not be otherwise, in order to guarantee the best quality of life and comfort of our tenants at all times, the building has a maintenance service, which will be in charge of repairing any damage that may occur, both In the common areas as in the private ones. In addition, the cost of any repair will be limited only to the cost of the spare parts to be purchased, since the maintenance is included in the general service of the property.



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24 Hour Security

In addition to all the services already mentioned, the building has a security system that works 24 hours a day and throughout the day of the year. The security service monitors all accesses, both day and night, and is responsible for ensuring not only the security of tenants, but also for their comfort. In this way, the vigilantes will facilitate the visits of family and friends, they will be in charge of picking up the correspondence and taking it to each apartment or they will take note of the preferences of the menu in each case, among other many functions destined always to make the life of our tenants As easy as possible.


As we can see, the protected apartments offer a whole range of basic services designed to facilitate, at all times, the stay of tenants independently to the needs that each one can present. On the other hand, beyond these basic services, there are a number of values ​​that we have at all times and are part of the work that is carried out on a daily basis.




We are aware of the needs and particularities that must be taken into account when working with people. Beyond the building and the services that are provided, the daily work is destined to the people who trust in us and, therefore, we are aware of the tremendous and gratifying responsibility that we have at hand. Every worker, from his field, knows that the objective of his work is to ensure that the people who live in the protected apartments are, at all times, as in his own house. Being aware of this reality, we are equally responsible with it.




As it could not be otherwise, to guarantee the responsibility of which we speak, it is necessary the greater professionalism. This is observed in each of our workers, who are duly qualified experts in each of the fields in which they carry out their work. In this way, they offer the maximum professionalism thanks to a previous training that enables them for each of the tasks that must be performed.




It is one of the most important elements when it comes to offering the professionalism that characterizes us. Thanks to a long service history, we have learned and acquired the necessary experience to be able to satisfy each of the necessities that take place in the day-to-day and, in this way, to obtain that each one of the tenants that enjoys one of the Tutelated apartments have the best services and human staff at your disposal.




We all know that one of the elements that guarantees the good functioning of any coexistence begins with a good communication and, therefore, one of the elements that characterizes us is availability. We are open to invite all those who want to see the apartments and teach them the facilities so they are themselves who value if they fit their needs and preferences.



Who are they targeting?

The protected apartments respond to a specific sector of the population, although they are open to all who may be interested. The protected apartments allow to combine two things that would otherwise be difficult to combine. We are faced with a model of housing that is characterized by quality and attention, but at the same time, it allows the tenants to keep all their independence and their particular lifestyle without having to adapt to schedules or people.



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The sector of the population that can benefit most from the use of a supervised apartment is that of the elderly, who need or want to enjoy an environment that guarantees their safety and comfort, but, likewise, they are active and dynamic people who Continue to develop their normal lives, as they have been doing for years. In addition, in most cases, our customers are interested in keeping their furniture and household objects, so you need enough space for it, something you would not find in a room.


In this way, the apartments for the elderly respond to a double need. On the one hand, they meet the needs of the active and independent people who want to live in an environment that guarantees their safety and comfort. On the other hand, they respond to a very common and natural need that we can all face, which is the need to conserve all our memories and belongings that have accompanied us throughout our lives.



The perfect solution for everyone

The apartments are a solution that will not only benefit the tenants themselves, but also the friends and family. The apartments for seniors allow the people we want to have all the attention they need without having to give up their lives, as can happen in cases of other options. Thanks to the sheltered apartments, both of them can be sure that their loved ones do not have to give up their lifestyle nor modify their schedules to adapt them to someone else's, so that, in the end, everyone benefits.


As we can see, the apartments are offered as the best solutions in all areas, we are thinking about the safety and comfort or independence of an active life or family reconciliation of one another. For this reason, it is a response to a real need and increasingly has more followers thanks to the many advantages it presents against any other type of alternatives, not so versatile, that we can find today.

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